New Trailer of Ra One: Looks good

The new action – dialogue trailer of Ra One, which also has a small glimpse of the negative character played by Arjun Rampal. The special effects are easily the best we have ever seen in a Bollywood film and the trailer is brilliant!

Outstanding action, special effects and background sound. Have a look




  • Haha..thanks Indicine….. :)

    I told ya…I told everyone..what we are going to expect…
    I had doubts if it was going to be hwood stuff..but it has surpassed my expectations..infact broken them..


    Hollywood..will get taste of its own remedy..brilliant top notch stuff..from VFX to Background SCORE..

    Am I Right Indicine..

  • Indicine..Aage aage dekho hota hai kya..heard that 2:50 sec trailer would be also out..dont know..btw..

    If u got a at 38 seconds..notice how evilish Ra.One looks..
    its just fantastic to benchmarks can be set by a film by miles..
    terrific stuff..and the last line..
    Jung Goliyon se nahi dil se jeeti jaati hai was..Absolutely Muaah..!!

    Every Coming Promo well is Ra.One made up of elements like ..comedy..vfx..sfx..action..and emotional stuff..
    Perfect ingredients..

    now the fear I had is it gonna work among..very massy audience..has vanished..
    coz classes and masses..can now enjoy has Indian and internationally stuff mixed in a very good propotion..

    SRKING all the way..

  • Rahul..chordo..yaar..Indicine..ko pasand aagyi samjho Baat lets some hooligans come and bark that gay stuff now..with their ears red after watching this promo..

    just wait and watch..SRK fans are winning..

  • We SRK fans have kept quite for long enough… now is the time for us to shut all of them up who have been barking that salman is the bigger star and amir is the bigger star..

    Now its SRK time.. wait and watch ladies gentleman and fans of other stars.. on 26th of next month you will know what a ‘REAL SUPERSTAR’ is all about.. 25 crores or maybe 30 crores in 1 day.. Bodyguard records will bite the dust..

    you read it first here.. Ra one will reach 100 crores in 5 days or less!!!!

  • @Rahul, anti-srk? No way! Missed SRK in todays film – Mere Brother Ki Dulhan – it was a role that he would have excelled in.. MBKD had shades of DDLJ, with a better actor it would have been an awesome movie. Imran had just two expressions and he seemed clueless throughout.

  • ekdam faltu trailer hai. Koi cartoon film ki tarah. Mujhe lagta hai pure desh mai sharya ke do hi fans hai. Rahul and movie bahut badi flop hone wali hai. Single pasali hero srk(gay)

  • haha..I love it..I love..seeing Indicine..backing SRK now..after Salman hoopla…I love seeing..face saving tatics of Shocked Salman fans..

    Sujal..bro..we aint keeping quiet now..our time has come..

  • Kareena looks very sexy & beautiful in the film but srGAY looking very OLDER to her. Not match up jodi. Kareena looks very young & srGAY looking 65Yr. old guy.

    RA-1 will be DISASTER.

  • I dont know why but here are some blind sucker fan of slaman like vinay, dipen, who have no scence of film……….RA.ONE is blockbuster hit even now……

  • ROBOT is a far more better film than Ra-1.

    ROBOT films VFX & special effects are mind blowing.

    Ra-1 is a copy paste of ROBOT. Shame on srgay.

  • haha Everyone..look how Dipen is disgusting himself..isse kehte hain..khudki bezti krwanaa..
    pehle gay bol bol ke..waar krte the..ab old waale criteria pe aagye..

    Hurrrrrr… off…

  • theek hai bhai Dipen..Robot ki copy..hai..chal ab patli gali se nikaale..yeh salman ki koi mallu film nahi hai..Standard hai iska..

  • jub insan budha lagnay lag jaye to usy acting chor dyni chahiye ………………….salman khan ka koi muqabla nahin ker sakta

  • Its a brilliant trailer. I love this. This movie is going to make history in bollywood.
    @srk haters:
    I think u all people need some psychological treatment. There is some serious problem with all of u. This problem will become much bigger after the release of ra 1.Bcz it will be a big shock nd i m afraid u all r going to be mad. So its better to get treatment before its too late.

  • haroon1986..Rightly said..
    Salman fans ke dil pe lagi hai..kyunki kaafi Salman fans ke paas dimaag toh hota nahi.. cartoon hai kehkte bakwaas krte the..ab umar pe aagye..

    @salman (who wrote comment above) bhaijaan ..aapka matlab AMitabh Rishi Kapoor in sabko acting chordeni chaiye..

    Salman ka kuch nahi kahunga main..kyunki usne acting kabhi pakrdi hi nahi,..

    P.S removing shirts uneccessarily is not a part of acting..but a circus gimmik..

  • Ra-1 film main Arjun Rampal ko Super Hero ka role deta toh achcha suit karta aur srGAY ko VILLAIN ka. Bcoz srGAY loks like a villain.

  • Ra-1 film main Kareena ko NANGA karni ki kya zarurat tha poster main. srGAY ko sharam nahi aayi kareena ko nanga kiya producer hoke. Shameless srGAY.

  • Is it just me or do others also think that Salman fans cant spell one word right? I mean seriously.. their English is as pathetic as Salman films.. LOL

    BTW awesome trailer…. SRK rocks! Love you srk! mwah your the best!

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