Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara Friday Collections

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai DobaraOnce Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara has collected Rs 12.5 crore on its second day at the box office. Even though the film had a much-wider release on Friday (2500 screens as compared to 1600 screens on Thursday), it failed to bring in audiences to theatres.

The box office prospects of this Balaji venture looks weak, as reports from theatres is mixed to negative. Critics have not been too kind to the film either – OUATIMD has scored a poor 41 on 100 on our review scale with 3 Good, 12 Average and 5 Negative reviews. (Check: OUATIMD Critics Reviews)

The two day *official* collections of the film now stands at 26.7 crore. However, the figures from Balaji is a good 30% higher than the *actuals*. Our own estimates suggest that the first day business of OUATIMD was around 10.5 crore, Friday was a little lower at 9.75 crore. Two day total of 20.25 crore.

Overall, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara is unlikely to collect more than 70 crore at the domestic box-office. The total costs is around 80-85 crores, out of which about 40 crore will be recovered from various rights (satellite, music etc). OUATIMD has to collect atleast 90 crore to break even, which looks impossible looking at the trends on Saturday.



  • OUATIMD, u are ruined. U r not only ruining yourself, u are also hindering Chennai Express from breaking 3 idiots record. So atleast serve some useful purpose and return your screens to CE so that more records may be broken.

  • Akshay do best perfomence,he prooved he can act any role.but others in the filim not do their job correctly.waiting for boss,that would become blockbluster,thats enough for akshay fans.

  • Highly biased Article i must say…keep on doing the Job negativity can only be spread this way as otherwise CE won’t be able to touch even 175-180cr :P

  • 1st day_11.25cr and 2nd day _10.25 cr…by taran,komol,koimoi,box capsule…..admin this figure is accurate….so 2 day collection_21.50cr…flim on the way to below average/flop

  • Very good OUTIMD! You beat CE on Friday.
    A crap movie like CE should not be allowed to break classic 3 Idiots record.

  • “OUATIMD” lifetime collections will be average now but atleast it has broken 1 record of paid preview.

  • the makers of this film should not postpone the film…they themselves brought their film down….it should release with ce…….

  • now saw the difference ce with 2300 screen collected 19crs ouatimd with 1600 screens collected 11crs on thur but on frid the screens size were oppoiste and flop-dobara collected only 2 crs more.. hahaha akii flopped dobara infront of king khan just like jaanee mann

  • Ouatimd had such a huge potential bt’ evrything failed. . . Jst wanted 2 ride on the sucess of 1st part . . May have suceeded bt’ there again ce was on a dream run so it failed. . Its nt’ akki fault . . Movie got good opening bt’ bad wom killed it. . Akki said that entire cast was said that if they sign the movie witout looking script they would get more money so they didnt read. . There akki made mistake. . M srk fan bt’ nt a aki hater bt’ akki fans plz dnt say bad bout srk. .
    @indicine i know its nt’ ryt place bt’ i wanted 2 ask that u said u wuld’ update ce 2nd friday whn u get official fig . . Havent u got it?
    Nd’ could u plz give us worldwide nd’ overseas of ce nd’ comparision also if possible. . Its a request

  • hehehe…70 cr?? Means below average….
    Track is clear for chennai express…its nt a wise decision to come in the way of king khan…history tells everything…jaan-e-man,sawariya,sos and now ouatimd…so don’t underestimate the power of king..

  • @sachin11….stop kidding man…everybody is laughing at ur comments…i hope u r educated enough to differentiate between a paid preview and a full day show..
    So according to u, the whole collection of 3 idiots had come from priview as it was released on 1300-1400 screens initially…is it so?

    @nolaniitjee…thats correct…bt do u knw an another secret? Ouatimd surpasses the 8th day collection of ce bt at the same time, it also surpassed the 2nd day collection of ett..wat abt that crap??

  • honestly sequel could have been much much better.okay ajay devgan was dead but shoibs character is interesting, movie needed to show how shoaib took underworld to next level not a love story. part 1 was full on gangster with bit facts this 2nd part was boring and script did not help. also the cast how can milan go wrong with it should have kept emraan and his style and more substance but they gave shoaib character lot of dialogue baaazi with no effect. we wana c a gangster not a loverboy. and there was no need for imran khan in movie. one more thing which made part 1 a sucess was the cat and mouse angle
    between police randeep hooda and sultan mirza also what went around the glamour world and mumbai itself and how these conflicts revovled around the don and gangster….. not this love story m not a hater
    but i was big fan of first part really well made and really disapointed. makers and director got themselves to blame for part 2 failures not chennai express. please bring back ajay anf emmi hashmi this movie would have been sucess now.thanks

  • one should refrain from any further analysis of
    this film. Kyunki agar iss ‘film’ ko review kiya toh
    cinema bura maan jayegi (If we review this as a
    film, cinema would take offence)

  • Haters,pls watch akki jump acrros car from bike in ouatimd,that movement is outstanding,dream for khans and kapoors and emmi,if they are act surly use the dupe.only ouatimd flops,not akshay,he do mindblowing acting,but paid critics always speak against akshay.mark my words,after ab and rajanikhanth akshay become the god of indian cinima,his perfomences in last few filims indicte that(omg,sp26,ouatimd).waiting for thuppakki remake.

  • There’s nothing more to prove.. Even in his so called lowest phase of his career Srk was constatly giving 100+ movies.. Whereas Salman delivered 7 flops in a row (yuvraj, mr. &mrs khanna , veer , god tussi great ho etc) …. Then SK discovered his mojo by doing masala pot boilers and tasted maximum success domestic (overseas no one could ever challege srk).. Now SRK has done a masala film and the results are for everyone to see.. Beating sallu in his own game … Victory never tasted so sweet.. Even if in coming times Sallu manage to break CE domestic records (I know not going to happen but for argument sake)he will never get near the global collections of CE.. Srk rocks

    Earlier in early 90’s Srk was pitted against Aamir and sallu den late nineties with Hrithik and den due to lack of competion Amitabh bachhan.. Den Aamir again followed by Akshay and now Salman. Its for everyone to notice SRk has been the only permanent barometre of comprasion.. Give it to him guys (even the haters) he deserves it .. He’s the supreme one the biggest bollywood will ever have…

    Even wen Great Sachin walks in to bat the pressure on him is to score a 100 but with Srk 100cr is not enuff he’s expected to cross the higgest 202 cr (3 idiots) everytime (every release) and with CE he seems to hv broken dem all .. Love u Srk..

  • @indicine team what was that actuals are 30% lower than Ouatimd collections, if you are sticking only on officials collection than why this 2 way, as per actuals ce collected 29.2 cr on first day while you shown 33.2 cr as per official figure given by UTV, i know both UTV and Balaji aren’t providing actual collection but if you have to show them then avoid these kind of statement like “30% higher than actuals”, because even you r saying jthj lifetime around 125 cr and sos 105 cr while actuals are 103 cr for jthj & sos 88 cr. so i m not questioning your resources you r stick to your method its good but you should not given these kind of statement.

  • @sachin.. also one more record created.. only film in the history to have first day collection lower than preview when the screen was doubled

  • I said it before
    film will sank and will be another 70 cr. Movie
    hattrick for akshay kumar
    king of 70 cr. :-p :-D

  • Critics & fans of 1st part gave bad review bcoz they want classic like 1st.
    But this 1 is masala type movie.
    I didn’t watch 1st part only knew about story.so i like this part so much.
    But some people spread negativity about movie.it is also a factor that its 1st day collection is low in comparison of any big movie.
    But most of people doesn’t know reason.why..?
    After watching collection they predict that it is a bad movie.

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