Nawazuddin speaks about assault controversy, says he discussed it with SRK

Earlier, we had reported that a FIR was filed against Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui for slapping and ‘physically assaulting’ a woman over a parking issue. After the incident, Nawazuddin avoided the media and didn’t release a clarification statement either.

This raised doubts that the actor is indeed guilty of trying to physically harm a woman.

12 days after the incident, Siddique spoke to the media and gave his side of the story.

“It was an unfortunate incident which happened with me. I have always spoken about my films and nothing else. I have a wife mother and kid and I know to respect women. The incident was planned and the video shows that they provoked me first and later I saw the girl shooting me. I asked why were they making a video. The entire incident was planned. When the girl said, don’t touch me, I knew that something was fishy. Later, I came to know through Twitter that there is an FIR registered. I want to clear that the whole thing was about parking lot for which I pay” he said

The actor also said he spoke to Shah Rukh Khan about it, because he did not want people to think negative about him. Back then, Nawaz was shooting for Raees.

“I have had a word with Shah Rukh Khan. I don’t want people to think anything negative about me that is why I have come out with a clarification. They have targeted me. But I will not take any action against them but yes they have done wrong with me”



  • @real bhai fan We all know who is known for assaulting Shirish kunder and Wankhede poor enderly security guard :)
    No prizes for guessing.

  • On that day itself i had said it was a trap. Its very easy to play the victim card in india using the weak law. Gurmeet Singh did the same and now this lady…!!!

  • Nwaz worked with Salman in BB and was controversy free.
    Later Nawaz worked with Srk in Raees and assaulted a woman :O
    Seems he was influenced by Srk LOL

  • He is loyal i know ….but some people tries to get some publicity nd this is a publicity stunt nothing else…….

  • In which part dis video shows that nawaz assault a woman physically.
    MATLAB kuch bhi ?
    Sidhi sadhi mahulle ka jhagra KO bhi ye media Chanel woman assault bolke beche rahe hain.

  • @JS,He was taking lessons from ur Bhai during BB shooting.Afterthat he decided to do the practicals.So it’s not SRK’s fault that it happened during Raees shooting.By the way we all know who is well known for abusing women.Can give a clue, former Miss World.

  • Waah ulta chor kotwaal ko daante..i mean seriously they were making video so what thats a common thing and u keeo on aasaulting them they wont do anything from thir side..i mean seriously.. instead u should admit ur mistake but u discussed the matter with sharook who himself is a disrespectful person..and some said salman i mean salman are u guys serious i guess he is one of the biggest criminal in bollywood instead of discussing with others u should learn from some of the most dignified n down to earth people in bollywood lyk akshay,amitji,hr but not ur mistake i guess u r in right such things bound to happen..

  • @js. Insulting women is bhais forte. Do u want us to make u remind about slapping aishwarya rai and other related incidents and what about katrina kaif incident. Lol. So better shut up.

  • So what Ash did the same to Salman Khan, encouraging Vivek Oberoi to make a fake recording to trap Salman and then called press conference. Police investigations showed that the tape recording was not Salman’s voice so there you have it. It is very easy to target and make fake tapes and videos with today’s technology. The charm of indian media personnel.

  • We should think this matter as a case irrespective of sk and srk
    Yep sure that was a trap to make an issue certainly they failed
    And for other note it was not trap and he literally assaulted then its upto govt

  • our beloved bhai is the right choice to discuss this kind of thing……he is the master…….this must be the influence from our bhai that like to insult woman ….

  • Women nowadays are simply misusing their rights to gain publicity . Always will play the victim card to get away with things . And this media makes false news to gain publicity . Simply disgusting !

  • Nawazuddin who plays a cop looking for Miyanbhai SRK, will turn into MJ to raid a hideout. It’s a costume party where people are dressed as someone they aren’t and so, the cop enters in the garb of MJ. He will be seen doing some cool moves of the late pop sensation. It’s a situational song which was shot recently. Unfortunately, there’s no Shah Rukh in the song, we hear but the prospect of watching Nawaz as MJ is really something!

  • @Noam : How did you witness Salman slapping Ash or Katrina (Lol) while staying in B’lore ? If you believe on Media reports then you also need to believe that SRK has assaulted the poor Wankhede security guard while drunk, will you ? or give Excuses like Excuse Waale !!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • PK : Before release you or most of SRK fans were expecting Dilwale to crush, smashed, stormed out BRM. And now crying over Overseas and WW collections ? It is an Epic shame for SRK and his fans that a 5 yrs old kid in Industry defeated him in clash (India collections) in domestic which is most important for any movie. If you keep bragging about overseas do one thing change Dilwale domestic verdict to Hit using the same collections, can you do it (officially) and prove it ??

  • Whoever trolling Salman, his case is in supreme court and one should wait for the verdict…He might again come out scott free and then we should stop trolling Salman..Supreme court verdict has to be respected either ways

    Regarding, Nawaz, I don’t think he was at fault…Everyone can see the video.. They provoked him and he did not even touch anyone…Sad he is one of the finest actors and I don’t think he will do something like this..Comes across as a humble person

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