Madhur Bhandarkar digs into Fashion

Madhur Bhandarkar’s next movie’s storyline is about Fashion and it digs into the glam industry’s scandals. His film exposes two leading designers, who were once waging a huge war over a budding male model.

Madhur Bhandarkar is known for his hard-hitting films and for exposing the behind-the-scenes stories like the bar culture in Chandni Bar, the socialites in Page 3, the cola war in Corporate and the beggars mafia in Traffic Signal. He is set to highlight the behind-the-scenes drama in the fashion industry. Now, Madhur promises to expose an off-screen (triangle) romance between two male famous designers and a budding male model which happened a few years ago.

Though, Madhur has been very discreet and tight-lipped about the subject he is dealing with in Fashion. He says, “My final draft is just getting ready and I would not like to comment on the characters and the subject of the film. All I can say that yes, Fashion will indeed be a film which will make people sit up when they see what happens behind the scenes.”

However our source is more forthcoming, “Madhur has been completely discreet about the film and has been working on the script for the last six months with his scriptwriter, Ajay Monga and his associate Niranjan Patwardhan. It is definitely going to dig up quite a few skeletons. The film has over 30 characters and all of them have been inspired by the fashion world. In fact, Madhur is also thinking of casting actual models and designers in the film. It will be the biggest expose of how two leading designers at one point of time were waging a huge war over a budding male model. There is also this famous incident where two designers were battling over stealing each other’s designs. Madhur attended the fashion week in Delhi late last year and early this year. He checked out the back stage scene, mannerisms of models and has spoken to the make-up artists who basically know all the secrets.”

The source adds, “Madhur has thought of an interesting tag line: Fashion – The Ugly Business of Beautiful People which means that the film will be an expose of many famous personalities. The fact that girls are safer than the guys in the industry makes it an interesting subject.”

Source: mumbaimirror


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