Nautanki Saala and Vicky Donor have a lot in common!

Vicky Donor Nautanki Saala

Vicky Donor Nautanki Saala

Ayushmann Khurana’s first two releases – Vicky Donor and Nautanki Saala – have a lot in common.

  • Both films released in the month of April – Vicky Donor on April 20 2012, while Nautanki Saala opened in cinemas on April 12 2013.
  • Both were targeted at the multiplex audience, and released against films that catered to the single-screen audience. Vicky Donor clashed with Hate Story, an erotic thriller high on sexual content. Nautanki Saala opened with Commando, an out-an-out action film.
  • The similarities don’t end there. The sleazy content in Hate Story meant that the film opened to a very good response at single-screens and bettered the first day collections of Vicky Donor by a few lakhs. But it was the later that went on to make history, ending it’s theatrical run with domestic net collections in excess of 40 crores! The story is similar with Nautanki Saala and Commando too – the later had a better opening day, while the former took off from Saturday and put up better weekend numbers.

Below is a day-wise box office comparison between Vicky Donor, Nautanki Saala, Hate Story and Commando. Note: Official ‘actual’ figures.

Day Vicky Donor Hate Story Nautanki Saala Commando
Friday 1.9 cr 2.1 cr 3.3 cr 3.75 cr
Saturday 2.6 cr 1.9 cr 4.6 cr 3.25 cr
Sunday 4.5 cr 2.6 cr 5.1 cr 4.00 cr
Weekend 9 cr 6.6 cr 13 cr 11 cr


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