Family emotions is back because of Salman Khan: Shakti Kapoor

Shakti KapoorAlthough they don’t see eye-to-eye, Shakti Kapoor has credited superstar Salman Khan for bringing back parents and family emotions back on the big screen, something he believes was missing from Hindi films for some time.

“There used to be a lot of emotions around parents once and the audience wants it again. ‘Himmatwala’ (remake) is on the same lines and Salman Khan is responsible for starting it again,” the 57-year-old said here Sunday at the music launch of his upcoming film “Saawariya – Khatu Shyam Ji Ki Amar Gatha”.

“In ‘Wanted’, ‘Ready’, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Dabangg 2’ you get to see emotions revolving around mother, father and brother which was missing from our films for some time,” he added.

Directed by Vinod Chhabra, “Saawariya – Khatu Shyam Ji Ki Amar Gatha” tells about the glory and wonders of Lord Khatu Shyam.

Talking about his role in the film, Shakti said: “‘Saawariya…’ is for god. It is a family drama and after watching the film you will feel like it is a Rajshri (the banner known for making ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun…!’ and ‘Vivaah’) film.”

“I play a guy with dark shades, what I am known for. The only dark character in the film is Shakti Kapoor. However, in the end he realises his mistake and asks god for forgiveness,” he added.




  • Buhahahah.. someone who is known for rapes and negative roles in movies is thanking Salman Khan for bringing back family emotions. LOL

    Trying to impress Salman I guess.. he has indirectly apologised but Salman doesnt talk to him. Even if you saw on Bigg Boss 5.. When Shakti came on stage both Sanjay Dutt and Salman disappeared from stage.

    Even during the weekly interaction.. Salman didnt talk to him.

  • Faltu, He is trying 2 say dabang,ready or bodyguard r good films! These films have nothing 2 teach us…doing cheap n so called masala films won’t make u a real superstar, poor Salman khan.

  • @joya Bet you will be very impressed when the daddy of all masala films ie CE releases this year eh…

    Get ready, get set, train driver srk is coming to screens nearby and Joya will be there waiting in front row first show first day ready to clap and whistle every 5 secs during this masala pot boiler helmed by Rohit Shetty.

    Yippppeee happy days are just round the corner for Joya.
    @star bhai roxXxXx + joya cant wait for the masala masterpiece CE. :-D
    @all srkians Only masala films starring Bhai truly rock the BoxOffice, fact will be proven when Chennai Depress releases and does shitty business like & JTHJ.

  • family emotions ?????? hahahahahahahaha this man can never bring family emotions on screen . are emotions dikhana aata kahan hai isko ??? :P

  • chhiiiiii i hate both of them !!!!!!! one is known for rape scenes and another is known for destroying our cinema quality……..!!!!!

  • @sanjana Your comment was about Srk destroying our Diwali these past 2 years right???

    I agree with you too that both Shakti kapoor and srk are equally disgusting…!

  • Shakti is true. Salman is doing family oriented movies unlike srk who wants kissing n bed scenes at the age of 47 n viewers like @sanjana hails it as greatest work in history of indian Cinema.

  • Some SRK fans and others never accepted the truth if the whole world said good for Salman but one thing you all should remember that truth you can’t hide.

  • I guess Shakti is right, and a guy who has been around for almost 30 years in cinema knows better than most of the guys here who have just out of their nappies.

    The family emotions of mom-dad-bro is back, true.

    People were stuck with lovey dovey silly guys and girls singing and dancing in alps and running around tress, skate-boarding in schools etc., which is nothing but kindergarden stuff.

    The father son duo of salman and vinod khanna has gone down well with the audience, while we were stuck with a broken record of dil and crap, which has no meaning in the real world.

    No wonder Aamir stopped doing the silly romantic stuff as he realised it nothing but sugar-coated silly romance suited for dum-witted teens who don’t care a damn about family and talk about getting the moon to their equally dum-witted girl/boy friends. No wonder, we have so many broken marriages and relationship in the last decade.

    A guy who doesn’t respect his mom-dad-bro-sis is not worthy to romance, and it is good that some family values are back to cinema. Family is always first.

    After the success of Dabangg i wondered why cinema people have forgotten this connection, and it is a magic that works well with people’s emotions, and rightly now a few have understood the emotions finally and reaping the benefits while also instilling respect to one’s elders and kins.

  • @hrithik + @JC, great points made and I would wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments.
    @aki Lol, sanjana working in bollywood, hhmmm she may have big dreams of showcasing her emotions to the audiences but if our ‘King of Kings SRK’ gets his dirty sweaty palms on her then she will be nothing more than a dancer in a bikini outfit which is aimed at attracting family audiences back to theatres. King is truly great and sanjana will live out her dreams, dancing in the cold alps to a ‘saans’ type slow boring song while King stands still, arms wide apart, head tilted back, wrapped up in not one but 2 cardigans whilst poor sanjana and the other bikini clad dancers shiver and freeze to death out there…!
    @star golden kela winner srk roxXxXxthe alps

  • shakti kapoor is right. Salman is the genius in bringing all the emotion right back to bollywood again. the scene in dabaang 2 were sonakshi was attacked and salman was crying in hospital coz of his babies death was intolerable. i cried and hit my friend next to me, for bringing me to the theater.

  • @soroop A very poor attempt at making a sarcastic comment against bhai…! Doesnt surprise me as the intellect levels of srk fans is very low!!!
    Clearly to srkians like you, seeing srk in a coma before waking up losing ten years of memory plus ageing 20 years is great acting but for audiences that was really intolerable viewing aswell as being a torturous experience.
    Bhai doesnt act- no he does not need to act- he gives the audience what they want and that is pure entertainment. Bhai entertains and fans love him for that.
    @star bhai entertains and roxXxXx
    @xzone Srks OTT acting suxXxXxXx

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