Oscars can’t tell me whether my film is good or bad: Aamir

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, who doesn’t attend any of the popular Indian award ceremonies, says that the Academy Awards is just an opportunity to get more audience to watch the film.

“For me, the Oscars is a window from which your audience increases…I see it in that way only. Oscars can’t tell me whether my film is good or bad and I am not interested in that. My interest with Oscars is that it’s an opportunity for a film to get a larger window to a larger audience,” Aamir said

“Audience are unaware of your film, but if you manage to get nominated then there is a whole world out there who wants to see your film, who otherwise would not have known about your film. It’s an opportunity to get your film viewed by more people.”

Aamir, who has just delivered the biggest grosser of all time in Dhoom 3, also said that he would only want to know if his film is good or bad from his audience.

“Whether the film is good or bad, this I want to hear form the audience and not from anyone else”

Aamir’s home-production Lagaan was one of only 3 films to receive an Oscar nomination.



  • I am laughing at these comments….aamir thinks that its because of his star power that Dhoom 3 got nice collections….he is over the moon it seems…people are bashing the movoe everywhere amd making fun of the scenes mainly the auto scene and all…its because of the huge number of screens,hiked ticket rate & dhoom brand…..be grounded aamir

  • Lootera should have been sent to oscar.
    It is 10 times better than revenge 3 aka d3.
    K3 is 7 times better than d3.

  • Aamir does not give importance to awards but “Lagaan” making it in final top 5 movie in foreign category for Oscars was one of the biggest achievement in the history of Indian cinema and many filmmakers of Hollywood and people of west saw any Bollywood movie for the first time.

  • Aamir wants to know from the audience whether his films r good or bad so as a audience i must say that the last bad film which Aamir did was “Mela” which was 13 years ago while all others films were good and some were very good and some were outstanding like “Lagaan” and “3 idiots” in these 13 years.

  • Aamir is completely right, don’t care about oscars but within in India the awards are become joke.
    nevertheless who ever got awards its definitely help to boost his/her confidence and give them a compliment for their work.

  • Indian movie awards are worthless, everyone gets an award. SRK has like 140 awards or so, pathetic.

    National awards mean something, apart from when they are, due to corruption, given to the likes of Saif (his mother was in the jury, lol).

  • aamir wants to know audience response,then why he hike price of dhoom3.i am not able to see the movie due to that huze price.

  • @sakhi The auto scene of “Dhoom 3” was much better that “CE” scenes.At least Abhishek has his own auto,bike and pistol as his weapon whereas Srk used others bike and jeep to runaway and also he use to search roadside objects for fighing with goons like coconuts,toys,knifes and other things from roadside shops.lol

  • Kahaani or Paan Singh Tomar should have been sent to oscars last year…
    Though Barfi was good but the above mentioned films were ultimate..

  • Everyone believe in awards be it big b , dilip saab or srk but amir not if amir not believe in awards then why cant same with OSCARS and go there @ lagaan time…No offence to amir but AWARDS ARE NOT JOKE…

    Aamir Khan has the highest number of consecutive nominations, having been nominated for the award every year from 1989 till 1997, eventually winning 9th time for Raja Hindustani in 1997.

    Anil Kapoor – Tezaab as Mahesh “Munna” Deshmukh
    Aamir Khan – Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak as Raj
    Amitabh Bachchan – Shahenshah as Vijay Kumar Srivastava / Shahenshah

    Jackie Shroff – Parinda as Kishen
    Aamir Khan – Raakh as Amir Hussein
    Anil Kapoor – Eeshwar as Ishwarchand Vishnunath Brahmanand
    Rishi Kapoor – Chandni as Rohit Gupta
    Salman Khan – Maine Pyar Kiya as Prem Choudhary

    Sunny Deol – Ghayal as Ajay Mehra
    Aamir Khan – Dil as Raja
    Amitabh Bachchan – Agneepath as Vijay Deenanath Chauhan
    Chiranjeevi – Pratibandh as Siddhanth

    Amitabh Bachchan – Hum as Tiger / Shekhar
    Aamir Khan – Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin as Raghu Jetley
    Anil Kapoor – Lamhe as Virendra Pratap Singh
    Dilip Kumar – Saudagar as Veeru Singh
    Sanjay Dutt – Saajan as Aman Verma

