Mr X Posters – Emraan Hashmi

The first look poster of Emraan Hashmi’s MR X is out. The poster features a partially invisible Emraan firing bullets.

The makers of the film had planned a ‘Twitter poster unveiling’ strategy that was similar to Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3. Fans of the film were asked to tweet using the #RevealMrX hashtag.

After more than 5000 Mr X related tweets, the poster was revealed! Have a look and tell us what you think.

Mr X Poster

Mr X Poster

Mr X Poster - Emraan Hashmi

Mr X Poster – Emraan Hashmi



  • i am sorry to say but this is going to be another flop for emraan hashmi. the trailer is so weird, the concept doesn’t make a sense at all. btw i will be happy if it turn out hit for emraan hashmi.

  • last 2 ipl seasons 2 youngistaan films-aashiqui2 and 2 states were released and both had done mindblowing business as well as had touched billions of hearts

    so let’s see if superstar emraans superhero film can match the high standards set by our ipl season films

  • Amazing poster..
    Mr.X looks good… After an awesome trailer.. Followed by a good song… Looking forward to it..

  • this @ultron always calls a well made film like krrish3 a crap but see how he is supporting a film like mr x that is looking pathetic from every angle

  • I m looking forward to this movie..
    Because i watched the trailer of this film in theatre during NH10 ..
    And belive 3D effects looks good..
    And TU JO HAIN is playing on loop on my I-pod since yesterday..

  • The poster is awesome and so is Emraan. It’s going to be a game changer for him. Happy that he is doing something new unlike sallu uncle who always does south remake.

  • Emraan hashmi has nailed it .. Fantastic..
    We have 2-3 actors of International standards here …
    HRITHIK, EMRAAN and SRK ..due to krrish3 , ra1 ..Tigers n Mr.X …

    K3 , ra1 got negative response from high end multiplex.. And same will happen with it.. But its budget is 4-5 times less than those..

  • @Arjun Kapoor fan ….
    U r the most foolish cmnter i have seen …
    U r the one who like ghatiya yjhd, roy , tevar, kil dil , etc ….
    And not this film because it has emraan in it who is much superior to ur fav actors…
    Shame on you…

  • @Arjun kapoor fan ..
    Roy, Tevar,fannyKil dil , badlapur , Soty,Yjhd looked like classics….!!..
    Wow….!! Big ROFL cmnt hahahah.

  • @Arjun Kapoor fan ..
    Maybe you forgot Jannat which was released on IPL-1 season ..which opened to pack houses n became superhit..
    Maybe u forgot Jannat2 which also became superhit…
    And that too widout any promotion , low banner , new heroines…!!

    And 2 states hit due to Chetan Bhagat, Dharma n alia..nobody asked abt arjun..

  • High standards for IPL season ???
    Rofl … Hahahaha..can’t stop laughing..plz tell me more jokes.
    2 states ?? Arjun Kapur film?? No. Not at all.

    High standard means Jannat,Jannat2 which set a benchmark by amazing acting of emmi resulting in 2 superhits.

    By the way ye @Arjun Kapoor fan takes out his whole army of 7 actors just to downgrade 1 Emraan ! Just love this !

    7 actors = 1 Emraan !! wow !!

    Bhai @sambuddha Arjun Kapoor ko compare kar na

  • @some bengali buddha mukherjee

    Oh boy oh boy

    I must admit that Im not finding the Mr X theme/ posters too appealing- maybe its bcoz Im a diehard fan of Mr India that I dare not see anyone try n replicate that movies magic but I come here and I see your ribbish and I think to myself if only somehow you would become invisible so that the only person you can irritate is either yourself or arjun kapoor…! I mean become invisible and get outta here you chameleon but knowing your stupidity you would still come back as ‘arjun kaoors invisible fan’ bcoz noone would in their right mind openly go about saying they are a fan of that fannyless tevarless talentless ugly fat kapoor boy…!

  • Not finding the movie appealing but I will definitely watch it with family as this concept of invisibility in hindi movies will be a welcome change for them.

    Hoping Emmi strikes it big with this movie…

    PS Hope Boney Sir doesnt watch it as it may refresh his memory that Mr India sequel is still a possibility and I fear he may cast his useless son as Mogambos son n ruin the legacy of the original…!

  • And yes the one line which said ‘Billion of Hearts’ ??? Hahaha..rofl.
    If these so called ‘films’ have touched billion of hearts, it could have crossed collection of films like ‘Interstellar’ ’50 shades of Grey’ ‘The Hercules’ in Week1 itself !! Lol ..

    I come here to get entertained n i don’t get dissappointed.

    Go Emmi Go!

  • Clearly some buddha is having nightmares about Mr X coz it reminds him of his very own Arjunas failings….. Afterall Arjuna went invisible during 2 States and again disappeared during FF when he couldnt find fanny and once again during Tevar he did a Mr India when he couldnt get his Tevar right…! Poor some buddha dont worry- Arjuna has gone missing again coz no producer in Kollywood/ Tollywood can see his invisible talents hence no film offers thus far…!

  • idiots now read this
    arjuns debut film ishaaqzade and ur superstar emmys franchise film jannat2 were both released during 2012 may ipl season.

    but do u know the verdict and collection of both these films???

    ishaaqzade-45cr hit
    superstar emmys franchise film
    jannat2-50cr hit

    both got same verdict And my arjuns debut film earned just 5cr lesser than ur superstars franchise film!!!


    now if u hv even 1% iq u will get the point I m trying to make bcz I don’t want to insult legend emmy directly as he deserves my ignorance.

  • @ArjunBomkesh …U should be ashamed of urself.We users started disliking Arjun only bcoz of u.Arjun doesn,t neef Fans like u .If u hate Emraan then why u have a comment in every page of Emraan here.Get a good medical treatment

  • And Btw @Arjun Kapur fan why ur backside is burning when others r praising ? Just canít understand ur logic behind cutting @ultronís comments.

  • @sambuddha .
    Ishaqzaade is Yrf film which is biggest banner of India who launch star kids because of fat payment by there families. Ishaqzaade collection is 40cr hit .
    And jannat2 54cr superhit

  • @arjun kapoor fan Ur so called handicap youngistan r backed by yrf,Kjo . Also ur youngistan also do lot of flaterring of khans and try to gain media publicity.
    And emraan is an outsider in the industry as said by him. He is just a Bhatt’s amazing protege.
    And bhatt camp is looked down upon by industry. Even there amazing films like Arth,Naam,Zakhm,Sadak,Jannat,Aashiqui are looked down n do not get industry appreciation.
    While overrated yrf,dharma films get appreciation because they r big banners. N big royal Kapoor families r attached to it which does not happen in case of emraan.

  • I just loved both the posters,specially the first poster is just awesome!!…Waiting for #MrX 3d!!
    I know @Arjun Kapoor Fan also loved these posters but he can’t accept coz he is a loser.
    Btw @Sambuddha,who saw Arjun Kapoor in Ishaqzaade?? It was Parineeti’s film,she got the national award for it too.

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