Manish Paul quits comedy show ‘Mad in India’

Manish PaulLaunched as a show that could rival Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights with Kapil on COLORS, Star Plus’ Mad In India opened to poor TRP’s and has struggled ever since.

The face of the show, Sunil Grover had launched Mad In India amidst much fanfare when he quit ‘Comedy Nights’ due to some undisclosed misunderstanding with the producers.

Since then, the show had been expected to garner a huge audience. But the ratings and the audience reception has not been promising so far. Now, with news of Manish Paul quitting the show, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Grover as Chutki is the show’s main attraction. The early episode had Manish taking over the first half while Sunil with the rest of the actors would appear in the latter half. But this got mixed reactions and the makers decided to give more screen-time to Chutki. Unfortunately, that didn’t help the ratings either.

Manish, who had been signed for 26 episodes, wasn’t too keen on continuing. Apart from the limited screen-time that he was getting, he also had creative differences with the producers, due to which he was eager to quit.

Though rumours have been buzzing since early March, the anchor had categorically denied them then.

Close sources reveal that the creators are deciding between looking for a whole revamp of the show and replacing Manish Paul’s character. With things on a downhill, it looks like the end of the show is not far off.

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  • to be honest, none of them is actually funny ! watch some Raju Srivastava jokes and stand up comedy, i bet you will die laughing. god knows how people laugh on kapil’s lame jokes. he just insults the people there, thats not called jokes.

  • what type of question this is..always comedy comparison between this 2 shows..kapil is way ahead

  • @indicine team, if you have little time then please post the pics from IIFA 2014 conference held at PVR ! It had Hrithik Roshan,Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar. Give attention to all actors.

  • It happen when Someone get over confident with little of success which roam on his head same happen with Sunil grover. KNWK was a unique show of its kind and Mad in India is copy cat, so copy of something which most of indians seen already have to be flop so same happen With MID.

  • Kapil’s show had Kapil in the lead. Peole know him and he is really good at comedy.

    Sunil Grover enacted a small role in Kapil’s show that got appreciated, and based on that we have Channel that backed him to do an entire show. Lol.

    It is not Grover’s mistake, he just got carried away by a bit of success and more of these really smart channel people who thought they would take advantage of the difference in the rival channel and cash on it.

    Shame on Star Plus and lesson for others that if you want to rival a show use some brains and do some research.

  • sg has made a mess of himself.. hardly funny this paul too was a big letdown..overdressed improper loud and clapping all the time like others he was bad himsrlf..the guests wete out of place the characters never got established ..most rritating was the midget acting ags father

  • now sg will get dumped from everywhere. it was a wrong career move leaving kapils is finished…and paul is the most irritating man ive ever seen..he wants to upstage kapil with his humour but falls flat with his attire hairstyles and talks

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