New Trailer of Bodyguard – Salman and Kareena

The new trailer of Bodyguard is out and it has a bit of everything – Action, romance, comedy and of course Salman Khan who seems to have this movie under control.

Frankly, we didn’t really like those trailers of Ready and the movie was strictly average (at best!). But with Bodyguard, every trailer so far has been good. This could well turn out to be a special film for Salman and Kareena.

Have a look at the latest trailer from Bodyguard




  • @indicine,i love the film ready,my freinds all love it,the film was meant to entartain and it did exactly that,dont let srk fans influence you guys,if that has no good storyline comes out,they would want everybody to give it 5stars

  • He he he he…..sure flop………..biggest flpo ever…it will break kambakth ishq record…….and chandni chawlk to china record of biggest flop

  • jealousy people sorry salman is king of bollywood so get overwith if dont like why u checking his movie and why u whatching i beat u you will watch… then sorry bodyguard is 5th all time blockbuster and nobody has that india industyr just salman has…and also salman say “if you dont like me then sorry”.

  • guys…chodo…ladna..hav fun..jst see the trailor man…its jst rox..really aawsme…yar they both trying their best to entertain u all..i lik both the khans..yar…if they fight u all also fight kya…lol..

  • insecured salgay khan feared shahrukh khan massive super colossal khantastic teaser don and hes trying to remedy his moviev but its too late to mend depending on remakes willnever make u a king

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