Most Liked / Followed Bollywood Actors on Facebook

Salman Khan is the second most followed Bollywood star on Facebook, only behind Deepika Padukone who has nearly 22 million followers on the world’s most popular social networking website.

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Salman Khan Facebook

Salman Khan Facebook

Salman is way ahead of his contemporaries like Aamir Khan (15 million), Hrithik Roshan (13 million), Akshay Kumar (12.6 million) and Shahrukh Khan (10.9 million).

The leading ladies command a larger following on Facebook compared to the men.

Check out the list of some of the most popular celebrities on Facebook with likes / followers in millions!

  • Deepika Padukone – 24,565,005 likes
  • Salman Khan – 22,993,246 likes
  • Amitabh Bachchan – 18,536,804 likes
  • Sonakshi Sinha – 16,421,023 likes
  • Aamir Khan – 15,746,744 likes
  • Priyanka Chopra – 15,425,821 likes
  • Kajal Agarwal – 14,932,833 likes
  • Hrithik Roshan – 14,845,819 likes
  • Sunny Leone – 14,442,492 likes
  • Akshay Kumar – 14,241,851 likes
  • Shahrukh Khan – 12,633,830 likes
  • Shahid Kapoor – 12,148,456 likes
  • Nargis Fakhri – 7,339,074 likes
  • John Abraham – 5,659,869 likes
  • Ajay Devgn – 2,745,788 likes
  • Arjun Kapoor – 2,626,006 likes
  • Ranveer Singh – 2,547,615 likes
  • Imran Khan – 2,066,971 likes


  • @ arjun i dnt worry about fb likes for ur kind info i have 3 id’s and i can like salman page and his movies with 25 or more ids cuz i m the only fb expert in my village come colony but i m not exited to do it. i was commented about lower class peoples not abot multiplex audience who can buy 300 rs. ticket and give ten times more business to bogus srk than 30 rs buyer salman movies ticket. if u do vote there is equal 1 vote for one man but 200 crore salman movie business is different than 200 crore rs. srk movies business reason salman is superstar of single screen and lower class. just because of his craze in lower class he is biggest superstar if we consider collection/budget. jai ho.

  • Well haterz also said CE trailer and songs were flop and we know what happened……………come on Deepika has more likes than people who are in industry for over 20 years???? Kajal has more likes than Ajay???? Priyanka more than Akii, HR, Aaamir??? Shahid more than SRK?????? Clearly fb likes is not an indication of STARDOM……………………Twitter gives better indication of stardom as Amit uncle(10.3M) is no 1 there followed by SRK (9M), Aamir (8.42M) and lallu (8.24 M)………HR (6.53), akki (5.77M), ajay (2.47M)……………..this number of followers on twitter of each of these top stars follows closely to their relative star power at box office as SRK, Aamir and Lallu are close in terms of star power followed by HR then Ranbir (no verified twitter) and Akki…………..and we all know Amit uncle is biggest superstar ever…………………

  • @SSS : Film Fake awards are not a criteria to prove anything. Come out of fake world n see the reality where only BO numbers counts. Salman with highest number of Blockbusters n 2 highest grosser of decade. Srk not a single highest grosser of decade n no highest grosser of the year since last 6 years. Stop living in past !!!!!!!!!

  • @ www actually i dnt like replying fools like u but u specially comment my name so jawaab to banta hai. u can learn some maths from above comments just make an list of a,b,c class of producers, directers, heroenes and give them points acording their class ok. after that calculate each points of srk’s and Salman’s movies u can understand y Salman is biggest superstar in current gen cuz he able to give hit with b or c class team but srk ??????

  • @Romance New_yr LOL ur kiNg SRK is behind Sunny leone…ha ha . I bet after HNY flops the greak SRK will slip down to the rock bottom. Even Abhishek will have more likes than self proclaimed king..HA ha

  • o yes i agreed salman is more popular than srk and sonakshi is more popular then hrithik hahahaha common yar dont u know its too simple to purchase likes from fb that was official service provided by fb by themself….deepika is more popular than salman hahahaha list speaks itself its authenticity

  • @fan pk,i mentioned deepi and rohit shetty’s name.and it looks like logic has just borne in you.when you mentioned amitji’s name,then look bro,his recent films do not have blockbuster success.yet he is the most loved and respected actor of bollywood.his all movies including recent ones touch billion of heart.popularity as well as likeability cant be measured always by bo success.same thing is true for finding fanny.this one is not made to wonder at bo,rather to win hearts.and in ce,only deepi and rohit’s trade mark style were loved by use ur logic and calm your head.

