Pak sensation Mustafa cried during recording!

Pakistani rock sensation Mustafa Zahid, while recording the ‘To Phir Aao’ song for Mahesh Bhatt’s forthcoming film Awarapan in Mumbai, actually walked out of the recording studio with his eyes red. To get a feel into it, he requested that the lights be turned off and sang the whole song in pitch darkness. Onlookers remark that the 25 year old stud actually cried while recording the song.

Mustafa Zahid confessed that it was an emotional moment for him as his first composition ‘To Phir Aao’, back in Pakistan, was re-rendered for a Mahesh Bhatt’s film. As the song appears in the film’s climax, director Mohit Suri wanted Mustafa to imagine the loneliness of roads and put in a lot of feeling in the song. Awarapan is expected to release worldwide on June 29th.


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