More Photos of SRK and Kareena in Ra One

Some more pictures of Ra One that we received from SRK’s production house Red Chillies. It was sent last week, but somehow got lost in our Inbox. Better late than never though. Here are the latest pictures from Ra One. Check em out!

Ra One directed by Anubhav Sinha releases on October 26th 2011. Made on a budget of Rs 150 crores, the SRK-Kareena starrer is the costliest Indian film ever!

Ra One Pictures

Kareena Kapoor in Chammak Challo

Ra One Pictures

One more, Kareena in Chammak Challo by Akon

Ra One Pictures

Shahrukh Khan in Ra One

Ra One Pictures

Ra One Pictures

Ra One Pictures

Ra One Pictures

Ra One Pictures

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  • Srk sucks these days. There are 3000 vfx in Ra1 and out of that amount 2990 have been used on Srk face to make it look better

  • Everybody is amazed at the rate Ra.One promotion is going on. It started with a teaser in Cricket World Cup and it is still continuing. Everybody knows Shahrukh Khan is a marketing acumen and he changed the whole definition again with Ra. One. Hope his geniuses helps Ra.One to become one of the biggest blockbusters ever.

    Now lets come to the economics. Before all calculations it should be presumed that Ra.One will be liked by audiences immensely and is a well made film, since without this it is impossible for Ra.One even to recover its cost.

    It is estimated that Ra.One budget is around 150-155 crore. 125 crore is the cost of the film and 25-30 crore is the cost of promotion and release. So, this means for it to be a trade HIT or profitable venture it had to recover 150-155 crore and after that profit will start. For Theatrical HIT it had to collect 150-155 crore distributer share Worldwide (3 Idiots Worldwide Distributor Share is 125-130 crore) through Theatres only, which looks difficult because of Budget of the film, but never say never.

    Ra.One Movie Cost (Make + Promotion + Release) – 150-155 crore.

    Amount already recovered –

    1. Satelite Rights – 40 crores.
    2. Music Rights – 7 crores (Estimated).

    Amount needed to be recovered – 98-103 crores (Distributor Share from India and Overseas).

    Now lets check the biggest all time HIT movies returns (Distributor Share Domestic Only)-

    1. 3 Idiots – 99 crore.
    2. Bodyguard – 85-88 crore (Expected).
    3. Dabangg – 77 crore.
    4. Ready – 65 crore.
    5. Ghajini – 60 crore.

    If we only take the Distributor Share of Top Movies of 2011 –

    1. Bodyguard – 85-88 crore (Expected).
    2. Ready – 65 crore.
    3. Singham – 50 crore.

    So, Ra.One if collects distributor share say as much as Bodyguard, which is still running, say around 80-90 crore, then it has only need to collect a distributor share of 10-20 crore from Overseas which is easily possible as Shahrukh Khan last released My Name is Khan collected around 35-40 crore distributor share.

    How much potential of Ra.One –

    Since, Shahrukh Khan is the King of Overseas at the moment and his last film MNIK has collected 35-40 crore distributor share, Ra.One should collect around 45-50 crore distributor share, if we take 20-25% hike from MNIK. Realistically it should cross 40 crore atleast.

    In domestic market, Shahrukh Khan biggest HIT is Rab Ne Banaadi Jodi which distributor share was 45 crore. But it has released long back and market scenario is totally changed now. Today if a film is liked by audience immensely, we can safely assume a distribution share of 45-50 crore atleast. Bodyguard released on Eid 2011 went on to collect 78 crore distributor share from two weeks itself and still breaking records all India.

    Ra.One Box Office Collection Prediction –

    Domestic – 90 Max. 50 Min.
    Overseas – 50 Max. 35 Min.
    Note – We have already assumed Ra.One is a well made movie.

    Amount might be recovered from Theatres (Estimation from) –

    Maximum – 140 (which is more than 3 Idiots 102).
    Minimum – 85.

    Addatoday Realistic figure – 70-80 distributor share (Domestic) and 40-50 distributor share (Overseas). That means 110-130 distributor share worldwide and it will make it HIT or Super HIT. Already taken that Ra.One is well made movie. It is just our prediction and criticism is welcomed. If God forbid and Ra.One comes with mixed Review it will set to entitle losses or may be heavy losses ever in Indian Box Office History. But lets be optimist and hope that Tsunami is awaiting this Diwali to shatter all Box Office Records.

    It is to be noted that Huge Number or screens don’t guarantee Box Office success, only Good Content. Aarakshan and Tees Maar Khan are good examples of release with huge screens but minimal returns.

  • In worst case scenario this movie is going to be the biggest loser of all times and in the best scenario it is going to be either hot or super hit. So Ra1 can never be a block buster movie, even if you include the music and satellite rights which normally we don’t include to label a movie hit o flop. Dabangg, and bodyguard did 142 crore business in theaters and are atbb/bb. If Ra1 does 142 crores it still will be a flop because of the cost factor here.

  • @Srk
    I like ur article. Its well written nd i agree with u. Yes its very tough to wait for ra 1. Lets hope good for ra 1. I hope it will break all records.

  • Hollywood— India is the largest film producing nation. But still they hav not their own super heroes. We r on the second number in producing films but we hav superman, batman, spiderman, ironman etc. HAHAHA
    SRK—Every Indian is superhero in himself. The only difference is that ur superheroes wear masks & u made movie on them using substantial technology while our superheroes wear heart and we make movies on them using little resources dat we hav but with hard work and love.…\m.

  • Yes towhid, leaked song of ra one called chammak challo become super hit, and dildaara is new released wit teaser it is also getting huge buzz… And yea ra one will be super blockbuster.. The promos and music tells that.. Love srk

  • @towhid Currently music is not doing great. might pick up but not up to the mark yet. No1 song right now is Teri Meri.

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