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Varun Dhawan became the heartthrob of teenage girls all over the country with his first film Student of the Year. His two co-actors from that film (Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt) have both now appeared in two solid films. Will Varun be able to continue that tradition of excellence? Does his partnership with his dad David Dhawan bear any fruits? Let’s find out.

Story: Before we reveal the story let’s be clear that this is a David Dhawan film and logic is not the mainstay of his films. They seem to be largely derivative and rely on smartly constructed gags and jokes. Main Tera Hero is a remake of the southern blockbuster Kandireega. The film is about Seenu (Varun Dhawan) who falls in love with Sunaina (Ilena D’cruz) who is married to a rowdy policeman called Angad (Arunoday Singh). Trouble arises when another girl called Ayesha falls in love with Seenu and her father is a big gangster who kidnaps Sunaina assuming that it would help Ayesha get hold of Seenu.

Review: David Dhawam who is a gold medalist from FTII Pune is known for his comedies which always strike a chord with the audience. With Main Tera Hero, he relaunches his son Varun Dhawan to ‘his’ audiences and is successful in doing so. Main Tera Hero is a smartly penned film with laugh-out-loud jokes and gags. David Dhawan holds the film together and lets it move at breakneck speed but in the process ends up introducing too many meaningless characters. However, Main Tera Hero works as a comedy film and the romantic angle is just an added afterthought, or so it seems. Dhawan basically has made his old brand of wine (the enjoyable type of wine we have grown up on) and given it a stylish modern branding.

Main Tera Hero
Main Tera Hero Movie Review

It is stupid to expect world class technical work on a film like Main Tera Hero. However, the cinematography and the editing of the film all sync together to suit its genre. The music is one of the plus points of Main Tera Hero with Sajid-Wajid producing some foot tapping masala music. Besharmi Ki Height and Tera Hero Idhar Hai are the best songs in the film.

Acting: Varun Dhawan is the centre-piece of the film. His dad ensures that we get to see every aspect of the hero Varun. He gets to fight, to sing, to make funny imitations, to romance, and he even beats up the bad guys. He does all this very convincingly and it won’t be too early to say that Varun can become a hugely popular star with the masses, something that none of the newcomers have managed to do. Ileana looks gorgeous and takes on a funny role for the first time with Main Tera Hero. Nargis has improved by leaps and bounds from her first film and even though her Hindi accent sounds bizarre she manages to scrape though without any major blemishes. Anupam Kher is funny after a long time. Saurabh Shukla again delivers a good comic performance. Arunoday Singh does a commendable job. And it is good to see Rajpal Yadav get back into his mould once again.

Conclusion: If you are in the mood for some madcap fun then Main Tera Hero is the perfect film for the season. Varun Dhawan delivers one of the funniest performances of the year and keeps us enthralled.

Box Office: Main Tera Hero is likely to take an average opening at the box office and should grow from Monday onwards if the youth likes the humour in it. The film will be affected by the cricket match today, and business will be further hit if India qualify for Sunday’s T20 World Cup final.


  • Hilarious gags and jokes
  • Varun Dhawan
  • The comic performances of others in the cast
  • The foot tapping music


  • The film gets confusing at one point with too many characters being involved
  • The family audiences would probably not enjoy the film as much as the youth

Rating: ★★★☆☆



  • Very much agree with indicine review…
    Watched it today,morning show…
    First half is ok,with Varun making solid entry,but the second half is very funny…
    Anupam kher,saurabh shukla and rajpal create superb comic scenes..while the two ladies look sexy..
    Last but not the least,it is varun dhawan who shows that he is a complete actor,his comic timing is good(though not in comparison of Govinda or Akki)..
    3/5 from me…it is entertaining film,plz don’t apply your brain.

  • bakwas story….same like 1 “ghatiya” Bengali film; “paglu2”!!yaaaakkk
    but yes Varun can b a superstar!!

  • It will beat all Akshay films at the box office. Afterall it isnt a difficult feat at all, as he is stuck at 60 crore lolz

  • Great, film is getting great review from critics, a mindless comedy getting avg 3 rating is good.Varun have all quality to be a superstar, lets see how his career will shaping in future. Will watch today or tomorrow.

  • Hey guys u see the hand signs of all three of them in the pic??? It seems that actors are selling out for fame/fortune/success!

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