Now, Amitabh Bachchan in Ra One!

If special appearances by Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt and south Indian superstar Rajnikanth weren’t enough, SRK has roped in Amitabh Bachchan as a voiceover for an important sequence in Ra One.

Director Anubhav Sinha confirmed the news “Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) has been kind enough. We needed someone special to do this voiceover in the film. Also, the project will now get blessings from the people we have loved and respected for years. God is kind to me. I had Shahrukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt. Now I even have Rajni sir and Mr Amitabh Bachchan in my film. I feel blessed.”

A local daily quoted a source as saying “Shahrukh is doing all that he can to make RA One a success. This is his dream project. First he got his good friends Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka to do cameos. Then SRK wanted Rajnikanth to be a part of his project. People thought it was crazy since Rajni sir was still recuperating from his illness. But despite his health issues, Rajni sir agreed to come to Mumbai and shoot for the scene. After the shoot, everyone thought that the film was finally complete. Obviously SRK had other plans. He has now convinced Amitji to lend his voice to RA One.”

Less than 20 days to go now! With the expectations already sky-high, Ra One is expected to open to historic collections on October 26th.



  • Jisne v mujhe darpok kaha hai, mai uska rape krne aa rha hu,

    ready ho jaw haramiyo mai tum sab ka chodunga.

    Gad v fad dunga, aur gad v le lunga. Wow, i am so deligted.

    I have 9 inch long and 9 inch chauda.

  • Shah Rukh Khan: Could Never Release Ra.One In 3500 Prints If Not For Digital; 50-60% Digital Prints

    By Nikhil Pahwa on Oct 7th, 2011 | Post Comment and 0 Reactions Email
    In Part 2 of this 2 part interview, MediaNama spoke with film star and producer Shah Rukh Khan on how film distributors would react to online premiers, how digital distribution of films to film theatres impacts the cost of ‘Print and Publicity’, and why he hasn’t used his influence to convert the entire film market to digital cinema.

    In Part 1 of this series, he spoke with us about how the movie Ra.One lends itself to the digital space, whether the films digital initiatives will continue beyond the film, what it would take for digital IP to become significant contributor to revenues, and more.

    Part 2 of the series:

    MediaNama: Would you ever consider premiering the movie online? How would distributors react?

    Shah Rukh Khan: I spoke with YouTube, and they would like to. They were talking about it. But I think it will have to have enough customers so that… what happens is that for a distributor is that…earlier, our film went on satellite not before 9 months of a release, then it became 6 months, now I know 3 weeks. I think they’re accepting the fact that the business of the film is mostly two weeks. There might come a time that you make a film which might not really be an eventful film for a theatrical release, but it can be every interestingly put on the digital medium. There might be times that you make a smaller film, but a very interesting film, and you keep it cheaper so that you keep in cheaper so that you cover your costs and release it primarily on the digital world, like people do with DVDs. For example, Tarzan Part II was only on DVD and never came to the theatres. So there might be demarcations like that earlier on, then the market may become so big… The digital world is not only going to end on the laptop, it will end up on your walls, on TV, all connected like electricity is. There will be no difference between watching it on a TV or a big screen or the phone, or projecting it bigger. So if that happens, why not premiere it like that?

    MediaNama: What about targeting markets where Indian digital distributors are not impacted

    Shah Rukh Khan: Online it is very difficult to do that. I don’t know if that kind of control can be done. Hamara ek gaana release hua, and in three hours – we tried to stop it and – it went completely out of hand. So once it goes on the digital medium, I don’t know how easy it would be to, and I’m not just talking about piracy, and how easy it would be so that it only goes to that specific market.

    MediaNama: Would you consider releasing only digital prints/distribution for the movie to theatres, because you – at this point in time – have the reach and the power to end the analog piracy situation by going all digital?

    Shah Rukh Khan: We have, actually. My distributors got around 3500 prints out of which 50-60% are digital. If we get a release partnership in China, we’re releasing 1000 digital prints there. China is a small market for an Indian film. If I try to make 1000 prints, multiplied by Rs 75,000 is a lot of money. Digitally, you just make Rs 75,000 rupee one print digitally, and put it all across. We’re doing that in Russia, with about 75 prints. We make 5 prints and put the rest digitally. It’s an amazing, amazing money saving thing. Second, by virtue of 600 theatres having 3D, 450 have to be digital, because we’re not doing the analog 3D. The future is going to be digital, and piracy stops. It’s encoded, can’t be cracked and you beam it out.

