‘Big Hero 6’ becomes the highest grossing animated movie of 2014

Oscar winning animated film ‘Big Hero 6’ has become the highest grossing animated movie of 2014, as the film has collected $632 million globally. When converted to Indian rupees, the worldwide gross of the film is Rs 3,918 crore!

The film earned $221 million in the United States of America and a record $51 million in China. In South Korea, Russia and Japan, ‘Big Hero 6’ became the second biggest animated release by Disney, grossing more than $75 million. In Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia it was the top animated release of all time.


Based on Marvel comics of the same name, ‘Big Hero 6’ tells the story of “the special bond that develops between Baymax, a plus-sized inflatable robot, and prodigy Hiro Hamada as they team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.”

The business of the film got a huge boost globally after it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature film.

The highest grossing animated film ever is 2013’s Oscar winning film ‘Frozen’ which grossed $1.28 billion globally i.e a mind-boggling Rs 8,025 crore – more than the worldwide gross of all Hindi films released in 2013 and 2014!

Indicine article with inputs from IANS.



  • I’m more interested in the ROI of such films… Can we have something on that to have a fair comparison with our movie because their budgets and screens count is far higher than ours

  • Not interestd that much for animation films but Will watch big hero 6
    my favrite animatd movies r
    ice age and toy story
    will watch finding nemo n up soon

  • wow…@indicine, plz do prediction about avengers 2 and star wars ep.7..i think avengers2 will be highest grossing movie…but craze about star wars series is unmatched… whats your opinion???

  • Beware!our king is coming with dilwale it will do the combined business of both frozen and big hero 6

  • was there a need for those article??
    i thought it is the highest grossing animated movie in india in the year 2014
    then publish too that transformers 4 is the highest grossing movie last year.

  • Frozen was a film for all ages I guess hence it did double the business of BH6…. But generally speaking animated films in Hollywood have always been big hits going back 50 or even 60 years…. In India the market is still not there despite best plagiarised efforts Roshans home made cartoon movies ie Jaadoo franchise or Kings horror cartoon flick Ratoon Point One…! Best animated cartoon I enjoyed was Paglapur sorry Jaadoopur ooops I meant Toonpur Ka Superhero- hope for more entertaining movies of the latter type and not former type…!

  • Yes, it should be,though not interested in Animated movies.
    Now waiting for March 31st, Interstellar Dvd release..

  • It is stupid to compare it with Bollywood films as they are in English and dubbed in many languages’
    Also the cost of each film can make endless Bollywood films.
    the cinema are in the thousands.
    Of course the films had to be good….but many have flopped.
    Don’t try to imitate Hollywood films keep the Indian style and enter Indian films for the Oscars and other competitions…for they are nothing but that..

  • My favourite animated hollywood movies are big hero 6,ratatouille,despicable me (both),monsters inc and university,toy story franchise,kung fu panda franchise ,rise of the guardians and cars franchise.Frozen was an average movie which didnt deserve much success like crossing 1 billion it should have been in the range of big hero 6 only as i only liked the films message and 3 songs otherwise the story ,screenplay and dialogues were average to below average only(singers sang all the songs very awkwardly) and big hero 6 should have collected like frozen.My all time favourite is despicable me 2 as it had the right dose of entertainment and comedy only due to the minions(waiting impatiently for the new one releasing in july).The first despicable me was better in the lines of script while the 2nd one was better in the lines of humour and entertainment.Bollywood has also created a few time pass(but one time watch) animated movies like toonpur ka superrhero and roadside romeo.Bollywood should also be creative like hollywood in creating animated and superhero movies.

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