Hrithik Roshan Family Pics: Celebrates Mahashivratri

Hrithik Roshan celebrated Mahashivratri with his family in Mumbai. The actor along with his kids – Hrehaan and Hridhaan Roshan – and wife Sussanne were seen praying at a Shiva Temple, which his grandfather and

legendary filmmaker J OM Prakash built 25 years ago. Hrithik’s father Rakesh, mother Pinki and sister Sunaina were also seen at the temple.

The superstar recently signed Karan Malhotra’s ‘Shuddhi’, which is a screen adaptation of Amish Tripathi’s popular novel ‘Immortals Of Meluha’. Hrithik was producer Karan Johar’s first and only choice to play the character of Lord Shiva.

Update: Shuddhi is NOT based on Amish Tripati’s ‘Immortals Of Meluha’. Confirmed by Karan Malhotra.

This year, Hrithik has the keenly-awaited Krrish 3 lined up for release during Diwali.

Hrithik Roshan celebrates Maha Shivratri with his familyHrithik Roshan celebrates Maha Shivratri

Hrithik Roshan with wife Suzzane Roshan and son HrehaanHrithik Roshan with wife Suzzane Roshan and son Hrehaan

Hrithik RoshanHrithik who is set to play Lord Shiva on screen celebrates Maha Shivratri

Hrithik Roshan celebrates Maha Shivratri with his familyHrithik performs the pooja on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri

Pinky Roshan with husband Rakesh Roshan celebrates Maha ShivratriPinky Roshan with husband Rakesh Roshan

Hrithik Roshan with his familyHrithik Roshan Family Pic

Hrithik celebrates Maha ShivratriHrithik Family Photo



  • THE SUPERSTAR!!! He is the perfect choice for Shuddhi. Having read the book I cant see anyone else doing that role.

    If the film is a success we might get Part 2 and Part 3 also.. as Amish Tripati has written 3 books in total

  • Why are these guys wasting milk on a stone? Eye opener movies like Oh My God proclaimed against such activities.

  • Have a feeling Krrish 3 will be the biggest blockbuster of all time. Every time Hrithik and Rakesh have worked together they have topped the year. Only exception was 2006, but that year Hrithik himself bettered his own record.

    Anyway, thanks for the family pics of Hrithik

  • @logical man, yes ur logic is right mr. logical man but those rituals which have been goin on for ages cant be stopped all of a sudden.. and the whole of humanity hasn’t seen OMG , so they may not even know the stuff, still i hope our lifestyle wouldd change in d coming years, let’s hope for the best !

  • greatt i didn’t wnt shuddhi to be based on meluha, i wanted it as original script n yes i got it !! dat means hrithik vl do 1 more film dharma in near future coz karan johar vl mek meluha movie as he has got d copyrights , n nobody on dis earth cud play shiva except hrithik !! so basically its a gud news, more hrithik films !!!

  • I think it’s a rumor created by media that it’s gonna be the Immortals of Meluha as far as i know Shuddhi is a different movie which is writen by Karan Malhotra & his wife which he himself has clarified in a daily news.BTW there hasn’t been any official announcement yet from dharma regarding cast & director for the Immortals of Meluha but yeah Hrithik is the front runner for the role of Shiva but Shuddhi is a different movie.I think Immortals of Meluha is still in the scripting stage.

    But yeah I am eagerly waiting for Immortals of Meluha…

  • @some1, yeah same here dude, me too waitin fr it, it wud an epic movie, i dnt knw bt i hav feeling dat ashutosh gowariker cn direct it pretty well bt only if dharma and ashu collaborate !! let’s c who gets d hands upon dat movie bt yeah hrithik is d front runner fr shiva role , dnt u think among all big actors, hrithik has d mst interestin line up of movies in future wich r vastly different frm each oder , KRRISH 3(superhero movie) BANG BANG(action-romance) SHUDDHI(large scale romantic drama), if possible PAANI( futuristic movie , nvr b4 on screen)and IMMORTALS OF MELHUA(historical epic) !! m too mch excited. he must do paani n IOM !!

  • @shekhar suman,wat abt veer ?? main aur mrs. khanna ?? mangal pandey ??? paheli ?? ??? london dreams ??? tezz ?? patiala house ??? blue ??? aakrosh ???

  • @velocity dude frankly speaking I don’t see a director in bollywood who can pull it up this into a movie.Ashutosh gowarikar is good but in this books there are lots of turn & twist and It is full of action so I don’t think he can do it.But I think Karan Malhotra is looking like a very good director who fits into the ‘hatke’ kind of filmaker who can make a good drama movie so he can do it as well.If made well it can be a pathbreaking movie for Indian cinema.So lets just hope for the best.

  • @velocity yeah he has the best line up except for bangbang for which I am not excited for. btw I didn’t like the original as well but yeah I know they are modifying it for bollywood but again I don’t know about the director that what he will do…but I think it’s gonna be like a ett kind of affair.

  • @velocity : what about acceleration? I mean, Aap Mujhe Acche Lagne Lage? Naa Tum Jaano Naa Hum? Main Prem ki Deewani Hoon? Kites? Guzaarish? Mujhse Dosti Karoge?

  • @some1, yeah karan malhotra has bcom one of my fav directors nw, his hatke is style is different :D yes he has dat potential , let’s c whom karan johar chooses, bt yeah bang bang is a rush fast paced action thriller wid romance , dnt wry it wont b lyk ETT, hrithik n salman mek completely different movies !! hrithik had said dis vl b dhoom 2 kind of films bt still we got to wait n watch wat hrithik has us in stores n he least disappoints !

  • Sab devo mein Dev nirali, Jai Bam Bam Bole. Hrithik looking young and fresh. All the best in his forthcoming movies.

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