Most big directors work with SRK, Aamir or Hrithik

Saif Ali Khan, on cloud nine, after the earth shattering opening of Love Aaj Kal says one of the reasons he started his own production house, Illuminati Films, is because he can work on the films, subjects and directors that he wants, since the first choice of most big director’s like Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Karan Johar would either be Shahrukh, Aamir or Hrithik.

“If things don’t work out with these guys, then perhaps they’d come to me. However, with setting up my own production house, I can make the films I wish to and give myself the parts I want to play. No other producer can give me the parental love that my own production can.’’ says Saif.

Way to go Saif!



  • ofcourse they choose SRK, aamir and hrithik alot in films because they have been in the industry for long as well as there acting and population!!!


  • ofcourse shah rukh is ruling the bollywood and he is the first choice of all the directors. and his next release will prove that what is Shah Rukh khan….
    he is a wonderful actor and very talented. God bless him.
    and about amir and all no comments…
    i dont wanna spoil my reply…

  • If you are here and trying to tell the world that Aamir is not an actor I think , You better off in this blog. Becuase you have no sense that what you are saying. Let me tell you the story. All the major famous and legend actors said about aamir khan , that he is today Gurru Dutt or Dilip Kumar. This is not my words. This is what other Greate actors says about him. Take a look Kofee with Karan , Randhir Kapoor said , According to me Aamir is a great actor and I am seeing him in future Greater then Dilip Kumar or Raj Kapoor. Shah Rukh is popular but remember there is a defference between ACTOR and STAR. Shah Rukh Khan is a Star not an Actor , Aamir Khan is an Actor and he is also supper Star. So please dont say against Aamir becuase you dont like him, You can not ignore or hide the reality. I hope this will gives you the answer. If you have any question email me.

  • there is no comparison btw amir and srk coz if we talk about acting then shahrukh is not even near amir because amir khan puts himself in the character no matter what chafracter he plays now let me give you one example in main hoo na srk played a sipahi with long hair role now that is not a versality because fauji people dont keep long hair – and in the climax how can anyone chase a van with fucking rikshaw i think he was trying to become keanu reeves from matrix, he just knows one thing how to dance a sing around trees with girls in movies because thats what he has been doing for years, he needs some change now – he should do some different roles and on the other hand amir khan according to character chnages his hairstyles in almost evey movie. HE IS THE BEST “AMIR KHAN”..amir khan does not attend award functions therefore award automatically goes to srk’s way and even akshay said in his interview that he was asked by filmfair to perform in the filmfair show and they will give him award…and naseerudin shah said that bollywood awardss are joke only amir is the person who has been to OSCARS…….AND HE WILL AGAIN…
    1. 1947 The Earth was selected for OSCARS…
    2. Laggan was selected for OSCARS…
    3. Rang De Basanti was selected for OSCARS…
    4. Taare Zameen Par was selected for OSCARS…
    What else i can say for this….

  • i think aamir khan is the best in bollywood today, i do not know where to start and how to start because he is a versatile actor, see his performance in his movies, i dot not hate shahrukh but only thing which makes me uncomfortable every time when i see his movies that he just does love stories he needs some change now, he loves to sing a song with his heroin around the trees well come on yaar, he was good in darr and pardes and devdas because he did some different roles in those movies, right now he is 44 and he is getting old if he does not do different roles now it would not be possible for him to do the same love stories 4 years from now and then he would not be able to do chalanging roles and i realy like one thing about aamir that he changes himself according to the character, see his hairstayle which is diferent in every movie since sarfrosh and on other hand shahruch in main hoon na he played a major or sipahi role and he did not even cut his hair for that and on top of that he was trying to become keanu reaves from matrix in the climax of that movie well cut the crap yaar how can anyone chase a van with the bloody rikshaw, it should not be like this, being an actor you should be ready for everything for evey change, aamir and shahruch they both have the same sirnamem, same khan sirname wont make you good actor MR. KING KHAN {HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA}

  • ya these movie were selected but didnt win na??? movie were selected not an actor, am i right??? these movie were selected for story not acting…srk won many award not only nominated.. any way the world know who is the king of bollywood.. one and only shahrukh khan..

