Only responded to SRK’s comments – Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan talks about 3 Idiots being compared to Sholay, the number game with Shahrukh Khan, his upcoming films, his family and a lot more in this interview with Kunal M Shah.

You will turn 45 in a couple of days. How do you see the coming year?

  • Aamir Khan – I am not taking on any new assignments as an actor this year. I have three earlier commitments as a producer- Peepli Live, Dhobi Ghat and Delhi Belly. I also want to spend time with my mom, children and family. I am only going to be busy professionally as a producer and releasing these three films. I want them to be successful.

3 Idiots smashed all box-office records and is being compared to Sholay.

  • I am thrilled. In 2008, Ghajini broke all records and touched about Rs 300 crore and became the biggest grosser of Indian cinema. I never expected 3 Idiots to go beyond Ghajini in terms of collections. It’s unimaginable.

Won’t it be an uphill task for you to break your own records?

  • My approach is never to compete with anyone or anything or even outdo my earlier films. My sole purpose is about the essence of the film, which must come across clearly to the audience and get the success it deserves. I want to do work that excites me and my thought process is not to break records.

Aren’t you insecure that after the success of 3 Idiots you have three films as a producer but none as an actor?

  • Each one of us is insecure about something or the other. I don’t want to take any step just because I am insecure. In that sense I have the courage to do unusual stuff. At this point of time there is Peepli Live, Dhobi Ghat where I am also acting and Delhi Belly. My focus right now is Peepli Live as it is releasing first. I think you should just follow your heart.

Do you feel proud that you were the first actor to set the trend of doing one film at a time and now most actors are following it?

  • People used to laugh at me and used to say ‘yeh industry se gayaab ho jayega’. But, I am glad that more and more actors are following it as that’s how films should be made. I feel that the main cast and crew should do so too as that’s how you make better films.

Now that My Name Is Khan’s collections is much less than that of 3 Idiots, do you think that the debate over which Khan rules is finally laid to rest?

  • (Laughs). There was never any war of supremacy so there is no question of starting or stopping any debate. I am not competing with him (Shah Rukh Khan). I never raised those questions so the answers do not interest me. For me the people who rule the industry are Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar as I idolise them as an audience. I love Shammi (Kapoor) uncle too as it’s a different style and I also love Nargisji (Dutt) and Waheedaji (Rehman).

These days SRK and you are not passing any comments against each other.

  • (Laughs). I have never commented about him and I don’t want to start now. I used to respond only to comments he passed about me.

What is your relationship with him now?

  • He came to the premier of 3 Idiots and we have spoken on the phone after that once or twice. We don’t interact much and there is no marked difference in our relationship. It’s still the way it has always been – cordial.

3 Idiots is also the biggest hit in the overseas market. However there were constant comparisons between 3 Idiots and MNIK. Does it disturb you ?

  • It doesn’t disturb me as you can’t change facts and the trade knows it all. I can fool the people who do not know the business but I can’t fool you as a journalist as you know the facts. The most important thing for me is to be a part of a film which not only entertains but also make a difference. The fact that 3 Idiots gave students or parents a different point of view and had a positive impact is enough for me. I don’t get any satisfaction by numbers.

People say you have a success formula as all your films work.

  • I have always followed my heart and made some crazy decisions. Many times people have told me that you are doing a film with so and so director and that it’s the worst decision. However, it has worked for me. I have been following my heart from the early days of my career. I don’t listen to people or else I would not have done many of my films. Yes I have made mistakes but by and large I am very happy. One can never say that a particular film will be successful.

Have you started following the trade figures after you turned producer?

  • No. I understand trade ever since I became an actor. The one thing I won’t do is experiment with anybody’s money. I won’t make a Taare Zameen Par in Rs 40 crore and think that it will makers 100 crore (Incidentally, it did business of over Rs 100 crore). My motto is that everyone connected to my film should make money. I am aware of the fact that I am in a creative field but there is a business aspect to it and I would never be impractical.

You recently became the youngest Indian to get the Padma Bhushan.

  • I am honored. I am grateful to my family and fans who love me unconditionally.

Last year has not been easy personally with Kiran’s miscarriage and the demise of your father.

  • Yes, the last few years have been traumatic. But that’s life and one has to be able to absorb the difficulty and pain. Losing someone you are close to… I think that (pauses) I think that these are things that every human being has to face at different times. What you have to remember is that you must be strong for other people around you. Life is so fragile.

Your brother Faisal is back with you.

  • Faisal has been working with me and I think he is someone who has the ability to overcome all difficulties. He is actively involved with me in my script selections.

What is your son Junaid doing nowadays?

  • He is studying commerce. Reena and I are proud of him. This is the age to study and we aren’t going to pressurise him.

There are reports that Mansoor Khan will make a comeback.

  • I really wish so as he is so talented. I have been telling him the same thing.

You will be meeting James Cameron this weekend.

  • We will be discussing future of cinema and the art of story telling. I’ll meet him for dinner.

Source: Mumbai Mirror



  • Aamir th eemperor took hot shots at SRK’s Mnik , pointing at the lies being circulated . great interview

  • SRK rocks.all jealous fans of AAMIR go to hell.though SRK and AAMIR both r my favourite actors but SRK is the KING OF KINGS.

  • guys u r in dreams SRK was never king of kings but ya he has been there in first 3 for most of the last few years when he cant dominate like Amitabh he cant be king . only amitabh is king and nowadays SRK is far behind aamir and now with just an above average response to MNIK , once gain it is proved that he is not in legends league so he shd forget competing AB . first compete with AAmir , AKKI, and hrithik . Srk is finding it difficult to compete with these guys he cant reach Ab’s status .

  • The big news

    Now this development really gets the antennas stand right up with all attention reserved for what next is really in the offing. Believe it or not but a major Hollywood-Bollywood collaboration is right up in the anvil and two of the bigger superstars from different ends of the world are all set to share screen space. The film in question is Xtrme City and the men in question – hold your breath – Shah Rukh Khan and Leonardo Di Caprio.

    My Name Is Khan will hit the 70 crore nett mark by the end of its third week as it accumulated around 4 crore nett over its third weekend and the weekdays should give another 2 crore nett. After that the film could add another 2-3 crore nett.
    After three weeks the film has the 15th highest distributor share in the history of Hindi cinemas and is likely to enter the top ten at the end of its run.

    why people are crying that
    (2008-2009) amir number 1,
    (2007-2008) aksay number 1,
    (2000-2006) rittik number 1
    (1993-1999) salman number 1

    but SRK the true real king and number 1, 1992 – 2010……. still going and going.

    every one know that billu & dulha milga was a guest appearance for (king of the world) srk.
    but many bed people feel jelous for mnik verdict.

    so dont mind we all are love movies and we should respect every actor.

  • i am with srk…beccause he dominates hit and blockbuster more than other actors like amir amitabah,salaman.and his sincerity abot entertaining people..

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