Phoonk 2 – 5 Lakh Contest Finale Details

The contestants for the Phoonk 2 Scare Contest (list below), who have been shortlisted will be fitted with an ECG machine while he / she is watching Phoonk 2 all alone in the theater. A monitor will read his Heartbeat / Pulse rate and Blood Pressure and will be shown LIVE on a screen outside the theater to both the Media and all concerned. So if the challenger claims that he had no fear while watching Phoonk 2 the monitor will tell whether he is lying or not and on the other hand if he can control his fear and thereby his heartbeat / Blood Pressure and not let it cross his normal heartbeat then he will get to win the cash prize of 5 Lakhs!

The Contest will be administrated live by Cardiologist Dr. Hasmukh Ravat (Wockhardt Heart Hospitals) and Ram Gopal Varma

  • Rahul Jha – New Delhi
  • Chandu Gopalakrishnan – Bangalore
  • Hassan Khan – Hyderabad
  • Chandresh Shah – Thane
  • Hitesh Sharma – Mumbai

Watch the contest live, details below

  • City – Mumbai
  • Venue –  Fame Cinemas
  • Date – April 15th 2010
  • Time -  7:30 PM

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