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PHOONK REVIEW: 3 and a half stars.

Ramu gives us the feeling it’s a horror genre story not only when the Titles creep up with a PHOONK but more with its spine chilling background score and intruding camera placements give the impression of what the Director wants to create on his viewers mind, and certainly this time round Ramu and his new DOP have played with the camera angles than restrict actors into tight close-up shots.

The film begins as a simple story of Rajiv (Sudeep – an established Kannada actor from down South) who is in the construction business in Mumbai. A profit minded business man and a core atheist, showcases through an incident when his construction work is stalled upon finding a stone shaped Ganesha and he refuses to oblige to build a temple over it at request of his own workers.

On a contrary his wife, Arati (Amruta Khanvilkar) is a traditional house wife and is a staunch believer of God and his unseen holy powers; their loving daughter Raksha (Ehsaas) & younger son Rohan and his mother Amma make up to be a small happy family. The characters are established well in the films first opening reels itself and give a glimpse of how Rajiv perceives his family above anything else in life, with much love and affection towards his daughter Raksha. He does not believe in the way his mother wants to educate his kids by telling stories of mythological characters and presence of evil to make one believe in God and his mythical powers.

As the film moves forward we are further introduced to Vinay Dev (Ganesh Yadav), Rajiv’s lawyer-cum-legal advisor and a close friend; followed by a husband-wife duo of Anshuman (Kenny Desai) and Madhu (Ashwini Kalsekar) who are Rajiv’s close and trusted associates at his company. Need to mention that Madhu is quite a horror to watch her laugh at before the film begins to scare one!

Soon enough Rajiv bags a huge contract to construct a mini-city project and throws a grand party at his house to celebrate the big achievement.

Few days later, his maid notices a few nail-pierced lemons and sprinkled vermillion with bones stewed in his compound. Since everyone is scared of the sudden appearance of such unholy substances, Rajiv himself takes up the task to hurl the ingredients (believed to be items used for black magic) outside his compound and reprimands everyone for believing in such illogical and irrational things as black magic etc.

But this is only the beginning to a tale of events that take a strange turn- starting with death of a guy who was to join Rajiv as Anshuman’s replacement at work in a construction site mishap; his daughter Raksha has intermittent bouts of change in behaviour while appears for her examination at school. A panic call for Rajiv makes him rush to doctors for his daughter’s condition. However Dr. Pandey (KK Raina) brushes off the claims of any danger only as Raksha’s excuse to coverup for not being prepared for her exams and nothing else.

But Amma here believes her grand-daughter is possessed by an evil spirit and has no medical or psychotic complication and looks for divine help.

The film keeps you nailed onto your seat with instances of thrills how members of the family face experience of something unusual happenings along with them, and how insecure they feel about in their own house.

As the story reaches a culmination point, the sequences which happen turns Rajiv into a believer of the supernatural while Arati turns her back on God and believes Science alone cured her daughter.

Over all the film ends with the audience thinking and wanting to know more of what follows through.

However, performance-wise Raksha (Ehsaas) shines out as an effective young actor in her part of being a kid possessed with evil forces with an enthralling debut into Hindi films by Sudeep. Amruta comes out well as a worrying mother and rest of the cast commends to the film.

A one time watch for everybody who feels they are brave enough to watch a horror genre film and those who don’t as well because the horror element is not enough to give one a sleepless night. One needs to see through the message that the film portrays in its end and the process how things are through the so-called Primitive happenings still exist in today’s modern world.

Technically the film is excellent for the first time DOP Savita Singh, who is at the helm of giving the visual scares and has played with the camera angles throughout the film, barring the few visual effects given at the end of the film make the ending dramatic.

An absolute multiplex film and would do well in interiors as well considering the subject of Black Magic and coming from a well established director.

A film with a message to all is the surprise element than being dubbed as the scariest film of our times either Exorcist or our desi- Bhoot.

Watch it out without any prejudice and enjoy the scare. And since it’s the only film of the horror genre for this year it’s the much needed spice apart from the Comedies and Masala films released this year long.


Another Review sent by a user, its more of a article on Phoonk than a review but it does cover some key points of the movie. The reviewer called it the Pre – Review!! Go through it, might help you decide whether to watch the movie or not!

