Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara Friday Collections

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai DobaraOnce Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara has collected Rs 12.5 crore on its second day at the box office. Even though the film had a much-wider release on Friday (2500 screens as compared to 1600 screens on Thursday), it failed to bring in audiences to theatres.

The box office prospects of this Balaji venture looks weak, as reports from theatres is mixed to negative. Critics have not been too kind to the film either – OUATIMD has scored a poor 41 on 100 on our review scale with 3 Good, 12 Average and 5 Negative reviews. (Check: OUATIMD Critics Reviews)

The two day *official* collections of the film now stands at 26.7 crore. However, the figures from Balaji is a good 30% higher than the *actuals*. Our own estimates suggest that the first day business of OUATIMD was around 10.5 crore, Friday was a little lower at 9.75 crore. Two day total of 20.25 crore.

Overall, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara is unlikely to collect more than 70 crore at the domestic box-office. The total costs is around 80-85 crores, out of which about 40 crore will be recovered from various rights (satellite, music etc). OUATIMD has to collect atleast 90 crore to break even, which looks impossible looking at the trends on Saturday.



  • @james. well said Bro. u hit the hammer right on the head. ha ha ha ha. can’t stop laughing
    first movie to have a preview better than opening day
    I still remember one idiot said the other day that ekta made k spoof of Chennai express and SRK by naming the first day as preview and wrong collections just to get more screens
    now actually she has made a spoof of her self
    just one advice. don’t underestimate the power of a common man. and SRK

  • please indicine.some websites are quoting the actual so called producer distributer collection funda
    “generally india is divided into 11 territories,but there are some sub territories which are not taken.Those sub-territories contribute 2-3% of total at most but producers increase it with their will.. That’s how they manipulate”.what’s the truth behind all this.please tell indicine you are the last faithful hope.and if these distributer figures are taken then how did 3 idiots is 202 all round the globe.also the same with don2(106 overall),raone(115) and talaash(93) also rowdy(131)

  • Ouatimd
    already broke few records like 3 preview day in a row
    the full release will be from monday
    so it will be 4 day preview
    :-p :-D

  • #noam
    don’t underestimate power of khiladi
    he will breaks 3I record

    Khiladi786+ special26=70+70=140cr.
    And ouatimd collected 22 cr.
    So total 162 cr.
    Just need 41 cr. To break 3I recors
    :-p :-D
    i am sure akki fan will rejoice the moment :-p

  • @aks couldnt agree more

    @indicine please give ‘official’ figures from now on as you yourself said you ‘only’ give official figures and please take away your pessimistic/ sceptical views as to what the actual truth is. The ‘30%’ remark was uncalled for as now theres even more ambiguity to an already shady reporting system. Either we accept producers/ production houses figures as FACT or do we take BOI figures as accurately true or do we just follow Komal or Taran or do we follow ‘xrate’ or ‘sachin11’…? The whole system of reporting figures is as corrupt as politics now it seems…! :-(

    Jeez I think I rather follow ‘remotecontrol’ as his methords/ formulaes/ calculator for working out boxoffice numbers is at the very least are comically insane so we can get a cheap laff or two…! ;-)

  • @xrate Dont know why you have a problem with ‘sachin11’ as ges only reiterating the ‘producers/ official’ figures which clearly show OUATIMD collected twice as much in their preview shows as Chennai Depress did a wk earlier…! FACT

    Another fact, according to UTV Chennai Depress broke ETTs opening day record…! Congratulations. Instead of being bitter offer Team Balaji a celebratory toast or now dont you believe the truth unless it comes out Srks mouth and his mouth only…! Cant have it both ways.

  • @imam OUATIMD broke Chennai Depress’ preview shows record by double the amount and clearly that jolt of lightning has knocked you for 6 Chris Gayle styyyyleee…! You soon get used to it as these records one by one will be shattered within 6 months.

  • #Navin
    Do you know what preview show means? Don’t make yourself joker
    preview show doesn’t start from 8 am

  • @navin. seems u r barking on all the links and no body is bothered. ha ha ha. keep on doing that. some body might hire u to bark. well done. clumsy lousy looser and ya I forgot illiterate. ha ha ha ha
    picture to baaki hai mere dost.

  • Comparison of 2 nd Friday of some commercially successfull movies in recent past with screen count

    ETT with 3300 screens 4.5 CRORES (solo)
    DABBANG 2 with 3700 screens around 4 CRORES (solo)
    Rowdy rathore with 2800 screens around 4 CRORES (solo)
    and now the tsunami express
    Chennai express 1400 screens 6.12 CRORES (competition with outidm)
    and some illiterate retards want to argue with us about SRK.

  • One of the major problems with reporting net box office is the issue of adjusted ticket prices lets say in a theatre where a ticket goes for 200Rs and price is hiked to 220Rs and 290 tickets are sold, assuming tax is 25% of gross. is the theatrical net (200 x 290) _ ( 200 x 290 x 25% )
    ie 580000 – 145000 = 435000Rs or is it (220 x 290) – (220 x 290 x 25%) ie 638000 – 159500 = 478500Rs or better still (220 x 290) – (200 x 290 x25%) = 638000 – 145000 = 493000Rs . what exactly does net box office collection mean in India.

  • balaji figures are not even given as net.
    boi figures for OUATIMD
    First day – 9.38 cr (limited)
    Second day – 8.37 cr
    Some exhibitors are considering increasing CE shows at the expense of OUATIMD

  • Akshay fans:
    Waiting for Khiladi 786, it’s gonna smash all records. Blockbuster!
    Result: Average.

    Waiting for OUATIMA, it’s gonna smash all records. Blockbuster!
    Result: Flop.

    And Now

    Waiting for Boss, Thuppakki remake it’s gonna smash all records. Blockbuster!

    Don’t know what is going to happen! :/

  • I feel these B or M town actors are belitlling themselves remaking films in certain conditions
    1. financial (box office) status as primary motivation
    2. films from smaller film economies (i think inspiration should flow from a higher centre)
    3. remaking films with actors far younger than they
    4. remaking films that have no philosophical or educational themes to ponder on

  • I feel movies like special 26, bhaag milkha bhaag, kahaani, my name is khan, talaash, karthik
    calling karthik should have grossed far nore than their total. Special 26 and MNIK good for at
    least 125 cr. We know movies are not entitled to gross except for paying audiences.

  • it wasnt even a paid preview, paid preview means evening shows a day before its release ekta is just lying. it was a normal release.

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