People should get inspired by Salman Khan’s legacy: Ranbir Kapoor

Salman Khan has been the topic of discussion ever since the final verdict of his 2002 hit-and-run case was declared. Various celebrities have given different comments and voiced opinions over the issue. Recently, even Ranbir Kapoor, who is dating Salman’s ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif, was asked about the same.

The actor, who was attending a press conference for┬ápromoting his upcoming movie Bombay Velvet, was asked his views on Salman’s verdict.

Ranbir said, “I have known Salman from many years and I don’t know any human being with a bigger heart. He does a lot for the society through his foundation, Being Human, and also on a personal front. So, we should carry that part of the legacy forward and be inspired by that. But as far as the law and the case is concerned I don’t want to comment on that.”

On being asked if he would go and meet Salman, he said “there are no such plans but I wish his family all the strength at this time.”

The industry, while respecting the court’s decision, has firmly stood behind Salman Khan. Almost every popular actor in the industry has paid a visit to Salman’s residence in the last one week or so.



  • u get inspired …n make sallus .ur CAR…
    nw few inttelignt will cmnt that wat a bad inspiration..and dnt kill people by this inspiration n all… cm on go get a life depressed loosers….
    im nt fan of ranbirs acting but yes the way he handle media… fab

  • Finally somebody speaking sensibly on the issue.I read Arjun’s tweet defending Bhai and it was hilarious

  • Release all the rich criminals frm jail and let them do charity so that they willn’t get any punishment.

  • Just because of one movie with Deepika’s good luck YJHDu can not called him a Superstar, I do not think that Ranbir Kapoor is Superstar don’t know why peoples call him a Superstar.

    For me the Superstars are :

    1st The King Khan
    Shah Rukh Khan who have a huge fan following arround the world.

    2nd Mr. Perfectionist
    Aamir Khan.

    3rd Bhaaaai Jaaan of Bollywood Darling of the masses
    Salman Khan

    4th The Greek God himself
    Hrithik Roshan

    5th The Khiladi Kumar
    Akshar Kumar

    According to me these are the true Superstars who has huge fans following on social media also.

  • ranbir kapoor should change his acting style. i am starting to hate his tapori accent in every movie. it started from rockstar. and he is doing the same acting in every movie, except barfi.
    rockstar, jawani deewani, besharam and now bombay velvet. same tapori accent. he was great in rockstar. but he is doing it in every movie now

  • RK is so Damn scared of Salman Khan … He never dares to Mention Salman Directly,he is very Reluctant about Kat Being Salman’s Ex and as usual like Many Others in Bwood ,He is Dwelling on Salman;s Leftover (katrina) .

  • @nipun idiot if salman will go to jail then 1000s will become starwed and homeless.Will you give them food and home and can you treat 1000s child.It was a mistake why u not said about other cases of hit n run like raaj kumar or mukesh ambani son,s where more peoples was killed ,i know why u are disalpoint because Salman is competition for your actor.But don,t worry will not go to jail even if he go to jail your star can,t compete with him

  • you cant call him no.1 or no.2 because he is the best what he do. nobody can do better what he did in mpk, hahk, pktdk, tere naam, dabangg and kick.

  • Gud words from ranbir we shud do something for the society rather than writing cheap reviews,saying storming is coming etc Ranbir i hav already decided to watch BV

  • Akki should learn from Ranbir how to respect olders.
    he always bad mouth to the legends. Akki doesnt deserve a single hit. We really need to boycott his films.

  • Poor strategy to promote Bombay velvet.because salman fans are not interested in CLASSY FILMS like Ranbir tell what exact lied in your heart.

    Also it has written in last paragraph,”the industrt,while respecting the court’s decision” firmly not fully stand with one said except arjun/sonakshi like lost minded peoples that bhai shouldn’t.have arrested.everyone praised bhi for his well intended and planned charity aside and want him to go jail instead of trying get rid off the case.but sallu fans couldn’t understand this.he’ll definitely sent to jail because he did matters how his fans will cry up to any extent they can,lol.

  • Somehow Ranbir don’t want go further with KAT for marraige and all but he have no choice bad luck poor RANBIR.

  • Nipun is crying because Salman is a competitor of Hrithik (whose wife left him). And then he pretends to be a unbiased person. He even admitted he is planning to murder a celebrity.

  • ranbir just like srk speaks very well when it comes to interacting wid the media
    he should just adapt the habit of tolerating media..else we will have a new salman in the form of ranbir kapoor

  • What can we learn from salman !!!!!…..?He is really very bad guy. He is murderer. 5 year jail is less punishment to him. He should be life prisionment.He has money and power which missuse by him with full capacity. His so called being evil charity is only for show off like elephent teeth. He is trying to show that he is golden heart but actual he has stone heart.

  • @sss: jahan bak bak karega wahi peete gas !!!!!!! How do you know BV is classic before its release ??? Did Kjo or Anurag Kasyhap showed you the movie ??? Kuch kuch loocha hai !!!!!!! :-p

  • @Gaurav : Always try to see the positive of the person instead of negatives. You guys are simply jealous of his power n stardom !!!!!!!!!!

  • Thats why I like Ranbir…he knows how to handle media n respect his I’ll dfnty go to watch Bombay Velvet.

  • @nipun : Please stop this chamchagiri of law n justice. People like you never think about such poor people be it victims of Bhopal gas tradegy or Sikh riots or Gujarat riots what have you done for those victims ? Did you ever demand justice for the culprits of those unfortunate events ????

  • Salman is proving to be a spoilt brat who has no respect for the law. poor people and the female sex. Money means everything. I hope he changes.

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