Mohenjo Daro Stills

Hrithik Roshan Look in Mohenjo Daro

Hrithik Roshan Look in Mohenjo Daro

Kabir Bedi in Mohenjo Daro

Kabir Bedi in Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro Still - Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Hegde

Mohenjo Daro Still – Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Hegde

Mohenjo Daro Still - Hrithik Roshan

Mohenjo Daro Still – Hrithik Roshan



  • Frustrated souls everywhere…!!!
    Can’t wait for Aug 12..!!!
    @HR pr site aka indicine where is Rustom trade response and music album review…????

  • @Abhi hr 😂😆 listen First make your hrithik nd his movies more popular than Akshay… 😂
    In popularity
    Akshay > Hrithik
    AKSHAY movies > Hrithik movies..hardly any hrithik movie comes on TV,but Akshay on every channel.

    Airlift And baby created a lot of buzz. Both movies are damn popular …look at their imdb..more than 35K people have voted them…y these movies were popular? Oh because they clashed with doli ki doli nd KSKHM 3 ?😂

    so childish nd stupid hrithik fans 😂 indicine y u post garbage cmnts of these fake Users…!

  • acc. to some people ,most popular person is the one who is most searched on google .WOW .RIP Logic!!!!!
    see the no. of followers of hritik & akki on fb and twitter .akshay is way behind than hritik (even it is also not the correct way to measure popilarity)

  • @sundi-how many times you’ll prove that you’re illiterate?…..Sunny leone tops the list…does that mean she is more talented than deepika, anushka, priyanka?(except in one field)

  • Baby 2 million views in 24 hours.
    Airlift 2 million views in 24 hours
    Rustom also 2 million views in 24 hours. .@Abhi hr? 😂 than how baby nd airlift got such huge response on YouTube? Because they r Akshay kumar movies .

    The popularity of Akshays content movies have increased even more now so beware jadoo fans. When a slow pace above average(according to me) movie like airlift can do 128 than Rustom can even do even 150 if it turned out Fast paced Thriller with good story….!

  • @Abhi hr and that same MD is behind than Rustom on YouTube whether it’s trailer or songs 😆

  • So what’s new in the entire Mahenjodaro album till now.they are cutting same steals of rejected trailer and showing audience to fool them.

    Sorry to say it’s completely disappointing now from Ashutoshji who is one of my favourite director of all time

    Rustom is ahead of style,locattion,trailer,music/songs,vackgroumd score in every thing.

    Sorry to say if Mahenjodaro will perform in this way till release then I can give 100% GUARENTEE that it’s lose the opening battle against Rustom too which everyone is expecting in favour of Mahenjodaro.

    No doubt akki is an all time clash loser and has no aukat to win a clash.but due to poor Mahenjodaro this all time clash loser too will now get an opportunity to beat hrithik roshan,sad but it’s truth.

    It seems like hrithik ‘s overconfidence will have to pay heavily in the clash.why he is targeting big budgeted movies in clash that too in small holidays instead of EID/CHRISTMAS,at least budget could have recovered of he would have did so just like what happened with FAN,rofl.

  • Every Still Pictures are awesome and superb ..
    Mohenjo daro now creating huge hype on the audience . I hope It will be Blockblaster …
    Finger Crossed and waiting For AUG 12 .
    And i think Rustom also be a Good movie and it will be super hit.. !
    Hrithik and Akshay Rocks .!

  • @sss
    Now you flop actor SRK fans are hiding behind Akki films Lol.
    Even in worst possible scenario, even if WOM extremely negative, Mohenjodaro will beat FAN liftime.
    Krrish 3 244 crore >>>>>> All SRK films
    Wait till Raees will postpone to avoid clash with Kaabil. Want to see your face then.

  • @sundi- Lol I agree akshay movies>>>>>Hrithik movies….in fact akshay is king of crap movies
    Tees maar khan
    Thank you
    List is so long
    Btw the dog in Entertainment was more appreciated than akshay for his performance

  • @sundi akkiholic
    Let your 60 crore actor cross 150 crore first, then talk. Lol.
    Tell any random person on the raod that Akki is more popular than Hrithik. They will think you have escaped from Mental Hosp.
    Mohenjodaro – 180 crore, Custom – 60 crore

  • A 100 crore is difficult for Akki to cross and these illiterate Akkians are hoping it will cross Mohenjodaro Lol.

  • @sundi-baby 2mn views in 24 hours but total views only 8mn…Airlift 2mn views in 24 hrs but total views only 7mn…lol….hang yourself right now

  • @Abhi hr you can’t deny the popularity of sunny Leone. She is in the news due to her past career . People Google akshay for his past? No,because people wants to know about him,they love him . Sunny leone case is different ! Anpadh Insaan

  • @A.B do u even know the followers of Akshay on fb? It’s almost 20 millions while jadoo boy only 16 millions. Self trolled 😆
    On twitter hrithik is leading by 1 million, but akki by 4 millions of fb.
    Accept it ,Akshay is more popular!

  • Chaani in red dress is stealing my heart…looking like a royal. Now waiting for Sarsariya visual. Indicine can you plz tell me…is the MD music album getting required buzz?

  • @abhihr
    If that’s the case, how did Rustom trailer that released 10 days after MD trailer cross the 11 million before Mohenjodaro?

  • why Akki fans are burning so badly if they are so confident with Rustom!?
    guys u believe that Akshay is more popular than any other or HR, then keep that in you.
    stay happy with ur logic…dont impose ur logic on others!

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