  • well anuj…i am feeling kind toward u..bcoz u really dont know what is bollywood??…so how will u know the actors,stars….and what is this…u r considering some flopper like ranbir….from flop-masters’ camp, who has given series of flops….sawaria,…get fresh and then face the truth not what others tell….dont listen to flopers…listen to this entire world..then u will found srk as dilip kuma of this entire world

  • Anuj: wrong.. Rang de Basanti didn’t go for Oscar.. it was presented for the British awards (Bafta) and I saw the function on Starworld channel.
    Taare Zamin Paar was rejected by Oscar organizers.. why? I don’t know although it’s a good movie! and the bollywood movie which really deserved oscar was Lagaan.. a flawless movie, a great one actually.

    About Aamir and Shahrukh.. each one is great in his own way.. so don’t try to say any bad about shahrukh because noone will listen to you.. if he’s a superstar so it’s because he worked hard, did some great movies, people loved him, got a great chemistry on the screen, attractive, smart, etc… if he lacked all this he’d never become a “superstar” or “the king of bollywood” for more than 12 years.. so don’t speak rubbish Anuj.. you (can’t) make ppl see shahrukh with your own eyes!

  • Anuj: Shahrukh did Chakde India, Swades, Baziger, and now My Name is Khan.. these aren’t love stories and singing for the girls or chasing them in these movies!!
    Aamir’s 90 or 95% of his movies too had love stories in them, partially, he did some different movies, but each one of them had a love story in the script, even Ghajini.. the main was his love story for Asin and what happened to him because of his love for the girl except TZP.. that’s the only movie which he did and didn’t fall for a girl as far as I remember!

    As I said.. don’t speak rubbish!

  • yaaaaaaa…fatiya is exactly correct…and my fren anuj please go through her to understand…bollywood…beside that i would like to add some more
    initially…i object u for ur advise over srk, to change his role…bcoz
    there r a lots of movies with varieties of character in past….like
    1.dar…as a blind and crazy lover
    2.bazziger…as aggressive revenge taker
    3.anjam….as a dangerous villan
    4.paheli….as a fabulous magician
    5.badshah….as comedy,king
    6.don….as a don….fighter
    7.MAIN HOO NA…as a brilliant army
    8ashoka….as a historic warrior…king
    9.chak de india… a brilliant coach
    10. KANK….as a drepressed human
    11.OSO….as a completely filmy

    so my fren first look over these various movies then see the various character and his fairy acting in these character

    and also in future
    1.don2….back in action name is khan….completely different
    3.dhoom3….full action…with high speed
    4.RA1….as a superhero

    besides these he has a huge no of love movies….teaching and inspiring us to love..and my fren anuj…love is the most essential to grow anything in this world….love srk just like me,Beeky

  • Beeky: well done dear.. thanks for your comment.. just don’t know why some ppl hate Shahrukh?! He didn’t harm anyone in any way.. indian ppl must be proud of him, unfortunately some are not!

  • srk is old.he can not acting..and he call himself big star (he is arrogant) his coment :
    Rubbishing reports that he was trying to promote his upcoming movie ”My Name is Khan”, he said, “I hate people who rake up religious issues for their personal gains. I don”t want to sound pompous here but I don”t need publicity to promote my movie. I am too big a star for that.”

  • shahrukh khan is the best he has amazinggggggg sense of humour i wish mere pass shahrukh jaisa humour aa jaye we love u shahrukh

  • chill guys yy u people compare amir and sharuk both are different in der own way so we should not compare each other jus like them for wat they are rather than getn into an arguments!!! amir or sharuk dnt see u r comments n send u a reply LOL!!

  • saali Fathiya, tu actually ek kuttiya hai,,, har site mein comments karti hai,, koi aur kaam nahin hai kya?????????? Srk, srk, srk… hamesha usi ka naam???? Aamir khan is the real king of bollywood, mind it!!!!!

  • Hrithik and Ammir are better then any actor in bollywood they can act any scene and are extremely Versatile. Sharukh is a good actor without a doubt but he is arrogant which is letting him down. No actor is going to rule forever every actor time will come but I’m afraid coz when shahrukh time will come he will fall very badly

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