Phantom First Weekend Box Office Collections

Kabir Khan’s Phantom has done well in its first weekend at the box office, collecting Rs 33.18 crore in 3 days. The film took a slow start but business picked up Friday evening onwards. Saturday was a holiday in some parts of the country for Raksha Bandhan, which helped the film show growth of more than 50%.

On Sunday, Phantom did well throughout the day, but business did show normal drops late evening onwards.

Monday was always going to be crucial for the film, but early reports from theatres on Monday morning suggest that the drop from Friday is around 45-50%.

Phantom First Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 8.46 crore
  • Saturday – 12.78 crore
  • Sunday – 11.94 crore
  • Total: 33.18 crore


  • Saw this yday night- turnout was ok but todays a holiday in England so good to see ppl turning out.

    Only saw Baby Nipoon or Agent Vinood on tv n both were crapfests- saw this on the big screen n only here one can appreciate the magnitude of the camerawork. Great job N kudos to Kabirs team.

    Everyone knows I hate Saif as much as I hate joker boy so imo his acting is his regular run of the mill crapgiri. Kat KANT or Wont act so lets skip that part but she looked totally desirable like her former self from ETT movie.

    Story was reminscent of a hollywood movie which I wont name here but despite that resemblance I liked the concept but for me a bigger star was needed- offence intended coz a macho star was needed not a girly star. Film could have been better had it dare I say it had Salman done it or Ajay- the patriotic feeling would have increased tenfold…!

    Nice movie- worth a one time watch for Kabir Khans direction n storyline- the payback /patriotic angle but ultimately the lead actors were total misfits with not enough convinction hence poor execution of some stellar dialogues that could have been iconic dialogues.

    No higher than 2.5

  • Don’t forget was Brothers is a flop at the box office. It had great run Friday, Saturday and Sunday and as soon as it came too Monday and the rest of the week it tanked. So i would recommend too wait and see.

  • New Report:
    Media has admitted of backing of Ranbir Kapoor on request of his father and many others such as Amitabh Bachan so that unlike his son, he can be successful! But now on request of Karan Johar, media has stopped backing him and is now backing Varun and Alia while no one is sure who is backing Shraddha. Siddahrth could have been backed by media but he has said that he does not want to be in the news. Next big stars that the media has admitted to taking money for backing are Sooraj(on Salman’s request) and Tiger(on Aamir’s request) while the request of SRK has been ignored for Vivaan Shah. This all for today, IamBollywoodFan reporting live from the Internet.

  • @hrithik I am sure the king of all chameleons Buddha thullu carrier must be behind all these fake ids @Naresh,@king aamir khan, @james, @david and @DST.

  • @,a point in time saif acting was questioned. Now it’s sad he acts far better than akshay and dosent rush to do a movie.

  • I aiways told people that Saif was the lead actor in omkara and not koyla devgan. Koyla and Salman are overrated superstars. Even kache dhagge Saif role was more than ajay

  • Kaaash if only blacky devgan was in this movie at least we should expect a lifetime of 35 crores Brothers 2days collection😭😭😭😭. Saif is a way bigger superstar than koyla devgn!!! Just kidding!!!

  • Hahahaha @Navin uncle wants to see Salluman tapori in phantom,lol Let him do crapgiri dramas,army men are not bulky like your tapori bhai.
    And BABY was crap for this loser,lol After all he is a dhinka chika fan.

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