Manwa Laage Song Video – Happy New Year

The second song promo from Happy New Year is out!! Titled ‘Manwa Laage Re’, the love song is picturised on SRK, Deepika and rest of the Happy New Year cast.

Shahrukh has his newly developed 8 pack abs on display in the song promo. We quite like the tune composed by Vishal – Shekhar and the lyrics too. Do tell us what you think.



  • omg….. awesome… hny is getting better and better with each day….. its easily the best song of the year so far……..

  • singing at its best… shreya and arijit rocks…. vishal shekhar are best composers atleast for multiplexx audience…..

  • @ Navin aka Footpathawala aka ApeJaan an d great founder of Jadooland But you deserve to be on the ZOOLAND which is best place for your Apeman and Ape tards to livein
    Ha ha Hrithik Shivers or Hrithik Shaves or Hrithik Moves You are diverting your ways it will never instigate go on and on to bash him may be jaDOO will save him

    you are showing your supremacy over the kids not like grown ups like me Proud to say i m an SRkian not a kid to watch super hero flicks as if your Apeman has became a new superhero as if you were much obsessed with the term super hero you better watch Sakthimaan or read Doga comics

    Dear Navin i didnt for about Sarkar Jokes and Lungi Jokes will give you back every thing
    and also your troup so called Planet of Apes @tiger @hrithik @Anandi etc
    “As you Sow so that You can Reap”

    Yeh Toh Sirf Trailer Hain Picture Abhi Baakhi Hain

  • Romance New_yr: (September 10, 2014 at 2:10 am)
    @TILU Nebhani: haider will beat bang bang, mark my words

    grow up romu. Tilu isn’t a hrfan. He is a sallufan.

  • This song is nowhere close to Meherbaan. Shut up srk fans!! it looks like old song of Bollywood. No catchy tune or lyrics or indepth illustration of feelings here!! you will see the proof after a few days!!


    9 Things which you should know about SRK v/s Salman –

    1.) GODFATHER – Salman had his father Salim Khan’s influence to get established in Bollywood , whereas Shahrukh was a poor guy from Delhi , who made Debut on his Talent.

    2.) Image – Salman has the bad guy Image and has proved it right time and over , whereas Shahrukh is known to be the perfect father and husband. He has a Image of a perfect Man.

    3.) Court Case – Salman has 9 cases in his name , including crushing 5 beggars at night while drunk and driving , killing chingara and many more , whereas Shahrukh has never seen jail in real life.

    4.) Hits – Out of 46 movies Salman has done , 11 were hits and 6 were super hits whereas out of 73 SRK movies 40 were hits and 18 Blockbuster.

    5.) Fans – Salman has a fan following in India , South Asia and UAE whereas Srk has a huge fan following in India , South Asia , UAE , U.SA. , France , Germany , Russia , Canada , South korea and many more.

    6.) Net Worth – Salman has a net worth of 400 crore where SRK has a net worth of 4750 crore

    7.) Donation – Salman runs a foundation names being human and has turned it into a brand whereas SRK has donated 18 crore to cancer cell of Aims and has not even preached about it.

    8.) Some say SRK is greedy , well he is , he has 2 children future to look after , 1 huge bungalow to maintain , has a wife..( A father trying to earn as much money as he can for his children is not said to be greedy )

    9.) Power – SRK is the only Indian to be included in Forbes top 100 influential person in the world. According to UK tabloid , SRK HAS 5 Million Fans which is 6 times more than Salman Khan.

    That is why is he is the Undisputed King.

    One is for masses where as the other one is for Classes !

  • SRK Fan 1: Manwa Lage, wht lyrics, classic.
    SRK Fan 2: Yo bro.
    SRK fan 1 in DM: Bhai Manwa matlab?
    SRK fan 2 in DM: Manwa matlab man (mard).

  • @Navin Shivers : I didnt call Salman as mentor
    for your king but Salman & his family played a
    helping hand to Srk which your king has
    acknowledge many times. Now you are proving
    your king wrong. Also, your words highlights your
    upbringing n state of your frustated life !!!!!!!!!

  • @Navin shivers : Stop shivering you kid. You are still a rookie on Indicine. We have seen many srk fans claiming supremacy n vanishing examples : @xzone, @remotecontrol, @IMAM n many more. You havent heard them else you will think twice before taking pangaa with Salman fans !!!!!!!!!!

  • @R@hul : Posting n0nsense about Salman wont help your Sarkar or HNY. It neither disgrace Salman or affect his stardom a bit. I hope atleast 50% of Srk fans who commented here watch HNY in theatres n help Srk to give highest grosser of the year. Bechaara struggling since last 6 years !!!!!!!!


    @navin,yes recently one nude smeagol from jadooland posed over RAILWAY TRACK and the poster buffalo danced on a song recently named ‘rikshawala over’ he seems like the buffalo version if saruman.

    @sachin11,ha ha logic from a salman fan! joke of the millennium,lol.

    @hrithik,panga!I showed you of your actual position,why don’t you reply on @Navin Shivers’s TRUTHFUL COMMENT in some decent way with out any irritation.

    @NAVIN SHIVERS,BRO @Navin is a salman salman-amir not a hr fan.though hr fans are biggest insecure here except @nipun as didn’t find any teasing/hatred comment though he is also a biased fan and will tell meherban is better than ‘MANWA LAGE’.

  • Nowdays i keep SRKs 8 pack abs pic in my pocket. It helps me to win matches – John Cena

    Wrestlemania to be renamed Srkmania this year bcoz of Happy New Year – WWE

  • @sss khan you idiotic junk.. what Aamir did with one poster.. our 6 losers couldn’t do it with a trailer..That’s CLASS for you!! :D

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