Most Liked / Followed Bollywood Actors on Facebook

Salman Khan is the second most followed Bollywood star on Facebook, only behind Deepika Padukone who has nearly 22 million followers on the world’s most popular social networking website.

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Salman Khan Facebook

Salman Khan Facebook

Salman is way ahead of his contemporaries like Aamir Khan (15 million), Hrithik Roshan (13 million), Akshay Kumar (12.6 million) and Shahrukh Khan (10.9 million).

The leading ladies command a larger following on Facebook compared to the men.

Check out the list of some of the most popular celebrities on Facebook with likes / followers in millions!

  • Deepika Padukone – 24,565,005 likes
  • Salman Khan – 22,993,246 likes
  • Amitabh Bachchan – 18,536,804 likes
  • Sonakshi Sinha – 16,421,023 likes
  • Aamir Khan – 15,746,744 likes
  • Priyanka Chopra – 15,425,821 likes
  • Kajal Agarwal – 14,932,833 likes
  • Hrithik Roshan – 14,845,819 likes
  • Sunny Leone – 14,442,492 likes
  • Akshay Kumar – 14,241,851 likes
  • Shahrukh Khan – 12,633,830 likes
  • Shahid Kapoor – 12,148,456 likes
  • Nargis Fakhri – 7,339,074 likes
  • John Abraham – 5,659,869 likes
  • Ajay Devgn – 2,745,788 likes
  • Arjun Kapoor – 2,626,006 likes
  • Ranveer Singh – 2,547,615 likes
  • Imran Khan – 2,066,971 likes


  • Another tread is hijacked by srk lover ( disguised as hater). Off the topic : So 9 million beat 20 million. However, when i visited #20MillionSalmaniacsOnFB, there also most comment about srk. Do salman fans are more srk hater than salman fan ?

    India Trends Change
    Xi Jinping
    Modi hijacked by srk lover ( disguised as hater). Off the topic :

  • also Narendra Modi 21 602 861
    Sachin Tendulkar 22 428 832
    Yo! Yo! Honey Singh 24 776 016
    Vodafone Zoozoos 19 119 508
    indian Cricket Team 19 651 358
    Shreya Ghoshal 22 294 731 A.R. Rahman 15 323 989 20 668 946 Virat Kohli 17 016 656 fans on facebook

  • Its obvious that boys want to see heroines more than heroes. That is why deepika is ahead of salman and sunny leone is ahead of srk. But its true that salman khan is much bigger star than srk.

  • bt dis tym #srk9million is trending at 3rd no. while #20millionsalmainaics on fb is trending at 4th. it shows dat we 9million r more pwrful dan 20million lallu fans. lol

    evn 2-3weeks ago srkians defeated d combined pwr of lallu nd tingulal on twitter trend. dis shows dat out of 20 million lallus majority r fake ids. haaaa loll

  • Who care this face book likes. I m srk fan but I don’t follow srk on network but I watch his all movies in theatre. Even 1/4 of his fb follower have watch his yuvraj in theatre already once it might have grossed atleast 20 cr. enjoy Sallu fans.
    Deepika has 15 mn likes but finding funny is struggling to touch 30 cr

  • @ Arjun kapoor i can understand what r u feeling now u neglect Salman just think what is taste of people who dnt use internet Salman, ajay, akshay r most popular hero in them so where is ur srk’s stardom may be in didi’s state bengal. ha ha ha too much fun.

  • @Roy from above analysis now u will be said that singham getting hit status becoz of kajol aggrawal Lol…. dear u said that CE was huge hit due to Deepika means according to your logic finding fanny is going to break dhoom3 record ????? just go on BOI finding fanny life time would be under 30 crore which is 200 less than CE domestic collection and forgot about world wide collection…. according to upper information Deepika is biggest >>>>salman , aamir ,amitabh, who are doing work in Bollywood more than 20 years and why only Deepika kajol agrwal is too bcoz she is only one film old than her like ratio according to work is even bigger than Deepika ….. so don’t post unlogical post and plzzz check Twitter followers also u got your answer ;)

  • @yuvraj u seem to b a huge believer in fb likes.then here is a stat for u-kick official page has 2.9mln likes while jthj,2 states has around 3.5 mln likes!
    But obviously kick was a bigger hit than both these films don’t read too much into this fb like stat otherwise it will come back to haunt u

  • @Indicine SRK does not have any official facebook account…..its just that fb posts the same tweet of him which he posts uses his only account in social networking sites..i.e, twitter…PLZ CLARIFY THE DOUBTS

  • srk is not popular in kids and teenagers.he was only popular in adults.that is the reason he has more Twitter following than fb

  • Tom cruise
    Fb likes 8.5 millions
    Collection of last movie
    Mission impossible 4
    $ 6 billion

    Salman Khan
    20 million fb likes
    Collection of his last movie
    65 Million $
    Now Salman fans Apply your logic here also
    specially YUVRAJ
    Shahid has more likes Than SRK on fb
    I hope Haider will Surpass CE
    Here Also m apllying Salman Fans logic :)
    Btw Deepika has 22 Million likes
    then what happened to finding fanny Why it is Struggling?
    #RIP logic
    and indicine I know u won’t publish my this comment

  • I couldn’t understand why salman’s fb account shown instead of Deepika.These fb likes may be fixing or true,that doesn’t matter,as many of them also paid to get likes.this couldn’t prove stardom.if so then salman fan must agree Deepika and Priyanka are far bigger superstar and than salman and amir,LOL.

    @legend khan,don’t be frustrate so much.salman air amir 10 janm mein BHI won sab achieve kar payenge.pehle 15FILMFARE achieve kar me dikhaye dono as an ACTOR.ghanta aur kela award winners ke fans LEGEND SRK KO apni 2rs star ke saath compare mat karo.

  • Bigboss 8 Contestant
    1-Upen Patel
    2-Sushant Digvikar
    3-VJ Bani
    4-Karishma Tanna
    5-Sonali Raut
    6-Shweta Salve
    7-Sushant Singh
    8-Rashami Desai
    9-Mariam Zakaria
    10-Arya Babbar
    11-Mohit Malhotra

  • but who cares…?
    every social networking polls and trends r won by king’s fans….
    10 back to back top five highest grosser of years is an clear example of d power of king

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