A friend of mine once admitted that he was actually vary of his ten year old son talking too much to his grand dad because he thought his senile dad would impart impractical mumbo-jumbo to his kid who he wanted to inspire with internet and a trip to Disney land. One day he threw a kulfi that his dad had brought for his kid fearing it had germs!

This is the starting point of Phoonk, where Rajiv, an atheist doesn’t like his ageing mother telling mythological stories of demons and gods to his school going daughter and son.

There was this godzilla of a family movie which was all about loving your parents…Strangely Phoonk, deceptively dished by Ram Gopal , is all about loving your kids. May be because of these reasons only , Phoonk failed to scare me in the way the promos intented.

In the whole treatment the emotional drama wins over horror. Masala moments where you almost feel a guilty pleasure watching the making and unmaking of the black magic. Once the black magic starts to show effects, everything starts going wrong for this happy Indian family.

The film takes time to pick up in the first half but the second half is a real cracker. Its an unending roller coaster ride of thrills, hits and misses, emotional conundrum. The camera movements merge so seamlessly with the characters that you feel its an opera.

I am a father of an infant girl and it gave me a certain insight into how do I see myself as a dad and how would I like to take care of my kid if there was any crisis ever. God forbid.

So the performances led by Sudeep are top notch, the little girl Raksha deserves special kudos for such subtle and imaginative portrayel of a girl plagued by black magic. Though I find the characterizations sketchy but good enough to drive this sleek, simple but powerful film.

Technically one of the best films of this year, Phoonk is full of long complicated camerawork instead of dead close ups. There are silences and spaced out scenes long enough to let you munch your popcorn. A powerful emotional drama with correct doses of thrill, Phoonk more than a horror film emerges as an emotional film.

Even Akshay Kumar will agree for a change that no matter what the genre is, content will always be king.

It’s just another film till it happens to you… shouldn’t Ram say that?



  • I can’t wait to see this film ’cause I love horror, thriller movies, and Hollywood since few years are making such stupid movies, nothing scary but make u laugh e.g. The Mist.

    Hollywood used to make good horror movies only during 70’s and 80’s and just few years ago e.g. Final Destination, The Ring, The Grudge.

    I liked Bhoot for RGV and Darna Mana Hai, but Darna Zaroori Hai was a bad movie.

    Hope this one would satisfy us as a good horror one.

  • well the movie wasnt that scary!! and also i am a huge fan of horror movies ! i would give it a 2 1/2 out
    5 stars.

  • Hello All,

    I have watched “Phoonk” just now. It was really good movie but not so scary like i thought it to be….. But there are some 4 scenes which makes you shocked!!!! But the rest of the movie is good.

    Horror scenes:
    1) Sudeep dream scene where he sees himself in mirror.
    2) Maid dream where she thinks sudeep’s mother is suspecting her.
    3) The little girl action is really Good when she suddenly talks with male voice…

    Overall the movie is really Good but not so scary at all….. I like the latest telugu movie “Mantra” in terms of Horror than Phoonk. “Mantra Telugu movie” was 80% more scarier than “Phoonk”. I would have easily won 5 Lakh if Ram gopal varma had asked me for his contest!!!

    Go n watch Phoonk..u will surely like it!!

  • I Just loved the movie. Not because it was damn scary or whatever but it surely was eerie enough to be brought under the horror genre. The comparison between the advance of technology and religion by RGV has been brought about really well. I loved Ehsaas’s acting and Sudeep too has done a good job. The movie is a sure shot hit.

  • Phoonk is Phoos !!

    Ramu has tried to emitate BHOOT in Phoonk.
    It’s more of comedy than horror.Very very cheap horror scenes.Actors are too dumb in their acting.
    Even supporting actors are very artificial.Total flop !!

  • A Real scary movie!!! if,
    1. If u are another RGV…
    2. If u are afraid of giraffe and soft toys…
    3. If u are a blue cross society member – (the poor crow was made to sit on the branch throughout the movie without anything to eat)

  • This is the worst movie which i ever had seen in RGV movies by being a hardcore fan to RGV.I think Raat is the best flick in his horror flicks…basically giving publicity that it’s a horror flick is the biggest mistake…its a telugu super hit novel called “Tulasi Dalam”…that also he didn’t handled properly…RGV wasted the energy in the little girl….she did really good…i think RGV beeter to take a gap from horror flicks….RGV this is not we r expecting from u….

