Mumbai Mirror reveals inside details on Ekta-SRK fallout

Note: This article was first published on Mumbai Mirror.

With her biggest release of the year, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara opening to a tepid box office response, Ekta Kapoor is not in a good mood these days. And the Balaji head honcho holds Shah Rukh Khan responsible for the debacle.

It was reported that Ekta had refused SRK’s request for a screening of her film at Mannat and Mirror has the details of the fallout.

Trouble started when SRK announced that Chennai Express will release on August 8 despite the fact that Ekta had already called dibs on Eid for the release of her ambitious project OUATIMD.

Ekta tried her best to outwit SRK in this battle, even calling in a favour from MNS (Mirror report dated August 2) to make the star tow the line.

Then began a long series of negotiations between her and Chennai Express’s producers, UTV Motion Pictures and Red Chillies Entertainment. Ekta finally agreed on the other big public holiday, August 15.

According to a source close to Ekta, she was assured by the production houses that they will withdraw their film on August 15 to make way for OUATIMD in at least 2000 halls across the country.

“Ekta relented because she was promised something in return. And the bait was the promise that Chennai Express wouldn’t come in the way of the big release she had planned for OUATIMD on Independence Day,” said the source. But given that Chennai Express set the cash registers ringing, the film’s producers decided that making way for OUATIMD will not be profitable. When Ekta learnt about it early last week, she was left fuming. Mirror has it that Shobha Kapoor called up UTV to enquire about the apparent volte face and was told that “it was SRK’s decision”. Things got worse when Jeetendra stepped in. He tried to reach SRK, who did not answer the calls, alleged a source close to Ekta. “While most of his calls went unanswered, finally an unrecognisable person picked up to say, ‘Shah Rukh sir is busy with interviews’,” added the source. The end result was that OUATIMD ended up opening on just 1600 screens; a limited release for a movie which was reportedly made at a budget of Rs 85 crore. “If UTV had lived up to its promise, OUATIMD could have raked in about Rs 10 crore more on its opening day which in turn might have had a Domino effect on its subsequent collections. To add to Balaji’s woes the halls they were given were small ones which in turn must have had an adverse effect on their opening day collection,” said a source from the industry.

When contacted, Ekta said, “Whatever has happened is extremely disgusting. I am very angry.”

Though SRK’s production house did not provide a statement, a source from the organisation told us, “Chennai Express released on August 9 and it is illogical to expect that the film will be voluntarily pulled out from theatres in its first crucial week.” This was corroborated by a source close to Siddharth Roy Kapur, the other producer of the film.

An official from a leading multiplex in Andheri West, on request of anonymity said, “It’s a producer’s prerogative to withdraw a film to aid the release of the next one. But we did not receive any such requests from the producers of Chennai Express
because it was doing very well. But please note that a producer can only ask for withdrawal, the number of shows we gave to OUATIMD on the first day were decided as per our discretion.”

Another multiplex from Juhu told Mirror that the producers of Chennai Express had “pressurised” theatres not to withdraw the film.



  • CE is a block buster
    OUATIMD is a dud

    Now that part is clear.

    Both have played politics. Ekta brought in MNS and played politics. SRK returned it by not removing CE from the screens.

    Two things are clear. Rohit Shetty will not get a film produced by Balaji. And SRK will not be able to promote his future films in any of Balaji Productions. Also Tushar will not be in any of the SRK films

  • Ektha, hurry up come over here, you need a spanking from your daddy for being such a bad girl! How many times do i have to tell you not to go crying in front of the media? Now daddy is angry at you!

  • I agree on only one thing, OUATIMD was the first to declare it will release on eid. same situation happened to JTHJ which was the first film to be slated for a diwali release last year still SOS distributers decided to put their film against it.
    as for the failure of the film, i think the content is what should be blamed here. 10cr more or less will not change the verdict of the film but it will make the loss smaller.
    As for the agreement btw producers, it was made on the basis of an 8th august release so till the 15th august CE would have had a 7 days run (normal week) but when CE producers learnt that the eid 2013 will fall on the 9th august they called OUATIMD producers and asked them to shift their release by one day to friday but obviousely they wouldn’t agree and miss a big holiday like independence day and CE has the right to complete at least 7 days run and then give a chunk of its release count.

  • we all 3.8 million fans of akki stand together on this issue. its becoming worse , and we’ve decided to take things next level. we know( personally me) what to do with srk’s next release. we’ll just finish his so called arrogance. there is no authority for him to enter into OUATIM2 which blocked the dates of eid 2013 a year before. he’s a big tresspasser and thanks @sachin11..well said, he proves again and again that he’s the backstabber of bollywood. his end is near. this enemity, even if Akki forgives in future, i’ll never forget upto death. eventhough OUATIM2 has got a hit tag with overall 72 crores, i’m not happy here. every single film of SRK now on, just wait what i can do to burn in hell, using my professional contacts. this is my pledge!!i’m not quoting any filmy dialogue over here, i’ll stand by it, as i’m a man of words. each of his failure i’ll celebrate. just wait n watch, you public smoker and nation rule violator!!

