Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again Shooting 70% complete

Milan Luthria, the director of ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Again’, updated his Twitter page today to update fans on the shooting schedule of his crime thriller.

“For all those asking… OUATIMA is 70% complete and we are starting our last schedule soon!!” Milan tweeted.

The film starring Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonali Bendre is scheduled to release during the EID weekend.

With strong rumours of Chennai Express arriving on the same day (8 August), we might be in for a massive clash this year – bigger than the Diwali clash in 2012, as OUATIMA has tremendous recall value, strong starcast, successful director and backed by Ekta Kapoor’s marketing genius!



  • @neha : Here is a fitting reply for your comment:

    1. Salmans ATBB marigold collection 75 lacs , srk never gonna break that record – srk had set up long ago with Maya Memsaab and Oh! Darling yeh hai India, please check BOI for these movies and come back.

    2. Salman’s 49 flops in 20 years, This is srk’s dream – The number of Blockbusters have made people forgot those flops (definitely not 49 flops). Please list all the 49 flops, let me see how many stories of your own you have cooked up.

    3. Salman — 0 filmfare – Harun has given reply, still Salman has 2 Filmfare awards (MPK Debut and Best Supporting actor), wash your face before commenting.

    Srk — 8 filmfare – Entire world know how he got these awards, do you really believe he deserve an award for Dil toh Pagal hai ? I agree for Chakde India and Swades though.

    srk’s dream again

    4. Salman overseas 59 cr. – Do you know Worldwide collections of all time Bollywood movies?

    You will be surprise to see srk is longing at # 6 on worldwide collections.

    Srk 122 cr.

    Srk wants that his movie in overseas collect less than 60 cr. – Hehehe this is a joke, isn’t it ?

    But only salman can do that…

    Srk’s every movie crossing 80 cr. Overseas

    5. Salman working with poor script since 20 years – Yes, he did for his friends and for the people in need unlike your idol who prefres his own interests above everything.

    Srk’s dream is that
    what a fate? You know the fate JTHJ 101 cr compare to 186 cr ETT – Fate difference is whopping 86 crore India. Now compare overseas and show any srk movie have so much of lead in terms of overseas collections ?

    Every movie of srk got 4/5 star.. Critics words are not final, Audience judgement matters.
    Even salman’s movie got 1-2/5 star – Still giving ATBB and BB with less ratings, imagine what would happen with 4 and 5 stars ratings.

    Hope, this will make you atleast think twice before listing such lame facts about Salman.

    Peace !!!!

  • Itzz not shahrukh but oder actors who wantss a clash….
    n every time shahrukh won…
    N inshallah dis time too shahrukh wil win.but personally I hate clashes….

  • @ Indicine Team: (March 11, 2013 at 8:07 pm)

    you are absolutely right. JTHJ and SOS released with 2500 and 2000 screens respectively on diwali 2012. By the time eid 2013 comes there will be atleast 5000 screens available for taking for movies releasing that day. So 2 movies can easily share screens and earn more for distributors than 1 movie in entire week. But here problem will not be coz of 2 movies but 3: Sunny deol teaming up with anil sharma is also arriving on eid (atleast till now) with singh sahab the great (with sunny in his sardar avatar). Remember this pair’s past record ?? Apne, The-hero and ofcourse the gigantic GADAR. thats 100% sucess ratio. It might not become among top 3-5 grossers of the year but will certainly eat a lot into biz of other 2 movies if all 3 released on the same day.
    I cant understand why are the makers so much after eid date? why not release their film on 19 july or 26 july as solo release and make full use of 2 clear weeks??

    • @Think Logically, I guess the makers of both films are trying to cash-in on the extended 4-day weekend – plus the Independence day holiday on 15th. If both films are liked, they have 15 days before Satyagraha releases (March 23).

      As for Sunny Deol, with all due respect to his stardom in the 80s and 90s, he is no longer a huge crowd puller today. His film will open to a decent response in the North, but elsewhere don’t expect much.

  • @hrithik Lol- you rock man, I remember the replies you gave. one wetpants afew weeks back and now this neha too has felt the full force of ‘hrithik mania’!!!
    You rock and long may you continue rocking.
    @star srk no longer roxXxXx but Hrithik still roxXxXxXx
    @xzone bhai roxXxXx toooooooooo…!

  • Salman Khan will play the lead role in Rohit Shetty’s next directorial venture under Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. Official detail announcement will be made soon. The new project is just known as Production No 1 for now.

  • @ankur: u know what bro, u r making fun of urself :) u comparing acting wise about akki n ajay, both are really fantastic actors, again u not praising srk, oh common, he too acts really well or else he wnt be der today in the top league…. and at the end, the biggest crap coming from u!!!! u say wait for salman movie!!!!!!! dumbo u mean salman has ACTED in his last featured films!!!! if u start a comment regarding acting, better stick to it :) i dont mean salman is not a good actor, but since dabang he has done nthng related to acting

  • @ Indicine Team: (March 12, 2013 at 10:51 pm)

    agree with you thats why i said sunny’s singh sahab the great wont be among top grossers of the year but its a potential hit and it will eat into biz of other releases during the same week. It can become a 75-80 cr hit. Thats a 40cr loss each to other 2 films.

    Prakash jha also postponed his satygrah release by a week from 15aug to 23aug to let the 8 aug releases a clear run but even on 23 aug hes not gonna breath easily as rajkumar santoshi’s shahid-ileana starrer ‘phata poster’ is also coming on 23aug and followed by john abraham’s home production ‘madras cafe’ next week. Theres gonna be lots of jostling for screens by the films during month of august :)

  • Milan is an intelligent director that he proved in ouatim, dirty picture but Rohit Shetty’s Golmal series only commercial movie without any story also first look of CE is not looking good so ouatima will a great movie and already finalize for Eid if both movie clash OUATIMA will win the long run business.

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