Chennai Express Action Still: Shahrukh Khan

Rohit Shetty films are known for it’s high octane action sequences – with the leading man bashing up baddies and cars blowing up all over the place. Chennai Express will be no different.

Mumbai Mirror reports that an action scene for the EID release was shot just before Shahrukh Khan left for the IPL opening ceremony on Tuesday. In the scene, SRK battles his way out after bashing the baddies and blowing them up.

Chennai Express Action Still below. Have a look!

Chennai Express

Chennai Express – SRK



  • Oh bande kya scene hai yaar bang boom blast
    wow srk anger is terrefic. Waiting for trailor.akki
    fan ab tumhe samjh lena chahiye kaun si movie
    eid pe blast karegi its only chennai not bakwaas
    unoriginal mumai once upon 2

  • This is it guys srk has gone full masala, he is fighting fire with fire now.
    Happy new year will probably be his last classy film:(

  • Man On Fire……
    Shettys explosives team seem to be on top form again. Lets hope the baddies are all okay though and not seriously injured in the explosions.

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  • srk doesn’t have the rough and tough action look like akshay,hrithik,salman. he should stay away from action for god’s sake, he should go into valleys and sing….saans mein teri saans mili toh……

  • The background of this scene is just awesome.Rohit has put a lot of twists in this movie, i guess.
    But the most welcomed thing for this movie is , ofcourse, one and only SRK.
    I am expecting a MHN / OSO type of movie this time.
    Let’s see, what is going to be happen..!!!

  • ATBB bollywood overseas are 11 and SRK owns 9 of them also from 13 BB SRK owns 7 and out of 6 superhits SRK owns 1

    That means out of the 30 overseas SRK owns 17

    so i am waiting his ATBB NO 10 or BB no 8
    and i dont care so much about india box office couz i am not from india

    after all , the world knows only one KING and he is —> SRK

    Go a head king of the world you allready rules no one can even come close to you

    Srk haters can search the data i already sent it to one of them acourding to his req

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