    MediaNama: Why not change the entire market to digital?

    Shah Rukh Khan: I think it will become digital only. I don’t think we need to change this market. I don’t know if you’re aware – already if you have a 2000 print release, 60-70% is digital. Smaller towns are more digital, because it is cheaper, faster, better and easier. Digital, in terms of quality, the crispness, we’re going to start shooting their biggest films digitally now. Some of the biggest films are being shot digitally. With all the love for the smell of film and celluloid, I think it is nearly on its last legs. Especially in a country like India – theatres are going every month by six or seven theatres a month, and if I have a small film that is a Rs 2 crore film, and I want it go out to everyone. Each (analog) print costs Rs 5 lakh even if I make it of the cheapest quality. You can’t afford to making prints more expensive than the film. I can say that I have a Rs 2 crore film, but I can send it to 1000 theatres and hope to recover Rs 2 crore even with a small film. It already is.

    MediaNama: If you divide the production cost versus the print and publicity cost, what would that be like in case of a regular film and a digital film?

    Shah Rukh Khan: Lets assume a film is Rs 30 crore, and you release 1000 prints. Each analog print is Rs 1 lakh, and that is Rs 10 crore is the cost of print if I go analog. Publicity, normally, for a Rs 30-35 crore film which is regular media, would be Rs 8 crore. A Rs 30-35 crore film will cost you Rs 50 crore by the time it releases.

    Now you look at digital. A digital print costs Rs 1 lakh, and to beam it, you don’t really have to pay a lot of money. If I was to take a 1000 digital films, I say Rs 9 crore. But then you have to have all the theatres like UFO Moviez and Scrabble are doing it. Once they put it up, there’s a cost that they take, and the theatre hire is still there. That’s why people can now say that they’ve got 3500 prints, but if it was analog, it would be around Rs 35 crore, that’s a huge amount of money. You would never be able to even release Ra.One in 3500 prints in analog.

    I would rather that, lets do 2000 (analog) prints, because we can lose that Rs 15 crore in some places. You would have to play the number like that, but because of the digital aspect of it, we can go in much larger numbers, and get the money back in 3-4 days.

  • Its all going good for ra 1. Its a legendary movie made by legendary king khan. Love u srk. Ra 1 will be a blockbuster inshallah.

  • Haters..Cmon..Dhuaan Nikal rha hai tumhare pichu se..Saalo bahot bhaunkte the..
    SRK ko koi mana nahi krta..
    Salman ko bas katrina haan krti hai..

    Jallo Saalo..
    Ra.One sabki baap hone waali hai..
    Baadshaah aur Shenshah jab ek saath hote hain toh Sallu mallu darbaari bhi nahi lagta saamne..

    and haters SRK confirmed it..4000+prints worldwide 700-1000China 100 Russia 3000+ India..yehi confirm hua hai..baaki khud jordlo..

  • ab shahrukh jab film banata he to tarrka to zrur dalta he movie me…aur yahi wo ker raha he…is movie ko ab koi nai hila sakta..KING KHAN KI JAI HO…

  • aashkaran teri ma ko shahrukh ny choda is liye us ki side lyta rehta hai … ki ma at a time darjan lun lyti hai ha ha ha ha h is ki ma ki phudi nhi phuda hai aur yeh apni maa say logo k condoms dhulwata hai ha ha h ah ha ha ha kia hua gandiya

  • People who are calling SRK having a genius businessmind,I believe he is nohwere near Amir khan. Look at it. SRk as a producer and Amir as a producer.
    Lagaan (Super Hit)
    Taare Zameen Par (Super Hit)
    Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Hit)
    Peepli Live (Semi Hit)
    Dhobi Ghaat (Flop)
    Delhi Belly (Hit)

    Flops 16.6% (@ 2 Official movies for Oscar from india. One Nominated for Oscars )

    * Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (FLOP)
    * Asoka (FLOP)
    * Chalte Chalte (HIT)
    * Main Hoon Na (HIT)
    * Kaal (Average)
    * Paheli (FLOP)
    * Om Shanti Om (Super Hit)
    * Billu (FLOP)
    * My Name Is Khan (HIT)
    * Always Kabhi Kabhi (FLOP)

    50% flop Movies

  • To reality look at Shahrukh Khan movie grosses and box office collections he has battered aamir khan there.

