Mary Kom First Week Collections: Biopic underperforms at the box office

After a good opening weekend, Mary Kom has failed to sustain during the weekdays at the domestic box office. The film had a good first weekend of Rs 28 crore, but business across all circuits dropped by nearly 60% on Monday from Sunday. The slide from Monday onwards wasn’t big, but the damage was done on the first weekday itself.

With Finding Fanny and Creature 3D releasing in theatres this weekend, Mary Kom is likely to continue its struggle in Week 2.

The Priyanka Chopra starrer is a profitable film for its producers, but it’s the distributors who will end up in the red. Mary Kom should finish with lifetime business of around 50-55 crore net.

  • Friday – 8.02 cr
  • Saturday – 9.35 cr
  • Sunday – 10.6 cr
  • Monday – 4.3 cr
  • Tuesday – 4 cr
  • Wednesday – 3.5 cr
  • Thursday – 3 cr (expected)
  • First Week Total – 42.77 crore

Verdict – Average



  • Really disappointing for PC she way too much optimistic for this film…
    May be i will watch fanny this week,will skip mary kom for tv premiere..

  • really sorry for MK team but I think the movie may collect 60 cr and get a Hit verdict if Finding Fany and Creature 3D underperformed on their first weekend.

  • 50-55 crore should be a satisfactory result for this movie.
    If it would have touched around 70 crore I would have called it big success..I think distributors overestimated this movie due to unexpected huge success of bmb…

  • I still dont understand why pc rejected raja natwarlal. Emraan-pc both superhot actors would have burned the theartes with sizzling chemistry, kisses n roamnce. Collections would have gone up secondarily.

  • After biopics like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Paan Singh Tomar, expectations were too high from Mary Kom, it wasn’t bad, but it certainly didn’t meet the expectation of many, so the fall was inevitable.

    It could have been another great movie like those two had direction and screenplay was up to the mark, but instead of making a true biopic, they chose to focus on masala routine, which was totally unsuitable in a movie like this. Mary Kom (boxer) certainly deserved better than this, I wish makers had focused more on Mary Kom’s real life instead of cashing in on her popularity to lure money.

    The only saving grace of the film was performance by most of star cast, but then again PC and her co star’s chemistry was a mismatch. Overall, it was a good one time watch if you went with lower expectation, but if you expected something like BMG, then you may have been disappointed.

    P.S. – Kangana’s performance in Queen is still best so far in 2014 closely followed by Rani and PC.

  • Anyways, wishing for its success, as PC has put on a lot of effort for her role and it was visible in the movie. 3/5 from me considering its genre (4.5 for PC’s performance).

  • Singham Returns Collection
    Domestic -140.40 cr
    Overseas – 30cr
    Total worldwide net-170cr
    Gross-215 cr
    Distributors share-81.69 cr (second biggest Distributors share in 2014 after Kick)
    verdict-Superhit to Blockbuster

    P.S SR collection all India is 149 cr.

  • indicine get your facts correctly as mary kom has crossed over 43 crores in india only n its made under a budget of 20 to 25 crores only so all the money coming is just profits for the makers n distributors also

    • @Rohan, do you know the price the ALl India Distributors have paid for Mary Kom? Read the article again. Mary Kom is profitable venture for its producers, distributors will incur losses.

  • Mary Kom is already a hit n its running successfully in cinemas its just the 1st week just wait after the 2nd week then u talk as its gonna rock more

  • @thullu y did u bash when I hd predicted a week back after watching the film that it won’t work?I want an explanation

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  • @thullu u hv to tell me the reason why u bashed me when I predicted it won’t work and gv my honest opinion about the film that I disliked it

  • Oh! ! I finally finished watching Mary Kom!

    Well, very honestly, Mary kom is not upto my expectation.but still it’s watchable.

    The screenplay looks odd some times. Some scenes look unnatural. Problem arises in the dilogue writing also. Direction was above average to good. The editing was good. Backgroud score and music work well. Cinematography is nice. Yet, they could have worked more on those beautiful Manipuri locations.
    In some moments i felt like it was just an unnecessary or created event. The last fighting could have been better.

    As for performances, Priyanka Chopra has delivered a stronge performance. Her dedication and hard work definitely reflect from the movie. The guy who was playing husband role was decent to good. The man playing coach character was strictly average. All other supporting actors were above average to good.

    So, It was flawed,but it offers many good things too. I was just satisfied! I am going with 2.5 and an extra half for the extremely dedicated and hard working Priyanka Chopra who was the soul in the film.

    RATING: 3/5

  • The movie was not bad but it was not brilliant . I think the budget of the movie is less so let’s see i hope it atleast gets a verdict of Semi Hit / Hit . Priyanka Chopra has done a fabulous job . A person may not like the movie but will definitely like PC’S performance . This is not Priyanka’S best performance but it is definitely one of her best performances .

  • All those who doing shit comments. Here kindly knw dat woman had given 2 yrs 4 dis biopic…. N nt 4 award … She is a international. Star… Bt to make us knw dat who Mary kom is… As v foolish just show our self cool dudes n dnt knw anythng abt our country…. Real heroes…. Salute u pc…
    N its da 2nd higest collection. Aftr bmb…. Paan Singh nt collected. Dis much….
    N its a woman movie… N we r da part of male dominant. Society…. Dats da main reson a creep movie doing 200 cr here n dis movie earning. Less….. But still u cnt compare a masterpiece. Of dis genere wid money it is a declared hit… If its a flop evn I salute da makers… Pc n Mary….. So b4 commentng faltu bokwas kindly c der work n efforts…. Well done pc … Me watched it 5 time n going 4 6 th n plz dnt compare dis wid f.f n c3d type movies…. Have some standards….

    Muje garv hai Ki Mai uss desh may hu jha Mary kom jaisi kiladi or priyanka jaisi kalakar hai

  • Mary kom were song all india for 26 cr. Distributors will hardly get the money but sub distributos who bought couple of territory for high price entitle heavy loss. Trade ppl overestimated mary kom’s boxoffice.

    Singham return is also underperformer. I mean 112 cr. first week and fold within 140 cr. not a good result. Here main culprit is Rohit shetty to make a dry film. Expectation from shetty to provide wholesome entertainment but SR fail on that side.



  • I still feel 3/5 for Mary Kom would be a bit more. My ranking of this movie in the list is

    2.Dedh Ishqiyaa
    3.Hasee Toh phasee
    7.Mary Kom

  • @indicine, it already collected 43cr, it has vry gud chance to do business of 60cr due well performing in multiplexes.

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