New Zealand PM welcomes SRK in Auckland: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, who is currently in New Zealand for the his Temptation Reloaded tour, was greeted by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key here Thursday night.

Khan was given a traditional Maori welcome and presented with the official cricket shirt of the New Zealand cricket team.

While thanking his hosts for the warm welcome, Shahrukh said spoke about his visit to the country more than a decade ago. He also said that he would love to shoot a film in the stunning locals of New Zealand.

The Prime Minister welcomed SRK’s interest in the country as a potential film shooting location and also invited the Indian cricket fans to travel to New Zealand for the cricket series in Jan – Feb 2014.

Shahrukh is in Auckland for him Temptation Reloaded tour, along with other stars like Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukerji, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez. The concert will be held today.

Exclusive photos below, have a look.

Madhuri Dixit, Shahrukh Khan enjoying a traditional Maori welcome in Auckland

Madhuri Dixit, Shahrukh Khan enjoying a traditional Maori welcome in Auckland

SRK gets a warm traditional Maori welcome in Auckland

SRK gets a warm traditional Maori welcome in Auckland

New Zealand PM John Key presenting SRK with the official New Zealand cricket team shirt

New Zealand PM John Key presenting SRK with the official New Zealand cricket team shirt



  • where ever KING KHAN goes,the most respected people in that country will be present there to welcome & greet him whether its president or prime minister……..TRUE KINGSHIP

  • Yes plz Srk shoot a film in New zealand.Heard that Auckland zoo is very famous there and it will be perfect place for u for

  • that’s the power of king. so humbled to see even the primeminister welcoming the true badshah of bollywood.
    some days some idiotic SALMAN fans had commented when SALMAN was seen with some foreigner that this was a slap to SRK fans .
    but now I would say this is a kick to SALMAN fans. never in lal lus life would he be welcomed by some premier of the nation
    king KHAN SRK rocks s s while the other two su x x X x x

  • @iamthevastuniverse. guess the donkeys r becoming extinct now a days. that’s WY AMIR and SALMAN are not welcomed any where

  • I don’t know why he is seen doing such non sense things these days…….that is why he has not delivered a good quality movies since veer zara….look at aamir and salman they r delivering good movies bcoz they don’t waste their time in doing such non sense things.

    And for those who don’t agree look at the actions done by salman in EK tha Tiger at 47….and every body will see what a quality movie is on Dec 20 th 2013

  • oh yes srk is biggest B-grade superstar in india and welcomed by p.m of auckland becoz srk hav connections congress party so no suprise…this cheap pr machinery work who believe expect srk fans?

  • @Dbangg Idiot i think you are fool….Ek tha Tiger and Dbbang were the worse movies of the decade…………….and quality movies after Veer-Zaara were Chak De India(2007) and My Name Is Khan(2010)…….go and watch and get a reality check dude….u lost your senses

  • DabangIdiot…

    So according to you Swades, Paheli, Chak de india ,MNIK are not quality movies ??

    Yeah your name tells it.

  • Aamir Khan says Salman khan is a superstar, Salman Khan says Aamir Khan is a superstar BUT THE WHOLE WORLD SAYS KING KHAN -SRK IS MEGA STAR!!!!

  • Wowww… All hail king khan..!!
    Really he is a superstar… Cozz i dont think any country’s PM wil welcome some tom dick n harry…
    D global star oopzz superstar.
    Shahrukh u rock…
    Temptation reloaded.

  • @Dabanggidiot Your tells it all.So according to you,SRK has not delivered a quality movie after VEERZAARA.Then where were you when films like SWADES,CHAKDE INDIA,MNIK,DON2 released?Sleeping in hell or what?

  • if u r talking negative about Srk means he is doing good job.the more u hate the more he will work hard.salman and aamir fans think he has not done creative movies.then wat salmon and a amir are doing?always copying south movies..wanted,ghajini,now jai ho and kick.get some life dude.

  • I am from nz. People saying nz is zoo n all that but dont forget hritiks first blockbuster movie was shot here. N peter jackson worlds greatest director is from nz.i just seen the srk show was superb. N yaaro we don’t know who is salman ajay aamir akshay….. sent them here nz tell them to do show on one thousand dollars a ticket no one will go. But srk came n audience paid n went. Srk is a megastar. If salman or others come kutta wont go for free. N nz is heaven on earth waqt miley toh aana its a different world here with other cultur. In srks show european se chinese se indian n other cultures came.he is king even with ticket hiked we went toh socho how much world loves him, he represents india in this foreign land putting your flag here be proud.

  • i always feel great when SRK haters burn on each and every achievement of him…really funny..just remember the more u hate him the more stronger he hits back..and sustaining in bollywood for almost 3 decades now..he is still untouchable.just accept it

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