  • SRK do not have Official FB page..He first tweets on tweeter and later on it get posted on FB..However SRK have 9 Million followers on Twitter only behind Amitabh Bachchan.

  • Salman Khan is worst actor in the world..And 20 Million salman’s fake fans shows illiteracy of India..It happens only in India!!!

  • #SRK9Million trending at 1st on Twitter Whereas #20MillionSalmaniacsOnFB on 4th..Even we 9 millions are powerful than combined power of salman and amir khan..

  • @yuvraj,good speech!!!! I liked it.hold your EMOTIONS and face the truth.SRK’S MOVIES are for business purpose?are you joking?the man who did remake of same kind repeatedly and showed fake action with zero acting skills again and aagai then he did a good film for you?could salman ever act in a MOVIE that has connection with HEART LIKE—-RNBDJ,MNIK,JTHJ,SWADES,CDI,DEVDAS, you want to tell all these MOVIES are for business purpose?what was of salman’s status before 2010,when some better films then his today’s like London dreams,veer,mumk,and many more got flopped repeatedly.where were you at that time? SRK IS THE BADSHAH OF EVERY HEART EHETHER THAT BELONGS FROM TO A VILLAGE TO BIG CITY.but salman earned due to those masala remakes which most Indians love.why because salman did that every time when he got success once after dabang.WHEN SRK TRIED THAT IN CE,HE NOT ONLY EARNED HUGE,BUT ALSO BROKE EACHEACH RECORD.THAT’S HE IS CALLED ‘KING/BADSHAH’. some of villagers got fooled by salman’s low grade unvaluable repeatedly and you’re showing your emotions?1st let salman to learn acting.then talk about stardom.SRK GIVES HIT ALWAYS unlike sman after doing remakes only to hide his acting inability and fooled some innocent Indians like you by showing a village and being a corrupt cop,wah re Indians wah,kya tumhara choice hai?

  • @Roy, bhai but atleast it should have been hit…

    so to your logic, znmd collect so much due to farhan and zoya akhtar…wow man!!

  • @yuvraaj and some other salman fan yar I think a person made same types of movie with different title and you people made them blockbuster ????…..… unlike srk who made masala movie someyear earlier it was a blockbuster yes I m talking about OSO that time a movie struggle to collect hardly 50 crore OSO collect more than 90 crore but after that srk did different movies like CDI, MNIK,RNBDJ and lots of other all are also successful movie if he wanted than he again repeated masala gern and made money but he believe to give something different to his fans money is not all about for him otherwise you all know what happened when he again did masala movie CE it was broken all previous recordbut in case of salman I also like him but you fans are responsible for he doing sametype of movie bcoz I always heard you people said if salaman stand without a shirton screen than 5 min movie became hit I think you don’t eccept anything else with him ???? he tried to done different thing than movie became flop so plzzz…. grow upand accept some thing different from him

  • Congrats #30MSalmaniacsOnSocialMedia .. 24 million Aamirians on Twitter+FB and 19 million Bakratards on Twitter+FB :-D

  • @ fan pk ur comment is useless likw you cuz i am salman fan when u dnt know abc of acting and movies. without body salman has most cute face and smile of bollywood but u think his all movies same becuz u watch all movies from ur average badshah’s goggle.
    @- i dnt know y did like my speech it was not for your kind of fools who needs excuse that salmam is a better actor than srk in his movies. why you peoples thinksthat whatever you well educate people thinks everybody should accept without any word to say against him. i called u worst commenter ofindicine just becuz u arguing with us at same points on every article, how many time we tellu, its enough. after getting lots of answer on same question still ur questioning it means how dumb are ur kind of well educate peoplesthan villagers.@pjp u r showing again how wise u srkians fake fb users r ilitrate so tell me how they usefb when they dnt know english/hindi.

  • Congrats to Dips but in all seriousness ‘so what…?’ comes to mind. These kind of things dont really hold any credibility as they can be easily manipulated. I myself have liked several stars pages in the past but today twitter rules the roost. Thats a more accurate description of current status quo amongst celebs in todays times IMO.

  • These arent a parameter to judge stardom.
    btw shahrukh’s page isnt his offical one….like dat of twitter
    a group of individuals are operating it on behalf of shahrukh…also the page wasnt publiciseded at the time of its launch

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