News and other updates will be less frequent in the next 10 days

We are in the process of upgrading our servers as we gear up for the release of Salman Khan’s KICK next month. The servers that we are currently on, couldn’t handle the traffic that was generated on the day the Kick trailer released, which resulted in downtime of around 3 hours.

Since we expect our website traffic to increase significantly next month, we are moving Indicine to a better server to handle the traffic.

In the next 10 days, the website might be down or a little slower than usual. The updates too will be less frequent as we are also upgrading the backend. Songs, videos and photos will be published, including the Kick song promo which releases at 12PM today.

Be rest assured, July onwards there will be plenty more articles and updates on Kick and all the other big releases this year.

Apologies in advance for the inconvenience caused.




  • This site should grow bigger n better…
    Comments section is one of the great strengths of this site.

    • Thanks. Its not just about Kick, but we wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic for Bang Bang, Happy New Year, P.K and others too.

      @Babaji, thanks. Yes, we love our readers and all those who comment. Although we hope the tone of the hate comments is a little milder. HATE deleting comments. Anyway, thanks again :)

  • @indicine this is power of devil just think what will happen once it is will release all theatre server will down due to hungmanous response of audience

  • Weather forecast of Indicine————
    02:43 min of severe Kickstorm came in form of trailer and has badly affected servers of the website and it will need another 10 days to get to normal and their upgradation is necessary bcoz kickstorm will again come in the form of songs and news and finally on Eid the biggest storm will come in the form of box office collection

  • don’t worry, you may face traffic due to kick,bang bang,singham returns,pk etc but you don’t have to worry about hny traffic. the film wont generate any big buzz.

  • Ha ha ha,indicine seems to be scared of phenomenal box office performance that ek villain will record.great xcuse

  • Also it’s time for entertainment. It will earn 500 crores. Trailer is superb. Akshay Kumar is god.

  • Salman fans are ignorant towards truth… Just read the indicine comment idiots who are saying salman power

  • “The servers that we are currently on, couldn’t handle the traffic that was generated on the day the Kick trailer released, which resulted in downtime of around 3 hours.” This says everything!! I don’t think it has happened before. First record by KICK on Indicine!!

    Indicine, Thank you for being honest!! Anyway, I do wish all movies record breaking business!!

  • its not only about kick but because many big movies like hny and bang bang releasing which would generate even more traffic
    anyways kick would just be an avg movie according to me

  • @ All Salman dont give any importance to haters like @sick-rum. We know they are sulking badly since Kick trailer. Just enjoy the Kick wave !!!!!!!!! KICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hahahahaha…. KICK alraedy made a record as Indicine couldn’t handle the traffic on KICK’S trailer day release… This is Salman Khan with a huge KICK………

  • Hey @indicine all the very best
    Keep it up.. I wish u guyzz succeed even more n become the no. 1 boxoffice site foh readers.
    Umm happy as I am associated wid u guyz from quite sometime now.

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