Love Aaj Kal Box office opening

More than the box office opening of Love Aaj Kal most are curious to know if the Imtiaz Ali film can beat Akshay Kumar’s Kambakht Ishq and get the biggest hit of the year tag.. also if Love Aaj Kal is actor Saif Ali Khan’s biggest opener ever..!

Well, Love Aaj Kal has surpassed all expectations and has opened to historic collections all over India. Infact, in some centres the collections are comparable to that of Aamir Khan’s Ghajini, which remains the biggest opener ever! Although the word of mouth is average, the film is all set to break the weekend record (2009) set by Kambakht Ishq. What could also help Love Aaj Kal is the holiday on August 5th due to Raksha Bandhan and not to forget the open 2nd week, with the next big release Kaminey releasing on 14th August.

Business for the Saif – Deepika starrer is best at multiplexes, while the single screens especially in the south is on the lower side.

According to boxofficeindia, the first day collections are second only to Ghajini and the film has managed to beat Rab Ne, Singh Is King and Kambakht Ishq by a fair distance (net figures below).

  1. Ghajini – 9.25 crores
  2. Love Aaj Kal – 8.25 crores
  3. Kambakht Ishq – 7.50 crores
  4. Singh Is King – 7.25 crores
  5. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – 7 crores

With Race breaking opening week records last year and now Love Aaj Kal well on its way in doing the same, would it be safe to include Saif Ali Khan in the Top 5 superstars of Bollywood? Or was the huge hype due to the Jab We Met director’s presence? Also, do big director’s have star power, or shall we call it “director power”, of their own to draw in the audience? Are they as big as stars? Quite interesting..! What do you think? Comments below



  • is the worst website as it said after Ist weekend of movie LUCK that it will gross 25 CRORES but after Ist week gave it only 17 crores…….

    it’s figures r always miss-calculated !!!!!!!

    it said that RAB NE BANA DE JODI collected 6.1 crores on it’s Ist day ….

    but now show the figure of 7 crores

    there r 100’s of instances like this with BIG releases !!!!!!!

  • Sachin rocki :Mind ur language,i m not pakistani nor indian..I m nepali!!!i m not saying anything crap abt kaminey.i was just saying my cut feeling!!!

  • Sachin, comment edited. Read the rules and please understand that everyone has their own opinions.. Be nice mate, can’t we all disagree yet be nice?

    Regarding Kaminey, the reaction to promos is mixed.. Lets wait for the movie to release, cant say much as of now..

  • Ankur, it ‘will’ and it ‘has’.. there is a lot of difference.. ‘will’ is a prediction.. The figures is an approx, so could change slightly.. but not by much..

    Love Aaj Kal has the record of second biggest first day ever.. That’s confirmed..!

  • @Sudeep

    Sorry for those harsh comments, I felt u were tryin to down grade a movie like Kaminey which will be a mile stone in Indian cinema and not only Bollywood, Vishal Bharadwaj is known for making excellent movies and frankly box office should not be criteria for quality of a movie, FYI most of quality movies like Jaane bhi do yaaran, Andaz apna apna, Sankat city, Aamir, Ankush, Gulaal have been box office flops but that does not mean that these movies should be thrashed, In fact these movies are 1000 times better than most of the bollywood movies combined, For instqance A Wednesday was such an excellent movie but it colloeted only 15 crores at the box office whereas it was possibly the best movie of the year and should have won most of the awards but it did not even win a single award except for some critc award, The fact is Bollywood does not encourage quality movies and only m0r0nic movies like Kambaqt Ishq, Gajhini and Singh is Kinng earn 199 crores at box office and not to forget the worst movie among all Rab ne bana di jodi :-)

  • @Indicine team:

    Why are u giving figures from other websites, Why dont u give figures from your own sources, If your are giving figures from indiafm(dot)com then everyone knows that Taran Adarsh takes money and gives reviews and all tjhose false figures, As for boxofficeindia(dot)com it is the worst website ever u can get, Look at that website man it looks like a plain HTML page, Even I can make a far better website than that m0r0nic website in only a single day.

    Plz refrain from giving figures ansd reviews from other websites, By doin so you are giving free publicity to these m0r0nic websites thru your website, If users give links then messages are deleted then how come you are giving all these paid figures and making fool out of people.

    Plz give figures or reviews from your own sources.


  • I agree SIK,kambakkht ishq,welcome,golmaal return,Ghajnni,partner etc r not the movie which can be level with movie like aamir,A wednesday,sankat city .But Most of people prefer to see movie which is entertainment (masala movies) so tht they can enjoy for atleast 2 and half hrs or 3 hrs……Even though critics reject most of movie of akshay kumar,look at the box office ,they simpli rocksss…..Except one movie CCTC which was in same catogaries but due to negative reports of media ,it was totally flop……

    Most of movie watcher watch the movie which have big star like aamir,SRK,salman,AKshay,hrithik. THey are always first choice of us .Movies of these actor are created much more hype even movie is not good also .SO the result comes the biggie ,and we heard news like it create history in box office…..
    But other movies ,most of us wait for review and then only go,since we know we can loss movie to see a crap movie.
    THis thing has become trend nowadays….Bigger star movie only earn money more than 40-50 crs.(most of times)

  • According to me,Saif ali khan is not in top 5 actor still after this movie.Because he hasnot done his role in this movie superbly instead the I.ALI was one major factor for the movie success .I still things so.If Director was other than I.ALI in this movie,i can garenti movie will have become flop.