    Anil Kapoor – Beta as Raju
    Aamir Khan – Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar as Sanjaylal Sharma
    Amitabh Bachchan – Khuda Gawah as Baadshah Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan – Baazigar as Ajay Sharma/Vicky Malhotra
    Aamir Khan – Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke as Rahul Malhotra
    Govinda – Aankhen as Bunnu / Gulshan / Gaurishankar
    Jackie Shroff – Gardish as Shiva P. Sathe
    Shah Rukh Khan — Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa as Sunil
    Sanjay Dutt – Khalnayak as Balaram Prasad

    Nana Patekar – Krantiveer as Pratap Narayan Tilak
    Aamir Khan – Andaz Apna Apna as Amar Manohar
    Akshay Kumar – Yeh Dillagi as Vijay Saigal
    Anil Kapoor – 1942: A Love Story as Narendra Singh

    Shah Rukh Khan – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge as Raj Malhotra
    Aamir Khan – Rangeela as Munna
    Ajay Devgn – Naajayaz as Jay Bakshi
    Govinda – Coolie No. 1 as Raju
    Salman Khan – Karan Arjun as Karan Singh

    Aamir Khan – Raja Hindustani as Raja Hindustani
    Govinda – Saajan Chale Sasural as Shyamsunder
    Nana Patekar – Khamoshi: The Musical as Joseph Braganza
    Nana Patekar – Agni Sakshi as Vishwanath
    Sunny Deol – Ghatak: Lethal as Kashi Nath

  • Aamir Khan what does the name stand for:
    started career with love story which had unconventional ending-QSQT
    worked in a cult movies like JJWS,Sarfarosh,AAA,DHKMN,Sarfarosh,Lagaan,DCH,3I,RDB etc.
    Having 4 ATBB’s in his career without having 0 BBs.
    only churn out 4 superhit,3hit and 3 semihits.
    1. Started His production with a movie no banner or actor dare to work in Lagaan
    2. Only actor of recent time whose movie got Osar nomination-Lagaan
    3. Having ATBB’s in 90?s RH,Biggest Grosser of decade in 2000-2009 with Ghajini & 3I back to back
    4. Only actor having consecutive ATBB’s in his career
    5. Singing debut is sensation and one of the biggest hit son of the year — Aati Kya Khandala
    6. Knows as Mr. Perfectionist not because his all movies worked just because he looks like a character in the movie not Actor “Aamir Khan” whether Tapori in Rangeela,Ghulam , a Krantikari as Mangal Pandey, ACP in Sarfarosh, Bhuwan of Lagaan, Rancho of 3I, Killing machine Sanjay Singhaniya in Ghajini, even Samar/sahir character in D3. not a single character of him out of place and never his performance in these various character goes over the top/below to top.
    7. Directed only a single movie yet but that was too Remarkable TZP, being a side hero Made a solid movie without a single boring moment in a social film and became one of the biggest success of the year.
    8. Only actor right now whom 8 movies are got Filmfare best FILM award QSQT,JJWS,HHRPK,RH,Lagaan,RDB,TZP,3I.
    9. Used Television as a game changer medium with Social TV Show like Satyamev Jayate.
    10. Giving Promotion of movie a big hype with Unique promotion strategy with Ghajini,3i and also goes opposite to his formula of promotion with Talaash & D3.
    11. Always being Honest with his movies promotion and movies when produced a movie like Delhi Belly than promoted it as a Adult movie having abusive langauage, promoted Dhobhi Ghat by simply saying to his fans that its a niche film not an entertainer. His Biggest policy is his Honesty with film, when made a children Film than that was a complete clean film.
    despited having low hit ration this man is right now:
    -founder of 100cr,200cr,250cr club in domestic front
    -founder of 50,100,150 cr grosser in overseas
    -founder of 200,300,400,500 worldwide grosser
    12.Got Padam Shri and Padam Bhsushan and 3 National award 2 as a producer for TZP & lagaan, and 1 as an actor for Raakh.

    and the trust of genuine audience have on him “if Aamir is in the film than film should be good that’s y those people who don’t like D3 are saying its Aamir worst movie since Mela”.