  • this is why srk is called “king of dirty politics”.. first he begs to jeetu ji n ekta to postpone their release date.. and when jeetu ji n ekta obliged, srk played his dirty game again by postponing the release date of CE from 8 aug to 9 aug so that he can have independence day also.. and then what does he do??? stops answering calls from jeetu ji.. really man srk can stoop to any level to make his films a hit.. this srk for u, a backstabber.. the whole world knows about his dirty politics.. it was balaji who first announced their release date then how come srk ask them to postpone the movie.. had OUATIM2 released in eid it would have had a different impact n would have easily grossed 100 crores in its first week even with negative reviews n wom.. first srk begs, then postpones his movie to 9 aug to have 15 aug as well, breaks his promise to withdraw his movie n then stabs them in the back.. OUATIM2 gets small release that too in not the best of the halls.. but srk should remember that the whole film industry is watching his dirty politics n m sure it will soon have a adverse effect on him n his films.. “what goes around comes around”.. he will have to pay the consequences in the future..

  • wow what a great news srk is dirty politician he proved ko hit karwane ke liye kuch bhi karega chahe woh kisi senior actor disrespect dena woh. srk has shown selfishness again and again. so he was nt made 2 many frnds like salman. Thump down karne se truth wll nt change in our city ce ran only one week wr all recrd breaking films like 3 idiots ran for 1 month ett ran for 18 days so in our city evryone wondering hw it is breaking 3 idiots record

  • you do srk a favour and he will stab you in the back. shahrukh “backstabber” khan. if he is no.1 or king in anything that is dirty politics and backstabbing.

  • that was a bad sign of Ekta..she shud hve cursed herslf rather.whenevr SRK is gng to release hz movie thrz lot of ppl who dcds to release at the same time jst bcoz to get free publicity under the shadow of srk’s there starts all the drama n eventual they end up blaming srk for their failure..GROW UP EKTA GROW UP BOLLYWOOD

  • So final result is ce is atbb and outimd is flop. This is truth. Now whatever articles, issues publishes will be forgotten after few days. Life will continue with srk’s string of hits, akki’s flop and haters will keep bark. So move on nd bring one more star to compete with srk’s Happy new year like
    Ramjane x AHAT
    DDLJ x Yarana
    DTPH x gulam e mustafa + bhai
    Mohbbate x mission Kashmir
    Kal ho na ho x Jansheen
    Veerzara x Aitraz + naach+ mughl e azam
    Don x janeman
    Oso x sawariya
    JTHJ x SOS

  • shahrukh khan is upto his cheap antics again. though whats new, he has been doing it for years. he should be thrown out of the industry. a real shame to bollywood.

  • I just sense shahrukh’s fall is near. Karma will have its say. These type of disgusting dirty play will bring about his own downfall. Soon he will be a victim of his own dirty game. SEVERAL DIRTY POLITICS IN A ROW: CONSISTENCY REDEFINED. zero respect for this shameless man.

  • some of you are also blaming srk, then why is ouatimd doing bad now that it has more screams. the opening would have made no difference because it would have had a major fall after bad wom and look at bhaag milkha bhaag, didn’t open that great but look where it is now, it proves that content is the most important thing for the success of a film.

  • who is SRK? Just product of Yrf&dharma! 3rd class actor chennai exp sadak chap movie….after amitji only hritik superstar not senseless actor lik srk….worst films made in bollywood ra.1&maya memsaab

  • What the excuse of srk hater nd we don’t need haters to see our bhaijan film.friday se 2600 screens paya,kiya kar liya bey?1600 screens mai ce jyada kama raha hai,now what u say hater?praveen,navin,saschin aye sab srk haters hai,isiliye ij page mai akar kuch v keh rahe hai,salo srk ne kuch gandhi nehi kiya,oukat nehi 2 kyo takkar lagate hu,pisle diwali se kuch sikna tha ekta ko,salman ne onka film ka date pushed kiya aur akki kahika.shit,ab keh rahe ki srk nd utv ne promise kiya tha ki osko screen dga,diya i to hai,4200 mai se 2600above.all dena tha kiya?ce jst 1week theater mai sale isiliye 75 crore kharsa karke banaya tha kiya?dude,all producer chahata ki oski film jyada collectn kare,ouatim2,ce not exception.nd ouatimd 2600 plus screens mai abhi kya kar rahi???haters kuch mat kaho.chup chap muh bandh kar rakhu
    cheers srkians

  • Agreed Ekta announced to release OUATIMD first but does that mean nobody else can release their movie on the same date..By that logic SoS should not hv been allowed to release along with JTHJ last year diwali..

    After SRK announced CE Eid Release Ekta shifted her movie release to safeguard her own interest (she was free to compete with CE ) and in return UTV pushed the release of Satyagrah giving OUATIM open two weeks..

