Phantom First Weekend Box Office Collections

Kabir Khan’s Phantom has done well in its first weekend at the box office, collecting Rs 33.18 crore in 3 days. The film took a slow start but business picked up Friday evening onwards. Saturday was a holiday in some parts of the country for Raksha Bandhan, which helped the film show growth of more than 50%.

On Sunday, Phantom did well throughout the day, but business did show normal drops late evening onwards.

Monday was always going to be crucial for the film, but early reports from theatres on Monday morning suggest that the drop from Friday is around 45-50%.

Phantom First Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 8.46 crore
  • Saturday – 12.78 crore
  • Sunday – 11.94 crore
  • Total: 33.18 crore


  • Can not make out which movie is worse BB or Phantom. If I get more likes than phantom is worse if I get more dislikes than BB is worse. Please like or dislike this comment accordingly.

  • Imdb rating 4.7/10….lol
    Welcome back will crash phantom next week…..
    All time blockbuster welcome back storm coming soon….

  • Awesome Movie and Outstanding Performance by Saif Ali khan….

    Salman khan ke bus ki baat nhi hoti isliye kabir ne Saif ko liya….

  • Sunday is less than Saturday, than it might be fail to sustain well from second week due to competition. I hope it reach to safety zone though looks tough.

  • Just because of good jump on Saturday ,sum fools were like → it will be a hit nd can even cross 100 crs ..
    lol on them . that jump was because of rakshabhandhan not because of WOM cos WOM Iz Mixed 2 negative …!

    Juxt because Indicine praised it , sum idiots also praised it BT I clearly said its a boring film nd will be a flop …! My review was very much correct . sorry Indicine, this tyme u went wrong
    Even before the release , I was 100% sure it will ß a flop nd after watching the movie , I became 200% sure …u can c a fall in Sunday’s Collection nd u will c bigger fall on Monday …!

    & even when it got good jump in collections on Saturday , I was still sure it will not cross even 70 , forget 100 .

    BoSs Iz always ri8 …!

  • flop to average
    i have not seen this but my friend told its an avg film by kabir khan….
    and also
    there’s no salman to make it blockbuster…..

  • @Bajrangi Prem Bhushan @Abhyuday
    phantom will huge hit.. Nice movie…

    this ‘Azhar’ ID is being used by none other than ‘Sambuddha’ alias ‘Arjun Kapoor Fan’… It is him who is irritating ppl from past 5 days… Also this ‘Emraan Superfan’ ID is also being used by Sambuddha…

    phantom max 80cr biz……

  • It deserves to b a hit.
    @sajid don’t accuse of nonsensical stuff.i only use my own need to troll emmy using troll ids.emmy is gd enough to troll

  • Phantom collection is over now and it will make 60cr in lifetime. Because of WELCOME BACK is releasing next week and after that HERO is releasing…

    So 60cr lifetime for Phantom.

  • phantom is a good film i hope it collects 100cr . every indian should watch this film and give rating in imdb some shameless pakistanis are giving low rating in imdb they are frustrated.

  • Budget = 70 Crore even with good trend life time = 73 crore nett…it means @43% distributor share=31 crore only. Overseas bussiness max = 15 Crore Gross means @33% distributor share=5 crore only, Sattlite and other revenue= 30 Crore. Now total 31+5+30= 66 Crore recovery against budget of 70 Crore means another Flop/ below average for Saifu darling. Agent vinod 2 so boring

  • Is there any way to throw sunny chechi out of this site? @indicine

    As for Phantom it will be above average i think,a decent result for Saif!

  • & only because of that accident .
    He changed his name to @Babaji ka thullu because He Got Only 1 Thing ßy Sleeping On Footpath and that was → #Babaji ka thullu

  • @Naresh : It shows your mentality !!!!!!!!! The person who calls a movie like BB as worse can be imagined how pathetic his life has been and what a big loser he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #Babaji
    I am reading #Sunny’s cmnts since gabbar’s release .. I think his comments are very real and I think he is the only Akki fan who gets lots of likes on his comments on an Akshay Kumar article ..isn’t it ??

    You should not Give him advice ..I think you should first make yourself good then others …I am also big Akshay fan by the way ..

  • This thullu has taken my name unnecessary several times, passing bad words nd now u should publish my cmnts too .

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