Most watched Bollywood Trailers of all time

With the Krrish 3 theatrical trailer going viral on social networking websites, Hrithik Roshan’s latest superhero film is likely to break all records as far as the views on Youtube are concerned. In less than 48 hours, the trailer has already been viewed more than 4.1 million times. To put things into perspective, the trailer of Besharam which released more than a week ago has only had 2.8 million views.

Krrish 3 Trailer

Krrish 3 Trailer

In the next couple of days, the official theatrical trailer of the film, which is currently at No 11 in the list, is likely to be the second most watched Bollywood trailer of all time. It also has a good chance of going past Jab Tak Hai Jaan, which is by far the most viewed Bollywood trailer with more than 8 million views.

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UPDATE (7 August): Krrish is closing in on the 5 million mark. Has surpassed Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani to take the 8th spot!

UPDATE (8 August): Krrish 3 Trailer has released in theatres with Chennai Express. The Youtube trailer has also crossed the 5 million mark, taking it to the Top 5 most watched Bollywood trailer of all time!

UPDATE (9 August): Krrish 3 has almost hit the 6 million mark. 3rd most watched trailer of all time.

1. Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 8.1 million (2012)

2. Krrish 3 – 7.1 million (6 days)

3. Race 2 – 6.8 million (2012)

4. Ek Tha Tiger – 5.8 million (2012)

5. Agneepath – 5.7 million (2012)

6. Ra One – 5.3 million (2011)

7. Chennai Express – 5.1 million (2 months)

8. Raanjhanaa – 5 million (4 months)

9. Heroine – 4.9 million (2012)

10. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 4.5 million (5 months)

11. Dabangg 2 – 4.4 million (2012)

12. Don 2 – 4.3 million (2011)

13. Talaash – 3.7 million (2012)

Note: Only views from the film’s official channel have been used. A few trailers are released on multiple Youtube channels, but in most cases one trailer gets the most views.



  • RAKESH ROSHAN’s Biggest weapon is EMOTIONS which gonna make KRRISH 3 a BLOCKBUSTER like Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish.

  • Jab tak hain jaan 8.1 million views but only 106 crore net collection in india so only the good content will help the film to have longer at box office

  • Within 5 days the trailer will be viewed more than 10million+ times….Imagine 4.1 million views in just 2 days,its not a joke…it shows how people are curious about the film…This film is a sure shot ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER…Hrithik is Hrocking it..Haters Burn in Hell \m/

  • dont think average vfx will matter audience ,because only few ppl know abt graphics..
    even had chances of collecting more but story was really ugly..dts d reason..but rakesh roshan movies hav perfct story fr indian audience..he ll play with emotions and hrithik as superhero will rule the box office no doubt..

  • Most of the %age of audience who actually go to single screen theatres don’t watch trailers on Youtube.

    Similarly, all the people who are watching trailer on youtube won’t go to the theatre to watch the movie.

    So youtube, twitter, facebook, TOI polls – these thing cannot determine the popularity of anyone

  • 90% People of india are crazy over this trailer…
    I’m not a Hrithik fan but when I saw the trailer I was impressed.
    my friends, classmates are already going gaga over this trailer

  • love this trailer very much more than any holly films…

    Actually i m fan of hollywood films but when i saw this trailer on ETC bollywood i m suprised ,
    so amazed by see the effort frm krrish3 team

    Hats off (y)

  • @indicine Thank you so much for giving Solid information as i had send you so many articles on hrithik some of them you have not published i belive that you will do right things at right time Kudos to your right kind of effort Thank you once again

    So This we can call it as Creation or Trendetting in our Indian Cinema

  • Important Note: As the trailer has repeat value, the movie will also have the same repeat value to get max money. ROI will be more for such a grand scale movie where Aashique 2 and YJHD had earned in recent times

  • wow ..
    I know it will top. I have never seen any trailer like this before …

    like most of the guys here I’m also in love with this trailer. Best trailer of bollywood so far

  • @CE Your CE will not only cross 150Cr but it will do 175Cr+ I hope it will do good business.
    I can understand your frustration, but if you love krrish 3 you will enjoy the rain
    If you dislike then you will fall in a hurricane

  • You tube likes and views are nothing otherwise race2 will not become semi hit after 6.8 milion views and the diwali disastar jthj, ra1 havenít become disastar, krish3 will go as jthj or ra1 way

  • hahaha..

    ChennaiExpress – 5.1M in two months

    Krrish3 will cross 5M in just 3 days….

    in front of Krrish3, ChennaiExpress became ChennaiPassenger

    Krrish3 – ?????

    Chennai Express – ??

  • @sumit suman you fogot that agneepat views are more than ready, ra1 and bodyguard but failed to beat them. Anyway youtube views are nothing, we srkian realise it after diwali 2012, you should realise dis after diwali 2013, mark my words.

  • I judt yesterday saw the buzz meter of films in etc channel it showed that k3 has 50% buzz till now,and its predicted collection is 150cr starting,so when days come near to its realize buzz will increase i.e, the one week ago of realising film buzz will be 100% and predicted bo will be 210+cr its prooved that k3 surely cross 200 cr,as we know etc s prediction is the most approval.

  • Awesome trailer. Film will do marvellous business and have an earth shattering opening.

    Lol funny how 8.1 million souls watched JTHJ trailer of Youtube King Srk at home but clearly they were too depressed by the time the movie released to watch it in theatres. Sometimes hits on youtube can be misleading and misused…!

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