Mohenjo Daro Box Office Collections and Opening: Friday (Day 1)

Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro has taken a poor start at domestic box office on Friday. The opening isn’t disastrous, but considering the budget that the film has been made on, the occupancy for the morning shows should have been more than double to what it has managed.

Hrithik’s star power has ensured a decent initial, especially in the South, but there is very little that a star can do when the general response to almost every promo of the film was negative.

Mohenjo Daro will now depend on word-of-mouth to even have an outside chance to recover costs through theatrical business. If the film isn’t liked, it could well be one of the biggest disasters of the year.

The opening numbers on Friday morning suggests a 9-10 crore start, but a lot would depend on what sort of growth the film manages evening onwards. It can’t afford a drop from here.

Opening Day occupancy of films in 2016

  • Sultan – 80% (partial holiday)
  • FAN - 55% (partial holiday)
  • Rustom – 35-40%
  • Housefull 3 – 35%
  • Baaghi – 35%
  • Airlift – 35%
  • Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 – 30%
  • Rocky Handsome – 30% (holiday)
  • Mohenjo Daro – 25-30%
  • Ki and Ka – 25%
  • Kapoor & Sons – 25%
  • Ghayal Once Again – 25%
  • Sanam Re – 20%
  • Mastizaade – 15%
  • Neerja – 15%
  • Jai Gangaajal – 15%
  • Wazir – 15%
  • Saala Khadoos – 8%
  • Fitoor – 15%
  • 1920 London – 10%
  • One Night Stand – 7%
  • Love Games – 5%
  • Traffic – 3%


  • Dont worry mohenjo daro will going 30 days and this movie sure super hit
    we dont think about first day.
    Waiting for

  • Movie has to collect over 125 cr to recover their investment… Looking at this moment it’s tough…. Hope so atleast touch 100 cr…

  • Now all depends upon the WOM.
    Though one thing is clear – MJ is not carrying as strong WOM as BM or Bahubali.
    However, I will be able to make a comment on its plot only when I watch it personally ( I have booked by tickets for tomorrow afternoon).
    Hope, the critics and media turn wrong and MJ turns out to be a memorable cinematic experience for me.
    Fingers crossed.

  • Mahenjodaro will wrap up under 80 cr.this will hurt HR.he should chose some good project…. now kabali will be postponed

  • @kings Aamir Khan and Hritik Roshan…..if u want the film to be a super hit, then go buy 50 crores worth of tickets

  • Feeling disappointed. Hrithik returning after such a long gap deserved much better.

    More than the opening it is the WoM which is important. Will have a fair idea by tomorrow.

    @ Indicine : How much it needs to be a hit?

  • it had we already Seen that Rustam Will Win First day
    That is power of Hrithik… Without Holidays

    Today’s Collection Rustam 14 Crore
    MOhanjodro 11 Crore
    Total 25 Crore On Day 1

    That means Rustam 60 crore Weekend (4 days)

    Both movies Collection 4 days Weekend Will Around 115 Crore….

  • Hence proved sometimes hard doesn’t pay off … Md is flop now for sure every one was so biased toward md and they made them flop now bollywood will bever see such type movies ????

  • One Suggest to Hrithik that he shouldn’t waist 2 year for A movie…
    He Should do more Movies 18 months/2 movies..

    Because Please He is Young.. He can do more movies than Aamir
    Because there is not Guaranty that if you does 1 movie in 2 years it will definitely Hit….

  • Mohenjo Daro will now depend on word-of-mouth to even have an outside chance to recover costs through theatrical business. If the film isn’t liked, it could well be one of the biggest disasters of the year.

  • Sorry to say but you don’t know how to review films, Indicine. You go in with pre-conceived notions about the movie. The pre release buzz has a huge impact on the way you review cinema. You need to go in with a broader mentality and view the movie for what it is, not what it should have been for you to call it a magnum opus. The vfx were definitely poor, but the movie was beautiful. There was a sincerity in the movie which is hardly seen anymore. If you watched Happy New Year, Kick and Sultan for what they were, why not MD. Not questioning your ratings, but 3.5* for these movies and 2.5* for MD shows poor reviewing skills. Your reviews have a huge impact on your readers. Please dont demean a good film just because it wasnt another Lagaan or Jodhaa Akbar. Cheers.

  • Some hrithik loggerhead fans were telling hrithik doesnt need EDX. First tell ur idol 6 finger wala to come close to salman and ammir suoerstardom then talk abt edx. Agnepath opening day had a boost collection because of sanjay baba luks and rishi kapoor. Jado boy is jus a wannabe scarlet and following in amir ‘s foot step doing one movie 2 year gona destroy his career for sure and would get extinction frm bollywood. SALMAN AND AMIR MADE EID AND CRITSMAS. DUM HAI TOH RELEASE KARKE DHEKHO

  • @ Rohan Bajaj what you talking about buddy , Bollywood life just fave 2 star and how good or bad it will see on box office you don’t need to fight here . it’s clear case

  • I remember in the start of this year, two film topped the list of most awaited and they are MJD and Raees. While Raees postponed to next year while MJD got this kind of poor opening is very disheartening.
    I always believe that the title of any movie should justify the feel of the movie. As reading reviews of MJD it looks only a love story so why to make a title like Mohan Jo Daro for a background of love story.
    Poor decision by makers which leads to unrealistic high expectation that eventually going to kill the movie.

    Sad to see the opening of the movie. It will hurt Hrithik and his fans too. though some idiots with user id like Thug vs Dangal, Destroyer of khans and EDX power etc deserves this.

    And it is a lesson that doing a one film in one or two year is a bigger risk than doing two films in a year. As when you hit back than it hurts hard.

  • Want MJD to collect atleast 85cr nett to prove that he is bigger crowd puller than some universal Megastars aka galaxy rulers.

  • Where are those who claimed that Hrithik > SRK ?? Because with a genre that is more than commercially appealing, and after two years of waiting for his fans, he won’t even beat FAN.

  • My God !

    What 9-10 cr ?

    All reviews are negative . So no chance of Blockbuster . Only the last hope is audience report . If audiences like this film then it has a chance to recover costs . But if the film gets rejected then it will never cross 100 cr .

    Sad for Hrithik !

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