OUATIMA a fictional story, no real-life characters: Akshay Kumar

Refuting rumours that his upcoming movie “Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Again” (OUATIMA) is based on the lives of two underworld dons – Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan – Akshay Kumar said it is a fictional story with no real life characters.

“Let me correct you, we are not playing real life characters,” said actor Akshay, who plays Shoaib Khan in the underworld drama, in which Imran Khan will be seen as Aslam.

” I am playing Shoaib’s character and he is playing his character, there is nothing called real life character”, added the star at a media meet, when asked whether the duo have done any research on their respective characters.

“It’s a fictional film. Lot of small, small incidents have been taken and added here,” he said.

Imran added: “It is a fictional story and as Akshay said incidents are picked up, modified and used here.”

Directed by Milan Luthria, OUATIMA also stars Sonali Bendre and Sonakshi Sinha. Produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, the film is slated for a Aug 8 release



  • Eagerly waiting for this movie.akki plz release the trailor.ekta again confirmed the release date.srk gone so insecure about ce,akki was also there in stadium for last match,and srk manages setmax to not show akki on tv,but responce from crowd is huge for akki

  • Only bad thing in this movie is imran,shahid is the better choice,imran wil be just a side kick in this movie

  • @boss..akki called u and said na..dat response for him ws huge..u are only saying that akki ws nt shown in tv..but u knw ki response ws huge..think before u talk

  • @Boss, chenni express is yet to be completed, so there is a lot of work left to do before announcing the realese date

  • Imran or Emraan??? For me Ajay got the better deal as Emraan brings so much more to a project and that explains why the First movie was so powerful becaise of 2 super strong performers performing at the top of their game. I pray Akki gets the full support of Imran in his quest to equal if not better the first movie as I just cant praise the first movie enough. Heres wishing Team Milan all the best in their endeavours.

  • lol @boss u said its a real story….am sure this film will flop.. negative effect due to mafia based characters…

  • Jacky:my friends were there in stadium they told me about the responce for akki.besharam:i said the main plot was taken from real story

  • These r the same srk fans who were saying masala movies r spoiling the name of bollywood,and now the same ppl r saying ce will be bb.himmatwala fate wil repeat to ce.hw is the first flop of sajid and ce wil be the first flop to rohit

  • Truth

    Official Confirmation From Ormex Media poll:-
    1.filmfare award this year trp_4.8(srk)
    2.zee-cine award this year trp_3.8(srk)
    3.star guild award this year trp_3.7(salman)
    Note :- Star Guild 7.6 TRP News Is Total Wrong….

    King will be king

  • Retweeted Shargo Rukh Khan (@iamshorgo):
    Look at @iamsrk,how happy was He.Why would cameramen focus on akki instead of this super hero #GetWellSoonAks hayFans

  • Looking forward to it’s trailer ATM.Hope it will be a very good one both interms of content and entertainment.

  • @navin, milan said in an interview that ouatm1 was set in 1970s and 2nd part is set in 1980s. Thats why he is selecting akshay as shoib as there will be lot of defference in 10 years in dawood. And also note that akshay looks perfect in he role. I think lovers and haters all will like the movie. Only imraan is downside but milan says you will see him doind hardcore action for 1st time. So get ready.

  • @besharm, ok lets see. You will see it get most positive WOM from audience like uts 1st part, te dirty picrure etc. Which milan movies get. And how negative affect?? Only persons like you are creating negative effect. 1st part also features mafia characters but was really praised.

  • Do people care if it is real or fictional?

    RGV always tries to make real films, but then he cannot accept the reality they are bigger flops.

    As far as the story does well, the movie will do well.

    All the best to Akki and the film team.

  • ce will win huge margin. Ce got more single screen than ouatm 2. SRK always rocks at multiplexes. Overseas OUATIM 2 wont even collect 15cr. However I hope the clash doesn’t happen.

  • @jc, rgv make real films but they bomb at bo. but dont forget the star cast and also that it is dircted by milan luthria.

  • @boss. This is publicity gimmic by Akki Ekta nd their pr. Like screen space, insecurity of srk not allow to promote outim2 in ipl just only to get sympathy from media and public and spreading negativity against srk just like ajay did last year. But he has highly exposed in himmatwala. Akki already exposed with joker khiladis opening. If they make propaganda like this at least outim2 will end similar to SOS but is no chance ce will be action comedy entertainer unlike boring jthj.

  • Sht:ur name is so nice,akki dont need anyone synphathy.history knows who needs symphathy,who plays sentimental card.about the joker we gave explatations,why it was flop,even akki didnt promoted.k786 was 5th release of akki last year.finally akki had a superhit 6months back,srk had sh 4years back

  • Screen space controversy created by utv .to promote hm and ce.if utv releases ce on eid with outim2 it wil lose money,and satyagraha is also utvs movie realeasing exatly after 2weeks eid.thats why they r thinking to anounce the date

  • Screen space controversy created by utv .to promote hm and ce.if utv releases ce on eid with outim2 it wil lose money,and satyagraha is also utvs movie realeasing exatly after 2weeks eid.thats why they r thinking to anounce the date.dont expect much from ce

  • @IMAM: dont show how dumb u are chap :) s26 was a film for intelligent and qaulity people which are less and u adding in ur dumbness… watchng abcd, better see did :P so bettr stop comparing such shit

  • sharukh in masala movie. no way……….CE will be disaster movie from rohit shetty. OUTIMA will collect and run more than CE any way

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