Extremely excited to perform in US after a decade: Hrithik

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan will be performing live perform at the 15th edition of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards taking place in Tampa Bay, Florida. He is looking forward to the event as he will be performing in the US after a decade.

“I have been part of many IIFAs where I have performed at different locales. IIFA was in fact my first international performance and something I have always treasured,” said the actor known for his excellent dancing moves.

“I will be performing in the US after a decade, so I am extremely excited to meet my fans there. I can assure you that this is going to be the best IIFA ever,” Hrithik Roshan told reporters Thursday at the IIFA press conference.

His fans believe that when Hrithik dances, he dances as though no one is watching him. But the 40-year-old dismisses the praise by calling it “a myth”.

“Who says I dance like no one’s watching me? It’s a myth that people feel I dance like no one is watching me. All I can say is this year I will dance in a better way, with more energy,” he said.

Starting April 23, the event will be co-hosted by Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar

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  • Looking forward to his performance. He rarely attends the award functions, and he’s the undisputed king of dancing in this industry.

  • Yeah ! Lokking Forward To Greek God’s Rocking Performance. Who Can Forget IIFA 2010’S performance of his ! Hail GOD OF DANCE

  • Hrithik is the best dancer in the industry-shahid kapoor.
    All the best duggu! !love u sooo much. .
    Waiting for iifa and bang bang.

  • Very honestly,hrithik is the best looking guy i have ever seen in my life.hrithik was the crush of many like alia,shraddha,sonakshi,yaariyan actress and many young actress. even arjun kapoor admitted that he had a man crush on hrithik. Hats off man!

  • I am very excited to watch his performance in IIFA . He is the best dancer cum actor in India . He usually does not attend award functions but this time it will be treat to watch him perform on his stage . I also don’t remember when was the last time Hrithik performed in an award function maybe last year in Filmfare but i did not see his performance . I am excited for watching IIFA only because of Hrithik’S performance . He will set the stage on fire as always . All the best Hrithik keep on doing the hardwork . I am proud to be a Hrithikian . HR Rules .

  • Coming soon hangama dance on IIFA. HR dancing as different dance. same as KITE movie dance. waiting for you HR….

  • yes he is the honest person.and no hrithik,you are the best dancer of bollywood,everyone watches your dance.thanks for performing after so many days.GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Who cares even if brad pitt performes who cares,their is only one guy who can puts the stage on fire even with his simple steps the one and only salman,we know he not as good as hrithik or shahid but his dance moves are unique and are more entertaining

  • Some people think hr is boring because he is gentle and humble and he doesn’t do any publicity stunt to get attention.he doesn’t come in controversy unnecessarily. They think their stars aren’t boring they are always in news and pass comment to other and others’ films. Huh! Cheap mentality!

  • @nipun Hrithik can get more attractive girls than the ones u named…………………….Katrina Kaif or Barbara Mori can match him in looks and are good matches for him!

  • @nipun If Arjun admitted it then why cant you admit it too?

    Stop giving false statements here there everywhere. Sure Hrithik is good looking but to say hes better looking that for instance Brad Pitt or Enrique Iglesias is foolish…!

  • yes he is the honest person,no need to be so honest as he knows very well he is the best dancer.so everyone watches your dance,thanks for performing after a long days,GOD BLESS YOU.

    @nipun,some days before you wrote shahid kapoor said ranbir is better dancer than hr,then how you could change it,according to me best dancer is hr and shahid.

  • @sss actually Shahid was just pulling karan’s leg i mean johar guy is so obssessed with that overrated ranbir that he included him in the same league as Shahid and Hrithik in dancing so Shahid smartly answered saying ranbir which if karan is smart then must have understood it’s real meaning that Shahid made it clear that overrated ranbir now where near to Shahid and hrithik whren it comes to dancing.

  • Waiting to see him egerly….Oh really ….@nipun.I don’t think.anybody is as smart as him..after breaking such a lovely family there is no negativity around him.he is not saint either….

  • Michael Jackson is a better dancer than Hrithik.
    Though Hrithik is one of the best superstar dancers, there are many of less popular dancers in concerts who dance much better than Hrithik. So calling him Best dancer in India is utter foolishness. Anyways Hrithik is one of the good dancers of Bollywood along with Shahid, for me both are equal.

  • @LOKI, i hope your brother THOR slams your head with his hammer so that you come back to your senses. the spotboys act far better than your hakla srk.

    @Navin, lol but for you salman is better than tom cruise,will smith right ?? only because they are popular in hollywood , doesn’t mean they are more talented. Hrithik can act,dance,look best,has awesome body, is verstaile yet so humble. i don’t think its easy to have all these qualities in one person !

    when hrithik had his debut, he was hailed as stallone,michael jackson and brad pitt rolled into one person ! such was his talent. the foolish media may be running behind khans, but hrithik has more talent

  • @navin:i’m a huge fan of enrique and his voice. But i personally feel hro is more good looking as he has a muscular looks too unlike enrique who has a only a skinny looks. .brad pitt was looking better in his earlier days

  • @sumeet Lol I overpraised Hrithik a little so some morons are badmouthing me.
    So I will tell the truth that Hrithik is just an average dancer. His dance steps looks funny and chimpanzee-like. I cant stop laughing watching his ‘dance’ Lol

  • @sumeet,you and your flop star hr and his bals old father playing dirty games with Indians by doing in manipulation,the spot boys are couldn’t be so fraud like you roshans,if your 6fingered alliens who is a natural hakla from his birth according to his statement in some shows couldn’t made a acting basd movie like guzarish even a hit,so what’s wrong with spot boys,papa roshan should take one of them in place of alien rohit.

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