    Lagaan is hit not superhit, and aamir khan doesn’t have any blocbusters in his production house. Shahrukh Khan has Om Shanti OM blockbuster, MNIK ATBB overseas.

    Shahrukh Khan is more versatile he did comedy in OSO, Baadshah, Duplicate, he did action in Don, he did villain in Baazigar, Darr, anjaam when you chocolate boy aamir was scared to do them movies because it will scare his image. He did messageful films like aamir such as MNIK, chak de india, swades, dil se and kal ho na ho where he portrayed how a person with cancer can be positive. He does a josh once in a while and is super in romance too.

    Aamir in my eyes is monotonous like hell I don’t see any difference in any of his roles and his acting does not resonate with the audience much. He likes taking fame unduly and I think he is highly overrated.

    I think Shahrukh khan and salman khan has been ruling for the past two decades. Aamir is good but ovverated like hell by people like you who idolise this imperfect megalomaniac of an actor.

  • Reality..Talking about producing and funding stuff..
    Dude..Aamir Cant Put 175Cr on a film..Aamir cant afford an Ipl Team..Aamir cant purchase a bunglaow like Mannat..Aamir doesnt have a crater on moon named after him..Aamir cant afford a 3Cr Vanity Van..Aamir doesnt have a private jet..Aamir’s production is just a front of Red Chillies..which has Red Chillies VFX..Idiot Box Productions..etc etc..

    SO Dude..Aamir is no where in front of SRk in terms of investment..KingKhan has fortune of 2500Cr Rs..and that all came from good investment..

    Grow Up..Frooti Drinking Boy

    and @Salman Waah..Dikhaadiya Salman ka fan hai tu..Saale itna darpok apna asli naam bhi nahi likh sakta..Chal be Hurrrrrrrrrrr…Main SRK ka fan hoon..toh tameez hai mujhmein..

  • ye tho bahut hogaya kinta dargaya hai sr gay film ko hit karane k liye sab ko leke aagaya ise b pata hai akele k dum pe tho movie hit kara nahi sakta saala gandu salman iski aadi bhi publicity nahi ki thi east or west sallu is the best love u bhai live long allah bless you

  • abay o shahrukh ki najaiz olad teri ma ka phuda behnchod sala tera shahrukh show baz hai hai aur amir khan aur salman khan show baz nahin hein sala shahrukh ki gand k mu walay chup ker ja aur apnay is hitkaly ko bhi chup ker sala doosro kia madad ly ker film ki show bna raha hai hijra khusra bhuda 70 saal ka usay to acha amitabh hai us bhuady sy young lagta hai ha h a ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • well i watched bodyguard today on dvd print i am in a state of regret that why i listen to critics and my frndz who said that movie is not good bcz of that i didn’t go to cinema to watch it i didn’t want to waste my hard earned money . i think bg is very good . every person has there own choices some likes oranges other likes apples. bg is better than dabang and ready. and i hope raone lives up to expectations. right now it looks like another oso. a crap material wrapped in a beautiful cocver with gr8 value added services. i am saying this without any hypocrisy

  • Yay..BoxofficeIndia said
    Q. Can Ra.One Do a 20 crore day one?
    A. With the mega release it has the potential but first day is Diwali Puja and business is hit by 25%. The second day should be the biggest day in history. If first day is anywhere near 20 crore then the film is likely to smash all weekend and first week records by a disatnce.
    Do u know what it means..that 2nd day of Ra.One will be more than 1st day of Bodyguard which was 20.62Cr..
    Now 2Day total imagine to be 45+Cr
    1st day 25Cr 2nd day 22Cr I think so

  • Haha! Aamir breaks records by doing movies with rank newcomers or less known actors. Salman alone is enough. While so-called undisputed King needs ”help” from everyone – Amitabh to Rajnikanth! Is this what you call star power? Isn’t self proclaimed ”king’s” own name enough? Or is he no longer sure of the pull of his name?

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