Never faced such humiliation: Preity Zinta on filing sexual harrasment case against Ness Wadia

Actress Preity Zinta has filed sexual harrasement case against her ex-boyfriend and co-owner of Kings XI Punjab Ness Wadia.

The case has been filed at the Marine Lines Police Station in South Mumbai. A case under Section 354 of Indian Penal Code has been registered.

In a statement, Pretty says she has never faced such humiliation in her career “Every human being has a limit of how much he can take. In my 15-year-long career I have never faced such humiliation. This time I was left with no option but to take stern action.”

“I trust the police will do their job fairly and quickly. I am sure witnesses will speak the truth.”



  • Whats happening yaar?? Everyone try to become srk but noone can match the charisma of king khan

  • Roshans told media that Krrish 3 collections are 244 cr. And media thought it was 244 cr NETT
    When income tax people came, Roshans told them collection is 244 cr GROSS, and nett is 180 crore. So they paid less tax.
    Such scams also take place in India.

  • or @Romance if you think Preity Zinta is trying to do a Srk then a very real shame on you !!!!!!!!!

  • I think this is nothing but a publicity stunt by the not-in-demand actress. Why is she doing it? She is not going to get offers even with these tactics.

  • @hrithik Excuse me Mr hypocrite, but SRK is one of the best fathers and husbands in bollywood and he treats women with respect and he and Gauri is going stronger than ever, what u meant to say that Wadia was pulling a lallu stunt as we know the abuse he planted on Ash that even her boyfriend Vivek had to speak out against abuse from our beloved bhaijan!!!!

  • @loki I think except Srk fans all other people believe K3 nett figure is 244 crore. I know it hurts you people that 2 films beat CE lifetime in the same year. But dont worry, 2013 tragedy was just a trailer.
    Now its time for 2014 debacle, where Kick, Bang Bang and PK, 3 films will beat Srk starrer HNY.
    2014 will be more painful for Srkians than 2013 LOL

  • @JC — SRK is best husband as he dosen’t change his wife or gf like clothes or has any child in extra maretial affairs….and talking about SRK – PC case its just a rumor nothing else….;-)

  • @js no film can challenge hny, ce record remain unbroken if kick release christmas instade of huge franchis d3, if srk or rk do d3 than it easily do over 300cr where tingu khan failed

  • @romance new yr. hny is looking like raone sequel so be prepared for disaster And with that srk should retire kur ki abb satiyaneki umar main kya romance karega

  • This articles is about Priety zinta and the humiliation she has faced but as always topics has changed to SRK. There is hardly any arcticle in comment section where SRK name had not mentioned. Aamir fans and Salman fans cannot take SRK fans one on one bcuz they knew they dont stand a chance, can’t blame though cos they are just following their idols.

  • @Romance, Still waiting Akon for you loll, Akon singer want to romance with you. Pls don’t waste time of Akon singer. Akon want to part 2 Ra.1.,,

  • some coments are rediculous .what has srk to do with it SRK always very respectful to women so stop this crap lallu fans with 0 IQ

  • @romance Srk action film Don 2 did 102 crore on Xmas and your talking of 300 crore LOL
    Srk gave near flop with Don franchise on Xmas
    If Salman or Aamir was in Don 2 it would easily cross 200 crore
    And about Dhoom 3 only Salman couldve taken it to 300 crore. Ranbir is bigger than SRK though.

  • Biggest joke here told by bhabhi fans salman is respectful to women. Hahaha every single heroine in Bollywood respect SRK and say they want a husband or boyfriend like SRK… Tingu fans should stay away as atleast bhabhi dont dump and cheat his wife or girlfriend actually his girlfriends dump him. Lol

  • @js thats why flop ho did 108cr despite releasing 4500screen n 2open week although republic day fall sunday i where in 2013 ce did lol, don2 did 114cr(all verson) in 3000screen in 2011 although christmas fall sunday, if kick failed to beat yjhd like jai ho then rk sureshoot bigger than lallu n don’t worry about hny, haters comment about hny show how much buzz already create by hny.

  • @JS — DON 2 did 106 + 6 crs when x mas falled on sunday and in 2800 screens and in normal ticket rates…..lollll…that fig is achieved by sallu vai in 2014 in 4000+ screens….and you are talking about 200 crs…..sallu will not cross 200 crs with KICK also forget 300 crs…..even akki who gave back to back disasters will cross salman now.

  • @JC — You are struck by tragedy with CE crossing all salman films at once….but this year will be different as kick will again finish below 200 crs and HNY, PK, BB will kick sallu s dick……lol.

  • @bak rafans are comparing
    Jai Ho- low promoted, non holiday, non sequel, non 3D
    film with
    Don 2- heavy promoted, Xmas release, sequel and 3D film
    Don 2 had so many advantages than Jai Ho, even 3D but couldnt do more than 102 crore LOL

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