    Top 5 actor always belong to akshay,SRK,salman,hritik and aamir.No one frm this 5 can be there for atleast 2-3 yrs

    According to the news i have read frm the numelogics Niraj ,akshay will not have good year in 2009.and it is turning out to be like tht.he also predict biggiest flop of this year is BLUE and Veer!!!!! but still hope his jotis vidya will be wrong and Akshay will have more hit !!!!

  • the star of the movie for me is Rishi Kapoor…not Saif. Saif in the top 5….no way….Hrithik. AAmir, Salman, Sharukh, John Abrahams, Amithjhi, Akshay…..

  • i re-iterate again, saif is a jerk and a girl. (looks like one).

    as for jyotish vidya of the numerologist niraj predicting akshays doom with blue. well, mr niraj’s jyotish vidya will be in question when blue takes a historic opening and becomes a hit. at least a hit. mr niraj will then have to give up his job and seek employment elswhere, milking cows for example. mr niraj will have to be shot in the head if he then continues to practice as a numerologist. the question we all need to ask about these jyotish vidya gurus is that are they god ??? jyotish vidya my arse.

    anyway, my gut feeling is that blue will be better than cctc and KI. AND WILL DO WELL AT THE B.O. it will be a better made film. as akshay would have learnt from the mistakes of SIK, cctc and KI, and make blue a better film without many flaws like the former ones.

    indicine team:

    sachin rocki is right. you should give box office figures from your own sources. also, is there a website where the figures are truthful and as accurate as they can be ?? because each website seems to have a different fgure compared to the other. for example of bollywood hungama shows takings of 8 crore, india fm will show a taking of 6 crores, and box office india will show a taking of 9 crore. so who do we trust ?? and which figures are close to being accurate ??

  • I have been commenting in this website for many times bt den….u guys never post my comment … why is it so???

    Love aaj kal is a total mess ……………its jus a crap movie… i wonder why there was saif ali khan in rishi kapoors young version….. if it had to be so…y wasnt dere deepikaa…… ??? it wud have been gud if..both da .actors were same ..or none were same..

    is it because..he has to invest in anoder actor so .. he played himself…

    indicine team: i hope u post my comment now…..
    i am an international viewer of ur site..

  • INDICINE TEAM: HEY THe guy/girl names INDY is writing offensive language,i hope u will delete tht!!!

    SPIDERMAN:Ya,u r right!!!Hope BLUE Become hit,i m waiting to see tht movie.According to tht film jotisi of niraj,he said movie will lose 50 crs.One thing is sure then movie is make of 50 crs and if his saying is right then movie must earn 50 crs and if movie is bad then how can BLUE will earn 50 crs..>EVen hype of movie cannot make tht much money.If it does then movie first will collection must be more than 45 crs then ….
    But still HOPE BLUE does well

    INDY:I have said multiple times ,tht things about kaminey is my gut feeling.I m not jotisi to say future about movie.i m just telling my gut feeling.But people like u r the one who r dark spot to movie watcher.Just stop saying nonsense .I Havenot talk about Rab ne bana di jodi anywhere in this page than how u can bring tht things here

  • THe movie weekend earn has come out.According to,movie has earn 27 crs which second highest after ghajjni.And it also have big advantage of holiday of raksha vandan.I guess movie is going to earn 45-50 crs or even 50-55 crs in week 1 and after tht +12-20 crs and it totally will be around 70-80 crs .With the cost of movie 48 crs,this will be first superhit movie.Good news for bollywood industry after long time superhit has come.And in a july 3 movie has become hit (kambakkht ishq,new york and love aajkal)which is quite good to see.Now big pressure lies on head of movie Kaminey which will have surely good opening and if movie is good ,it will become 4th hit movie of 2009~~everything going on bollywood industry!!good to c tht….

    WELL after tht,movies like dil bole haddipa,wanted,london dreams,blue,aladdin,All the best,jail ,dhan dana dan..Look like biggiest movies r in corner

  • THere is seriously bad news about this movie.Box office collection of monday drops 65% than friday.It is even lower than wht kambakkht ishq drop in some places.But still it got a wednesday big holiday,chance r it can earn 6-7 crs on tht day but according wht things r going.Movie will not earn more than 40-45 crs in week one and futher it will not earn more than 60 crs.LOok like movie will not be SUPERHIT but it can be hit !!!!!Above comment was given before monday thnk u

  • INDICINE TEAM:just give comment or tell how much it has earn upto now,there is no one commenting !!i m feeling bore here alone!!I love this site and want more frm this site!!hope u will listen me!!!

  • Well Guyz…………

    Boxoffice is what really matters and the figures show that “LAK” is amongst one of the biggest grossers of all time and I think that will put Saif among top 5 actors. U belive it or not but that’s true. And I personally think he deserves it as well. After giving movies like Dil Chahta hai, Hum Tum, Kal Ho Na Ho, Race, Omkara, Parineeta and now Love Aaj Kal, he should be considered one of the fine actors India has right now.

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