Music rights of Dilwale fetches record price, music label war heats up

The Musical War (Kabir’s Point of View)

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The musical chairs of the industry

Music rights of a film are one of the key sources of revenue for a producer. Today all producers sell off their music rights before the release of the film since they recover some part of their investment immediately plus they get assurance of promotion of their film on television. To make this simpler

Rohit Shetty has announced Dilwale with Red Chillies Entertainment starring  Shahrukh Khan, Excel Entertainment has announced Bangistan and Dil Dhadakne Do. We may not have seen the promos of any of these films; in fact the shoot of ‘Dilwale’  has just started, but they have already locked in a music partner.  That’s how essential a music partner is to a film. Apart from satellite rights, it’s one of the most vital sources of revenue. Few production houses like Yash Raj Films and Eros International have their own music labels like ‘Yash Raj Music’ and ‘Eros Music’. However, for other innumerable films made there are a few big players that dominate the music market.

The big players

The biggest player in terms of promotion and bandwidth for quite some time has been ‘T-Series’. They have the biggest library (catalogue) and have always been associated with some of the biggest films till date.

T-Series musical slate over the years (some of the big films for each year mentioned)

  • 2011 – Bodyguard, Singham, Don 2, Ready, Rockstar, Ra-one
  • 2012 – Talaash, Dabangg 2, Cocktail, Housefull 2
  • 2013 – Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani, Chennai Express, Aashiqui 2
  • 2014 – Kick, Happy New year, PK, Ek Villain, Ragini MMS 2, 2 States

The others player ‘Sony Music’ and Wild Card Entry ‘Zee Music’

Sony Music has always been the biggest competition to ‘T-Series’ over the years.  They have never been aggressive and most often selective in selecting their films.

Sony Music slate over the years

  • 2011 – FALTU, Shor In The City
  • 2012 – Barfi, Heroine, Student of the Year, Rowdy Rathore, Jannat 2, Ek Deewana Tha
  • 2013 –  Gori Tere Pyaar Mein,  Raanjhaana, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  • 2014 – Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, City Lights, Hasee Toh Phasee, Zid

The new entrant – Zee Music

Between T-Series and Sony Music it was a given that T-Series was the monopoly. Now with Zee music pumping money to acquire the music rights of big films, the competition has just gotten hotter.  They made a reasonable debut with acquiring the following films

2014 – Holiday, Bang Bang and Shaukeen

Their forthcoming films include –   Gabbar is Back, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Singh is Bling.

The Music-game get heated

If we see the music-films slate earlier mentioned above we noticed that every year the big films have always been with T-Series essentially. However with new competition coming in the market and more monies being pumped in, it may be fair to say that the musical acquisition game has heated up. Case in point – Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale has been acquired for a whopping 19 Crore (reported) by Sony Music. Shahrukh’s earlier films like Happy New year and Chennai Express have been with T-Series. This one is a shift.

The big banners divided according to music labels this year

  • T-Series – Bajrangi Bhaijaan (already released Roy and Baby)
  • Sony Music – Dilwale
  • Zee Music – Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Gabbar is Back

The figures being offered for music rights for big banner films are unheard of (almost equivalent to the cost of production of a mid-size film). Questions arise as to how will a music banner recover such a huge amount. However, on the other hand more competition only helps in improving the revenue for an individual producer.  With bigger films being announced each day the competition to acquire will only get hotter. While at this point of time in terms of content and catalogue it’s safe to conclude that ‘T-Series’ enjoys its monopoly, but one can’t also deny the fact that the new music labels are giving it tough competition.

Do share your thoughts on the article and comment on the most awaited music albums of 2015.

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  • JS : Kick and Highest Grosser on Eid? What a crap joke, Don’t make fun of your own self idiot…
    Kick has less gross than 380cr (even less than Hny’s Gross) while Chennai Express gross is 430cr W-W… (Bhai is yet to break it… he is still chasing SRK)
    SRK fan base is too poor to give HG? you proved by this that you’re Mentally ill & sick after all you are a bhai’s Fan.. SRK has 10 times mores HG than Salman in India and SRK has 100 times more HG than Salman World-Wide and SRK has 1000 times more HG than Salman in overseas.. even you know these facts really well….
    even if we just count SRK’s W-W,, OS HGs then he’s given 16 HG while Poor Bhojpuri Salman’s First/Last HG in overseas was in 1994 (HAHK yes that Madhuri’s Movie) and since 1995 till 2015 he has not given a single HG.. I hope you poor Mullu’s fans at least know the difference between 16 & 1 and if we count HAHK as Salman’s cameo than poor Golden Kela Heart has not given a single HG yet even after 30 years….!!

