Long way to go for ‘Don 3’, haven’t started scripting: Farhan Akhtar

Filmmaker Farhan Akhtar has said the media reports of ‘Don 3’ are highly exaggerated and that there is plenty of time before the action-film, starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead, goes on floors.

Farhan directed the first two films in the ‘Don’ series of films. The first was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s 1978 classic ‘Don’.

“I don’t think it (Don 3) will be on the floors soon. I think we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.. Probably get down to writing it.. But there is still a long way to go before we can talk about when it’s going to get on the floors” Farhan said.

Asked about the makers approaching Katrina Kaif to play the lead in the film, Farhan said “These speculations are done by you (media) only. I haven’t spoken about this at all” he added.

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  • don ka intezaar to 11 mulkon ki police kar rahi hai par don 3 ka intezaam kar pana writer/director ke liye mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai.

  • @aunty, why it shouldn’t hurt u when Don
    Thrashed your Lallu bhai way back in 2006
    Again, the same team has made a masterpiece called ” Raees ” to thrash your Lallu bhai again ….!!!!!
    I am extremely excited to see the power of so-called Lallu who u all think is at the peak of his career ….!!!!
    Raees is coming … get ready all Lallu fans !!
    @yuvraj , almost all neutral fans are waiting for Don 3 except few south crappy remake lovers like u ….!!!

  • call it Don 4 bcz raees is don 3….
    SRK doing same type of film but when other actors do then srk fans say “he is doing same type of film”……. then what the hell SRK is doing ? Isn’t he doing same type of masala (commercial) & don type film ?

    Last Non-Masala film was in 2010 (MNIK). & srk fan bash others for Commercial films ROFLMAO.
    I thought fan will be a Classic or niche like MNIK but it’s not, (srk fans also said, fan isn’t a niche).

  • @Yuvaraj… what a moron you are…
    same like ur south Fan less maha crap disaster lallu.. He is full of copy from south movies… and full of overacting.. wanted is the only saving grace of Crap bhaijaan… And also if someone gives me
    dvd of lallu south reamake masha crap movies i will use that disk in making decorative item….
    #Fasal kerala

  • @babuji, Don 2006 could have been the biggest hit of 2006 if your favourite star akki and lallu’s jaaneeman hadn’t clashed it with Don …!!!
    Dhoom 2 collection was 82 crore
    Don was 56 crore with clash ..
    Also, Don 2 was massively affected by Ra one’s collection …. it didn’t benefit from Christmas holiday also because both Christmas and new year were on Sunday
    The same case is going to happen with Dangal …..!!!!!
    Don 3 will be hugeeeee !!!!
    They should focus on making it better and bigger …. then collections will be huge !!!

  • Excusewale Logics of SRK fans…..

    SRK Fan : SRK is the biggest star both in acting and fan following. He is Megastar. his Stardom is unmatchable.

    AK Fan : What about Aamir & Salman

    SRKF : they r nothing in front of SRK

    AK Fan : Then why srk’s film fails to match Aamir’s film in both Content & Box office ?

    SRK Fan : Bcz Aamir do well film & choose good script.

    AK Fan : Akshay, Ajay, HR also choose good script and act better than SRK, why not their film work like Aamir ?

    SRK Fan : I don’t know yaar but srk is better than anyone whether it’s acting or Stardom. & why are you talking About Salman ? he is zero in Stardom.

    SK Fan : Sorry to interrupt you guys, how can you say like that ?

    SRKF : your actor don’t know how to act & his films are crap & pathetic. even Ra.One & HNY are better than all film of Salman except BB in this era.

    SKF : LOL as usual, you are trolling yourself…

    SRKF : HOW ?

    SKF : salman don’t know how to act & his films are crap but still his films do better than SRK’s films. His films are worse than SRK but collect better than SRK’s, In spite of bad acting and crap films his films are doing better than SRK that means He has much bigger stardom than SRK bcz just you said that Salman film are worse than srk & do bad act….

    SRKF : I don’t know anything yaar…. I know only one thing that SRK is better than Aamir in acting & He is better than Salman in Stardom. …. mere hi peechhe kyun pade ho.

    SKF & AKF : ROFLMAO, above examples aren’t enough for you ? didn’t get what we said ?

    SRKF : uh uh oh oh oo eee em huh heh ep….. aaaaaa

  • ma first film in theatre as a child on ma own was don
    and the climax gave me goosebumps.one of the best action thrillers of all time…don(which also thrashed lallu bhais jaaneman)

  • Navin, there should be another option also for you and for yuvraj, option called disappear from this article if you have nothing to say except nonsence.

  • both don,don2 of oeractor king was avg to hit but big b don was atbb having footfall more than 3cr.power of amitabh.

