Phantom Day 2 (Saturday) Box Office Collections

Phantom has shown outstanding growth in business on its second day at the box office and the film has exceeded expectations even at smaller centres. The Kabir Khan directed film needed to show growth of more than 40% on Day 2, but the film has gone beyond that with some centres showing almost double the occupancy as compared to Friday. The collections up North has shown excellent growth.

The growth in business is nearly as much as Brothers on Independence Day. While Phantom did benefit from Raksha Bandhan, it wasn’t a national holiday.

The word-of-mouth for Phantom is on the positive side, so the film has the potential to even touch the 14-15 crore mark on Sunday, which will mean weekend business of around 35 crore.

Phantom Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 8.46 crore
  • Saturday – 12.78 crore
  • Total – 21.24 crore


  • Saif ali khan is better than salman, aamir and shahrukh. Waiting for Azhar and Tigers, both will be blockbuster.

  • Appreciation for Saif…much better acting after a long time time..
    Katrina average…seems her career is diminishing.

  • First they applied Bhojpuri Bhaijaan-Kabir Khan’s Calculator for Nawazuddin Bhaijaan and now they are applying Saif-Kabir Khan’s Calculator to manipulate it as that’s the only way left for them.

  • Actuals might come around 14 crores
    Sunday could see a decent jump.of 20% tga5 means 17 crores
    Weekend 39-40 crores

  • Salman’s song mein hoon hero tera has crossed 10 million view.. jus wondering why indicine didnt publish it ?? If it srk song and has crossed even 1 million then indicine would have post it long tym back with glowing headlines… talentless fake Queen srk and his fake fans Sss

  • @ arjun youngistan fan..ur most of da comments depict ur childish behaviour??n u r speaking about Pakistani gov?? B4 saying anything about any country think twice…az movies are for entertainment purpose only…Pakistan banned phantom u hv a problem…but what about bin roye which got delayed in india?? Just because of some political activist dre…(though Pakistan muviz dont hv a market dre )so i should thrash Indian gov too?? No…extremist are everwhere…be it Pakistan, India,America or anyother place…Its just Pakistan doeznt have that much Healthy relation wid Idia… So thrash Pak gov…i feel pity for ur thoughts…moreover Pakistan Government ld never care whether phantom is a flop or hit?? Alas..u involved countries dre…KK had saome idea in mind he made BB…similarly he hd idea in mind he made offense to dat…but itz up to respective gov whether dey want to release a film in dre country or not??n itz a request do not show regression about any country..(more specificaly when itz about moviz..aa they are fictional n just for entertainment purpose.. )
    @indicine itz a request do not publish comments which shows regression about other countries..respect everyone…be it Muslim,Hindu etc irrespective of religion…n irrespective of countries… As to get respect is the first ryt of every human…

  • Good to see kabir khan emerging as a content based director…Katrina has still the influence to bring back the audience into theatres

  • Watched it yesterday… Good movie deserves a watch…. Drags a bit before interval… But post interval its ver good

  • @akshay lunatic
    Hafiz saeed is a proven terrorist and mastermind behind Mumbai attacks. And still Pakistan set him free inspite India and other nations protest.
    And a previous Pak intelligence officer even confessed that Pak government used terrorism against India.
    Very happy this movie was made in India and hope more such movies are made in the future.

  • Planning to watch phantom on week days. I hope it will be a hit. Not an said fan but I loved his views in his interview about terrisom in pak. At least he is not expecting useless love bonding between two countries which is a absolute myth. Saif rocks.
    Kabir has enjoying great journey this year, two back to back success films.
    Phantom has much delayed film and if it succeed which is quite sure after weekend trends than it also challenges the myth that delayed films mostly failed at BO.

    I have seen drishyam, what a outstanding movie it was, too engaging and satisfying. Ajay devgn the national award winning actor is back with this movie. From Bollywood it is best film of the year for me above piku which was top in my ranking, but with rating I will give same rating as piku 4/5 because of remake factor. Kudos to original script writer. Hats off.

  • Imchaman:
    Manipulation is in your king’s blood. Your king needed manipulation to cross even 100cr mark (jthj). He needs manipulation to cross 180cr even with multistarcast (hny). Without manipulation he is an another jokerboy of bollywood. Thanks to k3 calculator for saving queen’s Career….LOL.

  • @Js hv u forgotten who was behind the incident of samjhota express… ?? If u take account of attack by other countries den do take in account of ur country….
    @ everyone over here who likes anti pak comments…plz grow up….and someone in comment section mentioned about osama bin ladin killing….
    Hd america published any picture or any proof dat bin ladin ois dead??? They enterd Pakistan…took ladin… Killed him…did’nt hand over his dead body to his realatives….instead drown his body in the sea…even didn’t publish photographs of his dead body…n accord to one report all officers who were involved in dat operation are dead…. So don’t u smell something fishy…in dis …n was dre any bin ladin ever or nt?? If yes den y didnt they kill him publicaly like iraq president…its conspiracy guys…tyr 2 b luvrz nt haterz…n yes extremist r every where b it india or pak
    @ baba ghar mein ghus k marien gein?? Itz funny..grow up man….dont b an extremist yaar..b moderate…

  • Wow!! I got to watch this movie then! After Drishyam❤ I watched manjhi excellent display by Nwazz…now am watching this today Insh Allah. Was just waiting for the wom plus I like Nawab Saif he is cute n fulll of energy!!

  • @Babaji ka thullu
    BT baby was also an anti -Pak movie . plot vise
    BT its rating on IMDb Iz damn high.
    Phantom is not a good entertainer will fall heavily from Monday .
    Yesterday was Holiday that’s y it’s collection got jump …!

    It will not cross 70 cr …! 100% sure

  • still its a flop!! no need to raise the publicity from you guys. first day collection itself sealed the fate. we can ignore the rest.

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