Chennai Express 2nd Week Collections

Chennai ExpressChennai Express is yet to show any signs of slowing down at the box office. The film has almost doubled its 2nd Monday collections on Tuesday, which was a holiday for Raksha Bandhan. The total net box office collections in 12 days now stands at 192.78 crore, an average of 16 crore per day!

For all major releases this weekend onwards, whether it is Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 or Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3, Chennai Express will be the film to beat, as the Shahrukh Khan – Rohit Shetty film is all set to surpass the lifetime collections of 3 Idiots. The day we have all been waiting for, from 4 long years no less, is likely to be this Saturday!

Chennai Express Total Collections so far..

  • 1st Week – 156.71 crore
  • 2nd Weekend – 25.21 crore
  • 2nd Monday – 3.8 crore
  • 2nd Tuesday – 7.06 crore
  • Total Collections in 12 days – 192.78 crore


  • On that particular occasion there arises the big party of srkian fan. Party to banta he boss kyunki king is back

  • yes .. it will probably end at a lifetime of 205-215 cr. at 100 at overseas…which is extraordinary for a type of film that CE is.. because if we look at highest grossers like 3idiots and Mnik in india and overseas .it is pretty clear that CE IS NOT that great film..but then the name of SRK sells and all his fans were waiting for this day…one rom-com masala and all sallu bhai’s records are history…
    IN all assurance Krrish3 / dhoom3 and kick will better these records…but for now SRK has shown that he is still the best bet at box-office and NO. 1.

  • Chennai express is a real surprise. Nobody would have thought (including me) that it will be able to cross the magical 202 crore mark. If at all everyone’s eyes were on K3 & D3;that either or both of those 2 films will be able to beat 3 Idiots. Now both SRK + DP combo has set a new challenge for HR +PC & AK + KF. I’m waiting to see who wins this battle this year.

  • SRK has shown Aamir his true Aukad. mark my words movie will hardly show 15% drop in Third week. After 40cr second week it is surely do 31-33 cr third week and on remaining week it will do 25 cr so it will beat Overrated aamir khan’s record by huge margin.

  • Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    7.06cr hmmmmmm Amazing

    This Express in realy Unstopable. Dont dare to come infront.

    Lets Do

    Lungi Dance Lungi Dance Hay Hay

  • wow that was expected no one can catch mithai wala now
    i am very happy for srk
    long live srk
    and now just waiting for the day when ce will cross 3i record :)

  • D3 AND K3 are coming to trash Ce Left right and centre.
    Tabh tak rahul halwai mithai bat sakta hai.

  • @indicine
    I think but YJHD collected more than CE in the second week.
    Highest 2nd week collections
    1. 3 idiots
    2. YJHD

  • wow simply outstanding
    @to all haters. stop crying.Chennai express has passed all the expectations. u.that has got all Ur body parts burning. he he. grow up

    one idiot calling it to be just hit. than if it is just a hit that DABBANG and ready are disasters.
    one more sighting all holidays and say what big gas Chennai express done. my simple answer is what big had SALMAN done with last 4 Eid days and releasing it solo.. couldn’t break 3 idiot records till daze. and one try by the king records are shattered

    @jc. Bro we r not talkin double standards. its u people. when SRK was abstaining himself from masala movies u were the one who said masala genre wouldn’t suit SRK. he can’t do what SALMAN can. so its just a slap on all those people. he put himself into SALMAN shoes and did it way better than SALMAN did. u have to agree that.

  • And the juggernaut continues.. The train’s next stop is ETT and then 3I..

    The speed of this express can be gauged by the fact that ETT took 35 days to get to 199Cr and 3I took 55 days to get to 202Cr.. and this superfast Record express will reach those destinations in 15 days..

    Now everyone knows that all the masala films until now were actually under performing :)

    Long live King SRK.

  • Thats great..!!! Now all eyes on D3 & K3, which will perform better & will be highest grosser of 2013. In my opinion extended long weekend has a better chances to surprase CE record.

  • @Indicine. I was just wondering what if SRK had not given the offer . nearly this collection should have 33 percent more. isn’t it. so the days collection would have been around 11.42 CRORES.
    salute to king KHAN and his golden heart

  • guys…this year is going to be we followed up next by krrish3,dhoom3 and next year Much awaited Salman starrer Mental… And am damn sure that Krrish3 will break CE records and Dhoom3 will beat both CE n krrish 3 fair and handsomely and then it will be again a chase by salman khan Mental to break the records of Dhoom 3(as last year thr was a chase by ETT against 3I record) by seeing the facts that his (salman) rising popularity not only in India also in overseas.

  • @All SRK fans

    Don’t underestimate other top actors like Salman,Aamir,Hrithik,Akshay
    It is just a matter of abundant holidays and the film being a mass entertainer.

    It was Aamir who started 100 and 200cr clubs.

    3 idiots released 4 years ago,so the ticket prices was very less.If it would have released today it could have entered 300cr club.

    I don’t have much expectations from SRK’s next Happy New Year.

    And Aamir’s Dhoom 3 has a killer motion poster, and it is one of the biggest franchise of bollywood.

  • @Indicine. what’s the record for second week collections???. wonder SRK s Chennai express has cleared that as well. I remember u had said while saying ” records being chased by Chennai express”
    and said probably this record of 2 nd week collections wouldn’t be broken. remember????

  • All the King Khan fans….dont miss the chance…..say Record Dance, Record Dance, Record Dance, Record Dance………………………

  • ouatimd first weekend overseas collection is 3.03 crore…….great joke ….cant stop laughing
    who the hell was comparing this movie with record express…

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