    Y would anyone in his right mind pull out their movie from theatres when its fighting to create all time highest collection record..

    Even with 2600 screens from Friday OUTIMD couldn’t compete with CE on 2nd week imagine if it released on the same date, CE would hv completely destroyed it…

    One thing every producer should learn from this is not to release their films opposite SRK’s film and give it open two weeks.. Look at past records Janemaan vs don .. Janeman destroyed
    Sos vs JthJ – inspite of mass entertainer Sos couldn’t compete with mighty SRK and overseas SoS was a total wash out.

    Respect the King and make way for his release or u would be crushed.. Hail SRk

  • hmm.. well outimd got 2000 screens as promised by utv infact it go more than 2500 screens all over india and still it was not able make money as expected and only reason to blame is the script.
    And now i fail understand why she is blaming srk for failure??
    well now i hope all the haters understood that, agar KING KHAN se panga liya to aise hi HOGA!!

  • serial wala seen ho gaya yeh toh……….kahani picture ki..
    anyways this is absolute bokwas – sheer idiosity! You make a better movie and you really don’t have to beg & blame! did you have to go through this for kahaani? it was a much better movie which found its way to success! what happend to SRK’s other bokwas movies in the recent past? they flopped bcos it was worse! Ekta, tell me honestly, did you watch your own movie? it’s absolutely disgusting! you made akshay a villain…who is better off on comedy roles??!! Please take good movies and leave the rest – movie halls would only screen the one’s which are doing well…simple business equation! Of-course Chennai Express is an amazing entertainer and deserves all this success!!!

  • SRK plays dirty and cares only about himself. We all know that. Ekta shouldn’t have been stupid enough to believe him.

  • Actually not only Ekta Each and Every industry person will learn the lesson from this whole situation and never postpone their film s even for friendly sakes Really whatever may be star or super star should analyse before moving for releasing their product

    If this whole controversy is true then Srk Bagged another ENEMY in the form of Ektha in coming days issue will become worse as she will take potshots on srk through her films

  • nw in life srk is first time going to break an any films lifetime record which his contemparies like amir has did with ghajini and 3 idiots .salman did with hahk, hritik by dhoom 2 and sunny deol with gadar.this all films specially 3idiots ghajini and hahk did that by huge margin. thn also srk is doing this record only according to producers and few trade experts .indicine till nw posting utv’s figures they r also saying these r producer figures because everyone know they follows boxoffice india figures they uplod thr numbers in weekly it is bad thing for srk fans kyonki woh puri tarah se khush bhi nahi ho sakte.the margin is very small like this producers of other films will give bigger figures than this.that time srk fans show us boxofficeindia figures like they did with ett .indicine update nxt salmans 3 r releasing on major holidays

  • LOL I was right about her.

    Lets check about the facts. Dont make yourself foolish with someone’s loosing comments.
    Akshay kumar never got more than 2500 screens.


    Even though K786 and joker got more than 2500 and 2200 screens they bombed at the boxoffice. With 1200 screens OMG became a superhit. Do you know why. Because it had something called ‘content’ which was not in OUAIMD. Come to OUATIMD it had 1600 sceens in its opening day and it collected 11 crs. By getting 2600 screens it only got 9crs in friday and 10.25 crores in sunday which was again a holiday.She blames SRK to giving the record number of screens for an Akshay kumar movie? Aashiqui 2 only got 1100 screens and it is one of the biggest blockbusters. What happened to k786 who got 2500 screens and got only 70crs lifetime ?
    “It’s not so important who starts the game but who finishes it” And you finishes it miserably. Now dont blame your falilure because someone succeed. Champions keep playing until they get it right. You quit your game so early on its 4th day of release. You are a sore loser Ekta. Please dont let the world know about it. Your dad is a well gentleman as we know. Dont let his reputation go bad in front of world and dont be an object of laughter and stop being a drama queen.

  • so the ugly truth is out. but i am not surprised. what can you expect from shahrukh khan. he has been doing it for years. backstabber, king of dirty politics, whatever you call him, he is the best in it. but i am afraid he will have to repay for it very soon.

  • Akshay kumar is one of those actors of bollywood who gave his 100% in every film.. His recent film is also better than chennai express. The only reason behind its slow start is producers decision to postponement of its release..He is talented but not hyped actor..On the other hand khans are always hyped by media..

  • When two films big films released on the same day.It is always good for both films. On festive holidays every person is in the mood of spending there time and money for enjoying with their families and if they can’t get a ticket for one movie they always ready to spend there money on the other movie.Thus both the movies got a good start on the box office. Bala ji’s decision to postponement of their film is the main reason of its slow box office progress..I urge the producers to make their decision on reasoning..and make a strong force against Big cooperates like Utv, who force the industry to do whatever they want..I also like Shahrukh but this time he takes the wrong path to gain success.And we should support the efforts of other producers also..

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