OUATIMD Box Office Opening and First Day Estimate

OUATIMDAkshay Kumar’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara has opened to packed houses all over the country, but unfortunately for the film and its makers, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

Looking at the response that the film has got all over the country (morning shows were running at 90-100% occupancy in most cities), OUATIMD would have done business in excess of Rs 15 crore on its first day, if not for the limited screening. For a film that was initially slated for worldwide release during the Eid weekend and later postponed to 15th, OUATIMD couldn’t even take advantage of the Independence Day holiday.

Released on approximately 1300 screens today, OUATIMD is likely to collect around 7-7.5 crore on its opening day, which is slightly higher than what Chennai Express collected from its paid previews.

The film will have a wider release tomorrow, but will continue to face tough competition from Chennai Express which will benefit from both higher number of shows at multiplexes and more single screens.



  • I dnt know why people are blaming SRK for screens
    Everyone wants more screen for their films
    Second is also choice of exhibitors which film to show
    Obviosly exhibitor will go toward the film which gives them higher returns

  • King Kumar…

    The ticket price is same as CE in every multiplex. Balaji got what they asked for . They knew it from earlier that they will only get limited release on 15th as it is only the 7th day for CE. Theatres cant dump CE as they have paid big money for CE. The only difference is balaji is not immature like Ajay devgan production(no offence). Hope OUATIMD get a bigger weekend form tomarrow onwards.

  • Wrong number of screens, OUATIMD has released today in 1700 screens and is looking at a 10 Cr opening day. Tomorrow it will have a full wide release, but Chennai Express will still lead. If CE does +40 Cr weekend, 3 Idiots record will be broken 100% in 2nd week itself.

  • Huhh… Haters wil hate shahrukh anyway
    N dey r burning like hell at ce’s success
    Btw foh ppl talkin abt dirty politics…. Shahrukh hav neva played so.
    Utv izz responsible foh all d stuffs
    N ekta wazz forced to release her movie on 15th instead of eid cozz she waznt gettin enough screens…oderwize she wazz not a fool.it shows who izz more popular n powerful n whom ppl wanna(oopzz here distributors too) see more..!!
    N ajay dragged yrf last year…shahrukh wazz nowhere in d scene.
    N ajay played dirty politics last year datzz y hezz suffering today(wid boxoffice dud himmatwala,satyagraha too iznt lukin promising)
    Btw in sha Allah chennai xpress wil cross 202 crore mark of 3 idiots

  • Wow superb movie akshay kumar steals the show.
    But feels very bad about 1st day collection due to 800 -1000 screens.
    Even utv stars said this movie released only with 600 screens.
    Definitly you’ll watch this movie DOBARA.
    Kyu ki nahi gaye to tumhari kismat bura maan jaayegi.

  • Just came back watching ouatimd. Must say 1st one is better but this one is definitely a good movie. Imran khan is not bad as some reviewers were saying,’he is good in the film so is akshay kumar. For second time I liked akshays performance after Namastey London. This movie is definitely deserve to be in 100 crore club. Dialogues are the highlight of the movie and both akshay, imran and even sonakshi did fair job in delivering those lines. Thayyab ali song is very good to watch in theater and rest of the songs too. Climax is second highlight of the movie and this is where akshay excelled. In todays time it’s very difficult to make a melo drama film work and I feel that director has succeeded in it.

  • postponing the movie was the biggest blunder by balaji.. jeetu ji fell for dirty politics by srk.. if srk is no.1 or king in anything that is dirty politics.. no matter what u srk fans say, srk’s dirty politics is well known to the world.. he is a back stabber.. first it was ajay now akshay.. he should b thrown out of the industry.. first he begged to jeetu ji n now see what they got.. where are business ethics???

  • Tbh I live in uk went to cinema and only 5 people were there. Went to srk showing fully packed. This movie won’t have huge competition with ce because its a love movie with no entertainment. Whereas ce is a masala entertainer which you can go watch with family and freinds. Ce will definetly collect 200cr+ 100sure now.

  • @dxt naam. guilt written all over
    what ever u say truth is truth.
    no theatre can Disown a movie on its 7 th day. that’s the legality. lol. first know some thing about it and than speak.
    but still 1300 screens 8 CRORES
    and Chennai express with 700 screens managed 6.5 CRORES

    that’s the power of king KHAN

  • Watched OUATIMD . star works superb …. poor opening and trash and boring movie
    Itwill nt cross daily collections of CE in any cost.
    If u go and watch then u may have to keep a regular view on ur wrist watch…
    CE will surpass it daily wit a huge margin..

  • ce collecting more than 150cr in first week ,its good for industry but If both the movie would be realease on eid then same diwali clash would be happen and ce and ouatimd would get 30+ cr more than jthj and sos respectively. And if 3i record broken by ce it will be bad b coz ce is not a classic cult movie,its an aveg movie
    I particularly feel that a movie which is as good as 3i should break the record of 3i, either it is aamir, sallu ,srk, hritik, akki, ajju ,ranbir,farhan or irfan movie. I am a great fan of content ,story and acting

  • Why are people suggesting that the exhibitors lost money by showing OUTIMD? Shah Rukh Khan is bigger than Akshay Kumar by far and there’s no competition. If the movie really is so popular then the amount of screens given by distributors will increase. Exhibitors want to do whatever will make them money and that is Chennai Express. Do art films in Hollywood get more screens than superhero movies? Of course not so why would that happen here?

  • Both films will eat into each other’s business and ensure each grosses less than its potential! Bad move to release films so close in same time frame!

  • this is the price you pay to challenge a big star’s film like SRK!
    still i think the first day figures of OUATIMD will come higher than what indicine predicts
    probably in the 10-11 range which is not bad for a limited release but the real test is starting from tomorrow..friday figures for OUATIMD may come higher than CE, but the bad WOM will affect the movie for a long run..i think OUATIMD at best will make 65-70cr in total!

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