Shah Rukh Khan meets India’s first transgender band: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan took time out to meet India’s first transgender band, 6-Pack Band. The meet is said to have happened during the trailer launch of his upcoming film ‘FAN’.

The band, that was launched by YRF’s youth wing, Y-Films, had requested for a meeting with SRK to give him their blessings along with a special message, said an official statement released by the production house.

Press Release from YRF:

Shah Rukh Khan’s love for his fans is known to be as strong as the love of his fans for him. This was evident when, in a first, the exclusive gates of Yash Raj Films Studio were opened to thousands of fans for the launch of the theatrical trailer of his next release ‘Fan’. And as he was prepping for the launch in his greenroom, there was knock on the door from some unexpected fans: India’s 1st Transgender Band, the 6-Pack Band, which was launched by YRF’s youth wing, Y-Films.

The band, on hearing of his presence, had requested for a meeting with Shah Rukh, to give him their blessings along with a special message. SRK, as always, was kind enough to not only pull out time to see them, but as they sang ‘Jabra Fan’ and one of their own original songs to him, he joined them for an impromptu dance, hugging each one of them and wishing them luck in return. Needless to add, the band was over the moon.

One hopes that everyone can learn from a superstar like Shah Rukh Khan to be as gracious towards everyone in general, and most certainly the transgender community to make them feel as accepted, respected and loved. They’re most certainly his fans for life now!

The Brooke Bond Red Label 6-Pack Band is India’s 1st Transgender Band. Their first 3 music videos including a cover of Pharrell’s chartbuster as ‘Hum Hain Happy’ and collaborations with Sonu Nigam ‘Sab Rab De Bande’ have clocked over 7million views. They have 3 more videos in the pipeline including a collaboration with legend Asha Bhosle’s granddaughter Zanai Bhosle that releases in March.

Shahrukh Khan with the transgender band 6 Pack Band

Shahrukh Khan with the transgender band 6 Pack Band



  • Shahrukh Khan is one of the most gracious and humble personality of Bollywood, there is no second thoughts about it..

  • Thats what i like about SRK ..true inspiration for me..always humble to evryone..proud to be a FAN of SRK..respect sir.

  • He has that in him. He is very approachable and accessible which for a Fan, it’s quite commendable. He respects his fans alot that’s Shah Rukh for you.

    Nice gesture overall. Best of luck Team Fan

  • Fans make superstars. The exact reason why Aamir khan will never be considered a superstar because he doesn’t know how to interact with his fans and when he does, he does it for his movies only. Same goes for Hrithik Roshan. They come out of their hiding when their movie is about to release, otherwise totally MIA.

  • i am a diehard srk fan want to see him prasies anothers always.. Love him always..
    But salman also does the same is truth too..

  • Greek god will trash all the khan’s Kumar devgan this year. All of them are nothing without Edx!!!

  • neerja earned 1.45 crore monday so it will cross mnik soon. good news. i don’t know why mnik was failure after first wekend business in india.

  • What an article!!!!!!!

    If anyone want to meet their respected stars, they will definately pose a photo with the star…….Whether it’s SRK or any actor ,they will be happy with it………

    Respecting a star is good ……but overhyping any star is not good for other stars and their fans……..

  • Shahrukh khan ,The Biggest Khan of bollywood nd the person in red dress must be salman khan ? Looking similar

  • I recently came across this heartwarming article about Srk.Everyday he gives me some different reason to love him.

    One of the fans asked him to tell one personal memory that he is a fan of. And he gave an answer that gives us the sneak peak of the emotional side of the superstar. He said that his favourite memory was his father taking him to a stadium and not having enough money to watch a play there. He said “We would sit on the round-about and count the cars with even number plates.” He further said that after that he and his father would go home and lie to his mother that they did watch the play so she wouldn’t feel bad. Such memories turned that man into someone we all adore now.

    We truly respect Shah Rukh for his rags to riches story. And we adore him for his utter respect for past!

  • I respect salman
    I respect aamir
    But i respect , love and follow SHAHRUKH KHAN.
    He is the most humble person but people always interpret him in a wrong way

  • This is the reason why he will always be in a different league altogether.The warmth and humbleness with which he interacts with everybody.He always has that genuine smile on his face whenever he hugs somebody.

  • @Aamir Intolerant Yes bro all of them are the same since each of them have created an identity and name for themselves through their sheer hard work but idiots like you can just sit in front of your computer and type any ridiculous comment.

  • Its good to see SRK interacting with his fans . Without seeing Fan I can say with 100 % confidence that SRK fans will absolutely love Fan as they will see their own reflection in Gaurav . Fan is the Biggest Test of SRK in this decade in every aspect and let’s hope he passes the test with flying colours . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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