  • I am shocked… the movie is over and I am still sitting like a dumbhead expecting something scary to come out of this so called “Horror Movie”… Is RGV INSANE?.. What made him think that he should claim this movie a “horror”…? It is such a disgrace to horror genre if you put this piece of shit under it. I am so very disappointed with this movie. And what the hell was all that publicity stunt of 5 lacks for?

    First, don’t consider this a horror movie (Even a 5 year old kid won’t get afraid)… And second, if you have watched “Grudge” or “The Ring” then please NEVER WATCH THIS even on DVD, you will get pissed like me….

    But of course if you are one of those who get afraid of “Hindi TV horror shows” then by all means go and watch this CARTOON movie.

    It’s such a SHAME for Indian cinema that they could never deliver a quality horror movie.

    My rating 0.01 out of 10 (I am really being generous…At least I am rating this crap).

  • Such a LAME direction and slow moving story that I almost slept in between. Can you believe it horror movie can make you sleep!!!… But yes RGV can do that for sure…

    Somebody mentioned that “The Mist” made them laugh… please go and watch this you will roll on the floor laughing for sure…

    In fact RGV should have kept the prize money for those who get scared of this movie… LOL…

  • Animesh: Thanks, and I’m the one who said that I laughed while watching (The Mist), such a stupid movie, and hollywood aren’t making any better movies than the one RGV did. Hollywood did good horror only during 70’s and 80’s and “The Grudge” “The Ring” & Final Destination, these 3 movies r the best which we saw in the past few years. And FYI, The Grudge & The Ring were copied from japanese movies. They’re not original hollywood movies as well as (The Eye). The Eye2, the Japanese version, is a good movie.

    The only horror movie which I saw recently and was good is “The Orphanage” a foreign language movie. That was a nice one if u didn’t see it, watch it.

    RGV’s Bhoot wasn’t bad although was copied from The Exorcist and the one which I loved 4 RGV was (Darna Mana Hai) a thriller one.

  • Was Rs. 5 lakhs a scam for promoting this hilarious(not a horror) movie Phoonk? After its release there is no news who is the lucky winner of 5 lakhs.
    Only fools n coward audiences will be scared for this kind of nonsense junk. Really Ramu lost his talent of making good movies, n now immadiately should retire.
    No doubt its a low budget, which makes it a chance to become hit. Otherwise where is SIK n where is Phoonk…lots of differences.
    Nothing scary at all but actors’ performances must be appreciated.

  • I saw the movie yesterday but the movie does not seems any thing different then the regular HORROW SHOW that you watch on START ONE (shhh phir koi hai..) or AHAHET ON SONY.

    i Guess paying and watching this movie would be something foolish thing, as you can watch more good or smiliar stories and show on tv, now adays. than why to pay and waste money and time (whole day), Instead you cna watch on TV.

    Another thing is that this movie is not any thing scary…..I Hope Ram Gopal Verma Might have Not seen the HORROW SHOW ON TV they are more scary then this movie..

    Fully stupid movie.


  • Movie was average. Sudeep acting was good. Littele girl acting was also good. Direction was not to the level

  • all u guys seem to forget tht this movie was never meant to be a horror like the ring or the potrays black magic and hes done a good job on describing that subject

  • I saw the movie yesterday, it’s not bad, similar to (Bhoot) but this time is about a little girl, similar to a hollywood movie ( The Exorcist) but not a scary one.
    The Exorcist was the most scary movie which I saw in my life, which was made in 70”s and (The Omen) too, at least this movie is better than some stupid hollywood horror movies which I saw for the past 2 years.

  • crap movie!!!!!!
    however ehsaas ws gr8 in her wrk…….
    @indicine team :
    r u scared of fathiya!!!u rnt publishing ny reviews now…….m waiting 4 rock on……i heard however its a gr8 one…..still waiting for the one from u!!

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