    That’s make him different with any actor of Bollywood. Proud to be An Aamirian

  • Aamir is the finest actor and even Srgay accepted that.
    There are only three official film entries to oscar which are-
    1.Mother India
    2.Salaam Bombay
    If you still have doubt then check following link- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indian_submissions_for_the_Academy_Award_for_Best_Foreign_Language_Film
    Devdaas was not nominee,it was just in the race!
    Such foolish srgay lovers!
    They don’t know the facts!
    And the people who are saying Dhoom 3 is gaining success bcoz of Dhoom brand check ghajani,3 idiots records!
    And by the way,Aamir don’t like such records,he just explore him as actor!
    His best films from jjws_-
    1.Jo jeeta wahi sikandar
    3.Dil chahtaa hain
    5.Magal Pandey
    7.Rang de basanti
    8.Taare zameen par
    11.3 idiots
    Of these 3 films ,i.e. Lagaan, RDB and TZP were in the race of oscar and Lagaan was nominee!
    Think before hating Aamir!

  • @kabir if you don’t have money to watch d3 its your problem dude, i don’t know who is you fav actor but feeling sorry because in this year apart from Salman’s jai Ho every big movie released with hiked prices so unfortunately you won’t see any movies this year unless your income will increase.

  • Don 2 was “brand” movie that released during Christmas Holidays in year 2011.
    Worldwide Gross of Don 2 was 205 cr.
    It was 193 cr less than the then record holder 3 Idiots(398 cr).

    If brand is the factor, imagine Don 2 collection without Brand association!

    Moral of the story- Even with’ brand’ association, you need a champion megastar like Aamir to break records by huge margin.
    SRK ,Salman,Hrithik …everyone has worked in brand movies but no one was able to break any record.

  • Only for Imax,ticket price was 800 to 900 and the film was on imax for only one weak!
    Other prices for d3 were between Rs.40 to 250 aprox. which are same for ce!

  • Well said Aamirkhan. You did well and most people enjoys your film and they like ur films due to the way you ar doing it. Aamirkhan you are so briliant and a comfidence Actor, So we people call you You The MR~PERFECTIONALIST. Finally Aamir try as much as possible to do pray so that Allah will saves you from your enemy

  • Now whatever Amir says their fans completely agree it. Sour grapes. For winning award person need to do good acting. Whoever got filmfare they deserved. Whether srk for bazigar nana for krantiveer sanju for vastav hritik for kmg or ranbeer for barfee. They really did best acting. Filmfare is best while giving awards to lead actor and actress.

  • @sachin11 strange you missed Tzp for me its best Aamir film because he produced it,directed it and also given great execution to the story and despite having a clash this collected big money,got appreciation and recognition,as per Imdb its rated best movie from bollywood having spot on 163no. @akash agree with you but you missed Hr broke record of Gadar with D2.

  • Desh pan de u mentioned almost all Amir khan movies including mangel pan de, fanaa, ta laash, gajini, dhobi etc. can u add few more those also classics according some Amir fans. Maan mela Dil ishq

  • Actor’s With Most Number of Blockbusters Worldwide in Bollywood :-
    1) Shah Rukh Khan :-
    India – 8 Blockbusters
    Overseas – 17 Blockbusters
    TOTAL :- 25
    2) Salman Khan :-
    India – 9 Blockbusters
    Overseas – 2
    TOTAL :- 11 Blockbusters
    3) Hrithik Roshan :-
    India – 5
    Overseas – 1
    TOTAL :- 6
    4) Aamir Khan :-
    India – 3
    Overseas – 2
    TOTAL :- 5
    5) Akshay Kumar & Ranbir Kapoor :-
    India – 2
    Overseas – 1
    TOTAL :- 3 for each.
    If we take only India its Salman who leads but overseas and worldwide SRK leads by Distance. Dhoom 3 gonna be another Blockbuster for Aamir ??? Lets wait and see

  • indian movies in IMDB top 250

    Taare Zameen Par ~ 140
    Rang De Basanti ~ 148
    3 Idiots ~ 150
    Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India ~ 209

    only 4 indian movies are on the list and all 4 of them are aamir khan movies.

  • @kabir Why dont you sell your second hand filthy lungi to Sakhi Rawant and watch D3 at a single screen for about 70 rupees…?

    You will never get 900 rupees for your now brownish shade lungi after what you been doing in it so dreaming of watching D3 in IMAX format as thats out of your league now…!

    If that dont work then get a job as a chaiwala or rickshawala you jobless lungiwala…! :-P

  • Very gud work Aks .. really appreciate ur efforts for putting his career in such nyc words .. u r lyk me one of his biggest fans .. I lyk him since I saw andaz apna apna when my family din get tckts fr hum aapke hai kaun .. I remember being in 3rd std then .. am a fan since then

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