Maan Gaye Mughale Azam Movie Review

Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam directed by Sanjay Chel who previously directed movies like Khoobsurat (1999) and Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa (2002) is supposedly a laugh riot. Starring Mallika Sherawat and Rahul Bose, the lead pair of the hilarious ‘Pyaar Ke Side Effects’.

Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam promises to entertain with the right combination of comedy, romance and thrill. Does it work?

Arjun (Rahul Bose) is a secret agent of RAW who is in St Louis on a secret mission to save the country from terrorism. During his free time Arjun watches a theatre drama titled ‘Mughale Azam’ . He falls in love with the lead actress of the show , Shabnam (Mallika Sherawat) who is married to Uday Shankar Mazumdar (Paresh Rawal) the man who portrays the role of Shehenshah Akbar. The movie also has Andaaz Haldi Hassan (Kay Kay Menon), a popular singer with underworld connections.

The theatre actors soon get involved in a mission to save the country.

Maan Gaye Mughale Azam Review

Once again like so many movies in the last few weeks let me warn you; don’t expect any sense from Maan Gaye Mughale Azam. It’s a mindless entertainer, an exaggerated slapstick comedy. But there is no denying the fact that the movie has some genuinely funny scenes with hilarious dialogues. The movie is worth a watch just for the scenes involving Paresh Rawal – Mallika Sherawat – Rahul Bose. The chemistry between the three is fantastic. The first few initial reels in the second half are extremely funny.

The major problem with Maan Gaye Mughale Azam is the pace which isn’t too great. It starts off very slow and almost nothing happens in the first 15 – 20 mins. The music is average, also worsens the pace.

Rahul Bose in a comic role does well as always, great actor. Mallika Sherawat flaunts ample cleavage, her attitude works for her role. Paresh Rawal is brilliant an outstanding actor who never fails in entertaining. Kay Kay Menon was absolutely brilliant in a comic role in Honeymoon Travel Pvt Ltd, is good but not upto his usual high standards. Pawan Malhotra of ‘Black Friday’ fame is good. Rest of the actors are fine.

Overall, Maan Gaye Mughale Azam is good in parts but isn’t very consistent. The pace as mentioned above is the problem. Don’t go with any expectations; don’t expect any logic and you might just end up enjoying the movie. Its not for everyone, but should do decent business at the box-office.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  • phoonk is much better to see .inspite of Mallika sherawat. she is gud in movies like murder.. she is making upset to maan gaye mughleajam

  • Who is the sexiest girl in bollywood? It’s Malika Sherawat!!! Malika Sherawat!!. what a disgusting actress she is.. this Malika Sherawat!! I don’t like her at all and I don’t understand why the directors & producers sign her for their movies!! she’s good only to be in some items songs like Raakhi Sawant, to show her body and shake her heps, that’s all she could achieve in any movie. And what’s so sexy about her?!!

    1) She’s not beautiful ( she lacks inner and outer beauty except her body, and beauty of her body won’t make her a complete actress)
    2) She’s vulgar and I don’t like the way she talks during interviews.
    3) She’s arrogant, she considers herself better than Karina Kapoor!!

    I could’ve seen her a beautiful actress if she played some good roles and in good movies after (Murder) but she didn’t. She can’t join the group of top actresses e.g. Aishwariya, Rani, Preity, Kajol, she can be in a group with Rakhi Sawant, Amisha Patel, Neha Duphia, Riya Sin only.

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