My mother’s last call before she died was to Salman: Arjun

An emotional Arjun Kapoor spoke about his mother’s last call to his good friend and mentor Salman Khan, from her hospital bed, a week before she passed away after suffering from cancer.

“The last call my mother made from the hospital bed was to Salman bhai. She knew about her condition by then. She thanked him for me having become an actor because of him. He told her that he would take her abroad but within a week, she passed away.”

Alia and Arjun promote 2 states in Kolkata

Alia and Arjun promote 2 states in Kolkata

At a promotional event of his upcoming film ‘2 States’, Arjun also said that it was Salman who ensured that the family got privacy during Mona Kapoor’s funeral.

“He (Salman) came to the funeral. Till he had come, the media was standing almost on top of the pyre. But he came and ensured I got some privacy. When he came home that day, it was the tightest hug I have ever given him” Arjun said.

Mona Kapoor passed away on March 25 2012, less than 45 days before the release of Arjun’s debut film Ishaqzaade.



  • This shows Salman has the blessings of a lot of people, and hence he is so successful.
    Either Kick or PK will be the biggest blockbuster of the year. And both will break all existing records.

  • @True fan, why you have to say salman and aamir’s names together ? both are far apart in qualities :P while aamir makes sensible films (except d3) , salman doesn’t.

    btw indicine team, you have to always post about either shahrukh or salman ? there are so many important news about other actors, but you don’t post. biasedness is not good.

  • Salman is truly a man with Golden heart !!!!!!!!!!!! btw Indicine is bit late as this was published in TOI 2 days ago.

  • Such a sweet story…. Aaawwww bless poor Arjun but nice to know he had a bade bhaiya there (can be anybody) nearby to comfort him and heres hoping everyone out there has somebody nearby /on standby to comfort them in such a situation coz being alone would be an unbearable experience one must imagine.

    All the best for 2 States

  • @akki wrong conversation

    That particular conversation you are referring to took place between Akshay and Mona…!

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