  • akki sir have the best line up of upcoming movies here is the list of his films

    housefull 3 June 3
    rustom August 12
    robot 2.0 2017
    Namastey England, 2017
    Ikka 2017
    Priyadarshan’s next 2017
    ahmed khan’s next 2017-2018
    OMG 2 2017-2018
    baby 2 2018
    holiday 2 2018
    Sriram Raghavan’s Next 2018 (not sure about it)
    Rowdy Rathore 2 2018-2019
    Welcome 3 2019 (not sure about it)

    I sure akki sir will back at top 3 star in upcoming years and it will be the best time in his corer

  • @Fasal Kerela…….Remember being a Fan of any actor is good…it’s your heart and choice…..but disrespecting others by saying them crap is not good……

    Hope you are a true Fan….and will respect other work too whether you like it or not…

    same suggestions to other true fans also…..

  • Fan will surely cross 125 cr…..but how much more will depend upon acceptance and script for ……neutral audiences…..

    I think it will collect around 165 to 175 cr in non – holiday IPL period……due to very good content not extraordinary……

  • where was lallu before wanted and chotu was nothing before 3idiots..they does’nt even hv 3 filmfare awards..dont know how they r compared to srk..nxt yr srk will get another filmfare award and go ahead of dilip kumar..srk is in the league of dilip kumar and amitabh..lallu and chotu hv to take another life to be srk..he’s special just like sachin

  • @fesel – to say that srk is suited for action role had kardi yeh bol ke you are really big moron you have proved today that srk fan like you big big brainless and useless fan and by the way you fool Maine pyar kiya is all time blockbuster romantic movie

    Any more comment from your side or any other useless srk fan side on this matter will prove how u r more than big moron

  • Only legend Big B’s don was a killer classic. no one can match the original don of bollywood I.E. BIg B. chota don series is pure crap and that’s the reason why Big B’s don was blockbuster and the remake i.e. chota don 1 and chota don 2 were semi hit/hit. srk is misfit in action roles because he is dwarf in front of big b’s stature. he should never do action movie otherwise it will be biggest disaster ever.

  • @babaji ka thullu,people like you should wait for rowdy rathore-ii—-you and your star’s real quality.btw you promised me that holiday would be a better action movie than DON 2 ,but what happened.still DON 2 considered the BEST ACTION movie of INDIA till date.btw thanks to @indicine for clarifying most of akki’s movies are b-grade movies.and being b-grade actor’s fan ,tujhe yeh sab bolna sobha nahi deta.

    @aman kapoor(lallutard),KING KHAN and FARHAN both in zee cine award 2012 confirmed that DON was 1st offered to KING KHAN before anyone.unlike knph 1st offered to KING KHAN before papa’s jadoo boy hr,and as KING KHAN refused to do that due to busy schedule shivering papa’s boy hr becomes a star today,thanks KING KHAN for making hr a star.hamming is not possible in the part of of your shivering papa’ boy hr because he used to do lot of shivering due to which suzzane slapped him hard and went with arjun rampal,tight slap on your face ,now enjoy,rofl.

    @yuvraj villagetard,ha ha ha ha don’t talk about 90’s DON which is not at all charms like 2006’S DON which raped your bhabijaan+akki’s jaaneman in a clash.DON becomes more popular and well known after KING SRK did IT though BIGB’S role was good but KING SRK nailed IT.so BAAP(KING SRK) akhir BAAP hi hota hain,don’t compare HIM with beta(BIGB),because everybody knows KING SRK+TRAGEDY KING DILLIPJI beated HIM in maximum best performances in bollywood.if that also not enough than compare the look of KING KHAN’S STYLE PERSONA in DON,DON2,BIGB’S ugly look can’t even come closer.

    it’s a might be an insult for BIGB,but everytime insulting a junior WHO achieved much more in a short period of span but still people are insulting only because you’re senior and has no competitors at your time proved you’re no close to KING SRK.be IT’S MOHABBATEIN/K3G,KING KHAN completely overshadow BIGB like a junior,that’s THE LEGACY OF KING KHAN.but people will tell BIGB’S DON was better just to respect a senior that’s all but about reality even SRKIANS too never care forget about salmir,hr tards like haters.compare LOOKS TO ACTING,DANCING,EMOTIONS,CHEMISTRY WITH HEROINES,KING SRK was way ahead of BIGB with out any doubt,but still what people have to say BIGB’S one is better just because of?respect the senior even how crapier things he has done in past and I don’t give any damn to that only BEST will get the respect,that’s all.

    @yuvraj,a roadside people,chinkara,blackbuck killer and women beater’s fan is trying to troll about dancing at weddings.at least KING KHAN made that identity of HIS OWN,unlike great legendary classic writer salim khan made known his classless,talentless non actor criminal son to bollywood,rofl.

    and who’ll give you PRECIOUS DON/DON3’S DVD to a classless,sadakchap dhinka chika south remake pirated dvd stealer rikshawala bhojpuritard like you who don’t know WHAT IS CLASS!!!!how many classics your lallu did?simply 0,right?aukat mein reh lallutard.

    @navin,oh no b grade gunday sadakchap sulatana daku has imilar destination in THIS EID what similar destination got lallu bhabijaan’s jaaneman by DON in exactly 10 YEARS AGON.

    DON—-MOST STYLISH FRANCHISE and defeated lallu+akki in a clash



  • People clajming srk suits both in romantic and ACTION roles bt not salman or aamir…….hahahaha….. yeah right
    Will just say ” u know nothing “.
    Any G.O.T fans here

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