India Questions Shahrukh Khan: Video

Shahrukh Khan was on NDTV’s special show ‘India Questions Shahrukh Khan’ with Prannoy Roy. The superstar spoke about his college days in Delhi, his superstardom, his upcoming film Chennai Express and a lot more.

Some excerpts from the interview

“I have never thought I have done (achieved) anything yet which is worthwhile to be remembered by me at least. I want to keep it simple, I want to keep it straightforward and by the grace of all the audiences, by the grace of directors and producers and of course God, I think I have got everything” said SRK in response to a question when about his most Noteworthy achievement.

“Every morning I wake up, and the first thought that comes to my mind and I say it, on a Friday if my film has released, which is the main work I do and if it hasn’t done well on Monday I get up and say ‘Oh my god, I need to make it better’ because I let down people who came to see it, so I need to work harder. On Friday, if it does well, I get scared that ‘oh my god I have made such a big hit now, I need to make it bigger so I have to work harder’. So, it’s so simple and it’s the most cliched thing in the world that you just work harder.” on what makes him see beyond success, having achieved almost everything that he dreamt of.

“I’d play a 70 year old, I would play a 20 year old. I will have to use minimum, minor visual effects but I will still look that young. At heart, I am very silly and 17, that’s so I get into trouble. So by heart I can play much younger” on being asked if he would like to continue playing younger roles or now that he is 47 and turning 50 soon, he is slowly moving towards playing aged men.

.. and a lot more in this video. Watch as random people across India question Shahrukh Khan. Fun interaction between SRK, Prannoy Roy and the audience.



  • Lol

    Ok my Q to Srk will be:-
    “Is it true your royal highness that Aditya Chopra is making a sequel to Yash jis classic JTHJ and if so will you be paired opposite Bollywoods next gen super starlets, Shraddha Kapoor and Alia Bhatt…?”

    Srks response:- “hhhmmm neither, I want Sunny Leone and Veena Malik to be in the movie and this time I will be sexually involved with both…!” ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • Young or old you are my only king

    I love that man to the max , the best actor in india then comes my 2nd 1 HRO My best 2

    actualy i love only 5 actors

    2- HRO – Hugh Jackman – Robert Downy
    3- Saif Ali Khan

    and i like ranbeer and shahid

  • king u r nt only king of Bollywood but also king of worlds…ur thought r just sencible and outstanding… god bless u

  • India Questions Srk is right Title bcoz Everybody Questions Srk whether its media,politicians,airport staff,watchman,critics,distributors etc for different

  • @Navin bro very funny and good thinking but since respected Yashji is unfortunately no more so who do u think will direct the sequel of JTHJ with such uncontrollable starcast ? maybe Kamaal Rashid Khan(KRK).lol

  • @Navin
    are referring to those two ladies who were given fame by few cheap acts in a cheaper show called big boss hosted by the cheapest man in the world??
    hw abt amir khan?? he has already stolen credit from mr. amol palekar & this time it would be his credit bcoz he knws hw to deal with cheapness as he has been the same in his entire life.

  • Well said @beingsallu…
    Btw m thinkin how tough it waz foh aamir to ride a bike considering his height..!!
    Ha ha ha… Bloody hypocrite

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