No Interval for Kites : Hrithik Roshan

Kites is expected to be quite different from the usual Bollywood masala potboiler and could also be one of the first mainstream commercial films to not have the 5 – 10 minute long intermission.

Talking about the film, Hrithik “The grammar of this film (Kites) is different. There is no interval in the film, for instance. In India, we always judge a film in two halves. You know, ‘interval se pehle achha tha,’ or ‘interval ke baad achha tha,’ is how people decide whether they like the film or not. That’s not the way people the world over watch movies. They go, watch the whole film, and come back and comment about whether they liked the whole film or not. That’s how it should be.”

What do you think, watching a 2 hour plus film at a stretch, good idea or not?



  • It depend on content…..if movie is good ,ppl surely will not be bore but if content is thikthak(means if ppl feeling is mixing then certainly it will affect abit and again if movie is bad..surely it will sink into water…..BUt i guess interval is compalsary because ppl will feel bore….For example:Even in salman khan “wanted ” movie,it was nice but i feel its first half was 2 long n waiting for interval…if 1 n half hrs is can feel long then think abt 2+ hrs??????

  • nope not a gud idea for me…
    i go to toilet buy popcorn etc…
    its gud for a little refreshment too.
    but anyways it would be a new xperience.

  • Sudeep, agreed. If the content is good, the missing interval will not be missed..

    Avatar, the highest grossing film ever, was around 3 hours and shown in US and many other countries in the world without a interval..

  • Dear all
    as when i was listening to one of the song “Fire – hindi version”
    i point out some points that “Mr. Anirudh Bhola & Miss. Anushka Manchanda” had mixed 4 types of song instrumentals n beat rythms from diff. movies in it……… as i am not catching him but up to a extent i am sharing my views for which i observed and analysed many times in this song…….

    from time 00:09-00:15 – “one of the very popular song’s instrumental “neend udai meri, kisne oo sanam, toooone…starting instrumental””
    from time 00:16-00:27 – “one of the Hackers movie beats rythm ”
    from time 01:22 -01:36 – “one of the popular instrumental [in party disco songs]”
    from time 01:45-01:50 – “Dhooms song beat rythm”

    as now i wanna listen from you all that do i am right or wrong please do tell me…………your views

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