  • @ginger Salman crossed 150 crore in 2010 when SRK was struggling to cross 75 crore with MNIK.
    @iamakn @sss
    highest grossers yearly
    2008 Aamir
    2009 Aamir
    2010 Salman
    2011 Salman
    2012 Salman
    2013 Aamir
    2014 Aamir
    2015 Salman
    Where is ur king?

  • A biggest thullu for Srkians is that DDLJ has failed to cross HAHK lifetime inspite of releasing 1 year later and forcibly kept running for 20 years.
    Salman is the Ruler of bollywood. Proof: 6/7 last films are Blockbusters
    Srk has acheived nothing except money by dancing in weddings.

  • JS : SRK vs Salman… Highest Grosser W-W since 2010 (forget about before 2010 bec Mullu bhai didn’t exist before that)

    2010 – MNIK
    2011 –
    2012 – ETT ( JTJH with clash)
    2013 – CE
    2014 – Hny
    2015 -Dilwale (Hopefully)

    Where is Bhojpuri Salman?

    and Jai ho Failed to beat SRK’s 2008 release RNBDJ & 2010 MNIK’s Gross… in 2014 with more screens, with Blockbuster remake and Commercial movie.. Salman Can win from SRK only in court that’s it.

  • Waiting For Singh Is ßling songS .

    prbbhudva Choreographed & Akshay performed Songs r best like chinta ta tA & Dhadhng dhang

  • most of the overseas markets opened after the success of maine pyar kiya and hahk which starred salman.get that in your brain kingtards.hahk was the first film to complete 25 weeks overseas. and for domestic, let’s not even talk about it. salman gave three 100cr films before srk gave his first. salman did 199cr which is just 1 cr short of 200 before srk crossed 130. and hny never grossed 385 cr contrary to what kingtards like to believe. indicine already answered that question. it was I myself who asked which film grossed more worldwide between kick and hny.and indicine has clarified that kick outgrossed hny by 10cr.losers you can’t come up with any number you want just to prove something. be reasonable.

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  • EID=Biggest Hit KICK

    Diwali=Biggest Hit Krrish 3

    Christmas=Biggest Hit PK.

    Mannat= Biggest Hit DDLJ

  • Hello? Who is this Vignesh? @Indicine??
    Is this guy impersonating me, using my email Id and name? Because, I dont see any reason someone copying my name and commenting here, as I hardly respond to any articles.
    Can you guys@indicine, be pleased to check and confirm me?


  • @IAMAKN I know Salman, my friends know Salman and we are not even in India, forget autowalas like you, if one of your idiotic statements are inflated, than other must also be inflated(By the KING). Stop talking about worldwide, in India bhai is ruling right now as King with Aamir as his Crown Prince and SRK as his Queen.
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  • Imbkri: everyone(even king favouring #indicine) says kick and dabang collected more than hny and mnik worldwide. Tommorow u king fans wil not hesitate to declare YLJK as blockbuster….

  • @imakn:
    add a few more achievements of king…
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  • @Marshal – If ETT is 199 crs…then also believe that HNY is 385 crs…lol…And HAHK was a Sooraj and Madhuri film rather Salman while DDLJ is totally a SRK KAJOL new jodi film with ADI a new director directing it…lol

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  • Tiger – the real bandar : Bhojpuri salman’s Jail ho even failed to beat 7 year old RNBDJ & 5 years old MNIK grossi india. forget about Overseas as Mullu salman is yet to break SRK’s 18 years old DTPH ( 1997 ) record in OS..

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  • @sss: u r considering masala/remake factor for the success of bhai movies. If u consider the yashraj/dharma/deepika factors for king movies then king is even not comparable with jayed khan, tushar kapur and jimmy shergil. All of them are way ahead of king.

  • @javed, we have been listening the same line that king wil rule next year since 8 years. But we all know that never gonna happen. Btw, keep dreaming.

  • Mama thakur (srk) & his PR started promoting movie before shooting a single shot. No matter what promotions or what music records the real result will be same as last 7 years ending up on 2nd or 3rd position !!!!!!!!!!

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